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VANAGON archives – January 2000, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "Hightop" for sale.......

  2. "Swamp Cooler" questions

  3. '81 Window seal & weather stripping kits?

  4. '90 Westfalia sagging suspension

  5. (No Vanagon Content) RE: Zero Tolerence, Civility, Rudeness, etc.

  6. (no Vanagon content)Re: Language Protocols

  7. 1.8T conversions

  8. 1988 VW parts for sale (no Vanagon)

  9. 2.1L High Idle and Hesitation, Stalling After Heads R/R

  10. 2.1L for sale

  11. 2.1L heads leaking (or 1.9L)

  12. 80 sliding door stiff

  13. 82 Rebuilt diesel Westy for sale

  14. 84 idle surges

  15. 87 westfallia For Sale

  16. <<**HELP! 84 Vanagon Stalls**>>

  17. <F> Where should I paint the flames?

  18. <No subject>

  19. =?x-user-defined?Q?FW:_Hola_desde_el_Canad=E1?=

  20. =?x-user-defined?Q?Hola_desde_el_Canad=E1?=

  21. AFM SWITCH Re: FIRE!!! (True story from this morning)

  22. About The Factory Fender Flares

  23. Adding twin carbs to 1600 aircooled

  24. Aesthetically correct but non-functioning dash clock

  25. All season tire review

  26. Alternator woe? (Not Vanagon)

  27. Alternator, thanks

  28. Alternator, thanks, final

  29. Any interest in a 2WD TD Double Cab?

  30. Anybody have phone# for Vic Ahmed?

  31. Anyone have exp. shipping buses?

  32. Axle Rebuild Notes

  33. Axle Rebuild Notes & Wrenches

  34. BA-6 Heater parts

  35. Beetle content (FS)

  36. Bentley & Haynes Service Manuals Available

  37. Big Snow In the East

  38. Big Snow In the East <WOT>

  39. Brake help, please

  40. Bulley's recommendation AGAINST Mark Stephens High Performance

  41. Bus-Life Egroup (for non-technical stuff)

  42. C.A.R.B. Legalities. Was Re: VW Trends and Eurospec

  43. CO2 versus Halon: FIRE!!!!!!

  44. Can we just stop the name calling?

  45. Canadian biodiesel user

  46. Car & Driver Review

  47. Changing Syncro front springs (was: Control arm bushings)

  48. Clarification Re: Coolant Leak...DO NOT FEAR...(Flame prevention, for me)

  49. Cleaning CV joints

  50. Clutch Help

  51. Clutch diagnosis/opinions please!

  52. Clutch master still leaking?

  53. Clutch sticking

  54. Color Code Location

  55. Compufire cool distributors and BTO Music

  56. Concur on Mark Stephens High Performance

  57. Control arm bushings

  58. Converting Eurovan CL/GL (was Re: westy interior?)

  59. Coolant Confusion

  60. Coolant Leak around Sensor in Reservoir

  61. Coolant Leak around Sensor in Reservoir DO NOT FEAR

  62. Coolant Runneth Over... Thanks!

  63. Corrosion problem correction...

  64. Crazy snow in East (some vanagon content)

  65. Credit Cards and Bad Vendors -- Bad Experience with AAA Int'l Transport

  66. Credit Cards and Bad Vendors, Was:Mark Stephens, etc

  67. Cruse control, electric door locks

  68. Curtain Removal

  69. Diesel Heater. HELP!!

  70. Diesel alternator

  71. Diesel oil temperatures

  72. Diesel too hot???

  73. Diesel waterhose NLA

  74. Diesel waterpumps

  75. Difficulity Shifting

  76. Digifant & Digijet

  77. Distilled water

  78. Distress Sale...........continued!!

  79. Distributor replacement choices???

  80. Drive thru puddle, engine quits.

  81. ECU connectors?

  82. Enhanced Auto Emissions Test in NJ

  83. Eurospec Website disappeared finally

  84. Eurovan on Ebay with unique option

  85. Exhaust

  86. FIRE!!! (True story from this morning)

  87. FIRE!!!!!!

  88. FS: 1987 2.1L Engine and ECU together for $600

  89. FS: 2.1L Airbox, Intake Boot and brand new K&N Airfilter (never used)

  90. FS: 2.1L engine, complete

  91. FS: Complete TDI engine pkg

  92. FS: Lotsa parts from '87 Syncro

  93. FS: New Black Leather "WheelSkins" for vanagon $10.00!

  94. FS: Vanagon Wolfsburg

  95. FS: new '86-'91 brake calipers

  96. FS:$600,85,running motor,good 4 speed

  97. FW: FIRE!!! (True story from this morning)

  98. FW: [busalert] 1962 23-window bus stolen in San Jose on 1-20-00

  99. Fan switches

  100. Fan switches - THANKS

  101. Fixing the refrigerator

  102. Free Bus.

  103. Freeing Rear Brakes

  104. French Fry Exhaust, Was: biodesiel

  105. From The Cincinnati Enquirer 1/26

  106. Front shifter linkage broken--malfunctioning

  107. Fuel line relocating

  108. Fuel line replacement

  109. Fw: AFM SWITCH Re: FIRE!!! (True story from this morning)

  110. Fw: Clutch master cylinder

  111. Fw: Fw: necesito acesoria

  112. Fw: Re: Interior noise, how much is normal

  113. Fw: interior lighting for westys

  114. Fw: necesito acesoria

  115. Fw: vanagons in VWT - READ THIS

  116. Gasoline Heater for sale?

  117. Gerry

  118. Getting to the battery (Swivel seat in the way)

  119. Guidance requested: defroster lever gone limp.


  121. Halon Fire suppression system

  122. Hazzardous Wastes was Re: Cleaning CV joints

  123. Help! How to disassemble a halfshaft (Syncro Front)

  124. Help...CV's were fine, but symptoms persist

  125. Hot Engines for Swapping!

  126. How To Order On-line

  127. How to ship?...

  128. Howdy, Westfalia Camper Wanted!

  129. Inexpensive method of shipping an engine?

  130. Instrument cluster lenses

  131. Interesting Decal from Germany

  132. Interior noise, how much is normal

  133. Introduction and Wish List

  134. Is this behavior normal for an inner front Syncro CV joint?

  135. Jetta List Question (non-vanagon)

  136. Jetta parts FS (no Vanagon content).

  137. Just bought an 87 Westy

  138. K&N Drop in Air Filters for only $27.42...

  139. Keeping Slop off rear window

  140. Keeping slop off rear window

  141. Language Protocols

  142. Light Improvements, and Heater Parts.........

  143. Listmembers in Washington

  144. Looking for diesel westy!

  145. Looking for wiring harness for 2.1l and other used parts.

  146. Lugnut Update (Whew!)

  147. Lugnut worries

  148. Lugnut worries + Repost of Secret to removing stuck nuts

  149. Lugnut worries continue

  150. MIME avoidance

  151. MIME avoidance (off topic)

  152. MPG and HEADS

  153. Mail filters (was Zero Tolerence, etc.)

  154. Mangeled lug nuts (slight rambeling)

  155. Many Miles Driven, Not so Many Problems

  156. Mark Stephens Update

  157. Micro Fiche Reader

  158. Micro Fiche Reader (long)

  159. Micro Fiche Reader (with less and less Vanagon content...)

  160. Micro Fiche Reader - parts catalogue

  161. Micro Fiche reader

  162. Microfiche reading

  163. Mixing green and pink coolant

  164. My Coolant Runneth Over

  165. My Translation, was Fw: necesito acesoria

  166. My syncro stuck... (was: Re: Fan switches)


  168. Name calling, disrespect, etc etc

  169. Need Aerostar Help (No Vanagon Content)

  170. Need Thottle Linkage

  171. Need help of South African listmember

  172. New Eurovans and Westfalia

  173. New Fuel Pumps for $135 was Re: Used Fuel Pumps

  174. New digifant parts

  175. Non Vanagon

  176. North Carolina/minor vanagon content

  177. Not read: 81 Westy fridge problem

  178. OME Shocks - group purchase pricing and order date

  179. OME syncro shocks

  180. OOPS.........almost forgot another van!

  181. PKP vs Halon vs Co2

  182. PS to my earlier response

  183. Parting Out - 4 Vanagons, 5 Buses... UPDATE

  184. Parts places to stay away from........`

  185. Parts request and a recommendation against Fast Forward

  186. Parts request and a recommendation for Fast Forward

  187. Poptop bed

  188. Poptop refinishing

  189. Possible '80 Westy toaster FS

  190. Propane valve replacement?

  191. Questions about 1982 Aircooled Wesfalia A/C

  192. Raditator flushing?

  193. Re; Mechanic needed in Sante Fe

  194. Rebuild jitters

  195. Recommended Vendors

  196. Remail of complete post cut off by mistake.

  197. Replacement of an accellerator cable

  198. Rounded off lug nut, HELP! - USE CHISSEL

  199. Santa Fe Vanagon Mechanic Needed.

  200. Scott Foss Turbo Diesels

  201. Shipping Vanagon

  202. Sliding door handle

  203. Snow driving in Vanagon

  204. Sparking plugs

  205. Speakers

  206. Steel 15" wheel up date

  207. Stuck, corroded,rusted,rounded,nuts

  208. Sunday Washington Post Classifieds

  209. Syncro "Clunck" Sound

  210. Syncro 16" rear trailing arms part# ?

  211. Syncro Final Drive

  212. Syncro alignment in Toronto


  214. Temp. 2 Sensor

  215. Thanks Tom

  216. The Decal

  217. The Vanagon Gods must NOT be happy

  218. Thermostat for 2.0 aircooled

  219. Thermostats

  220. Thermostats (No Vanagon Content)

  221. Thoughts on why the diesel prices just went up on the east coast

  222. Throttle Body Problems

  223. Throttle cable on inline-4 conversions

  224. Towing a Vanagon

  225. Trim refinishing

  226. Upper Control Arm Torque

  227. Upper Controlarm Torque

  228. Used Fuel Pumps

  229. VW Trends and Eurospec

  230. VW Trends and Eurospec STILL LACK of power

  231. VW Trends and Eurospec STILL LACK of power...

  232. VW Trends and Eurospec STILL LACK of power... Ignorance

  233. VW Trends and... Ignorance

  234. VW magazine online

  235. VW parts, anyone? Anyone? (little Vanagon content)

  236. VW pickup wanted (no vanagon content)

  237. VW trends and Eurospec STILL LACK POWER

  238. Valve lash

  239. Van Steering Wheels

  240. Vanagon DEAD- Starter relay- Manually Jump??? Help!

  241. Vanagon Manual, Hex Wrenches Part 2

  242. Vanagon Screen Saver

  243. Vanagon Screen Saver additional info.

  244. Vanagon Screen Saver is available

  245. Vanagon and Halon

  246. Vanagon engine conversions

  247. Vanagon grilles and lights

  248. Vanagon grilles and lights/SA Square lights?

  249. Vanagon high roofs

  250. Vanagon question???

  251. Vanagons for sale in Atlanta

  252. Vendors

  253. Vendors, of Warmer Wagen

  254. Vendors--good and bad

  255. WANTED-A/C fan switch for 84 westy

  256. WANTED: 2.1L wasserboxer engine ASAP!

  257. WTB side tent and hitch

  258. Wanted: 2.1L parts

  259. Wanted: Syncro for OME Shock test run.

  260. Washer wiper problem

  261. Webasto BBW46 parts

  262. Welcome Willenbrock

  263. Westi for sale

  264. Will Rims off a New Beetle fit our Vanagons??

  265. Window seals

  266. Zero tallorance!

  267. Zero tallorance! was: Language Protocols

  268. [Fwd: Wedding van]

  269. [Fwd: [NWEST] VW gathering]

  270. [Syncro] About The Factory Fender Flares

  271. [Syncro] Clutch sticking

  272. [Syncro] RE: SYNCRO SPRINGS !!!

  273. [Syncro] the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  274. [VW-TDI] Thoughts on why the diesel prices just went up on th e east coast

  275. [VW-TDI] Thoughts on why the diesel prices just went up on th eeast coast

  276. [VW-TDI] Thoughts on why the diesel prices just went up on theeast coast

  277. air cooled starting problem (74 BUS)

  278. alloy wheels

  279. altenator light

  280. another fan question

  281. anyone use ICQ??? (NAC/NVC)

  282. anyone use ICQ??? Mtngal raises her hand

  283. auto tranny final drive

  284. bleeder valve

  285. clocks

  286. cold weather package?

  287. converting 1600 to Dual Carbs

  288. currency conversion

  289. cv joints

  290. degree of failure (HG)

  291. digest

  292. digest form

  293. fan switch fix

  294. fiche readers - wacky suggestion

  295. flushing braking system

  296. free seats

  297. french fry/biodiesel

  298. gas heaters

  299. here's another fiche FS in eBay

  300. increasing displacement/compression on 1970cc engine

  301. looking for AFM

  302. making a Tach?

  303. more ???? Re: Diesel alternator

  304. more free seats

  305. no mime

  306. no vanagon content/anyone know of a jetta list or parts supplier?

  307. oops!! was Re: Introduction and Wish List

  308. peeling paper interior panels

  309. removal

  310. screensaver - Afterdark Compatable???

  311. snow closing today

  312. tap lights, was: interior lighting for westys

  313. the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  314. to the list

  315. type 1 verses wbx RPM

  316. updated vanagon screen saver

  317. vanagon Digest - 22 Jan 2000 to 23 Jan 2000 - Special issue

  318. ventilation and hatch security

  319. vw trends and Eurospec STILL LACK POWER

  320. westy interior/ installing a POPTOP

  321. westy interior?
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