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VANAGON archives – January 1999, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $400 Vanagon with 100,000 miles? Yikes

  2. '91 Westfalia Camper For Sale - mint condition

  3. (F) Friday Flaming...already?

  4. (revised)for sale:grey OEM vanagon floormat set

  5. 1.9l TD swap, Was: Re: VW I-4 Engine Blowout


  7. 1984 Vanagon

  8. 2 Reasons for Hacking the Digijet ECU

  9. 2nd propane regulator?

  10. 3-gauge VDO housing for sale: $8.00

  11. 30 year loan, Westfalias are Motor Homes

  12. 5cyl conversion CALIFORNIA or Not???

  13. 5cyl conversion vs 4cyl conversions???

  14. 5cyl turbo engine for sale in NH

  15. 86 syncro FS - NH

  16. <No subject>

  17. A Different 5-cylinder Vanagon For Sale $4500

  18. AC etc for AUDI Swap/H4+lens/reflectors


  20. AW: Proper Storage

  21. AW: Proper Storage of volkswagen vans

  22. Accidents in California

  23. Accidents in New York

  24. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard (guages and pods)

  25. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard, and which are important ?

  26. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard, and which are important?

  27. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard, and which are important? LONG

  28. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard, and which areimportant?

  29. Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard/ Checkout Mitsubishis

  30. Air Bags & Quattros (no vanagon content)

  31. Air cooled news (no Vanagon Content)

  32. Alternative Rear Wheel Drive Transaxles

  33. Any Westy Owners like Music and "Gathering"?

  34. Are New Bentley's "Knock Offs"?

  35. Are Vanagons more fire oriented than any other old car?

  36. Bentley answer received, no further responses requested

  37. Bleeding Cooling system

  38. Bleeding Cooling system per Bentley

  39. Blockaide

  40. Bodywork repairs

  41. Bosch DE headlights replaces DOT rectangulars, Vangon too

  42. Brakes and brake pads

  43. Brakes and brake pads: Semi Metallic vs. Organic?

  44. Bus Depot Phone #

  45. Bus sighting: Law & Order tonight

  46. CO and AFM adjusting

  47. COLD fresh air leaking

  48. COLD fresh air leaking (Solutions!)


  50. Can some PLEASE unsubscribe me??

  51. Classified posting

  52. Clutch Bleeding & Fuel Lines

  53. Clutch Chatter

  54. Clutch chatter

  55. Coils and Platinum Plugs!

  56. Combustion heaters FS

  57. Coolant Hose Size for Heater?

  58. Crash Advise

  59. Cruise Control not working

  60. Cup sling solution and offer

  61. David's doing a fine job!

  62. Diff Locks

  63. Engine cutting out

  64. Engine longevity WAS: Which Engine to Rebuild?

  65. European feeling cars

  66. FI Mechanic in Southern California?

  67. FS '79 VW Bug Conv.-no vanagon

  68. FS '80 UK RHD "Spacemaker" Camper conversion in Maryland

  69. FS 87 Syncro and 85 Westfalia (From Boston News)

  70. FS or trade: 86 Syncro GL in KC

  71. FS: '86 Syncro on USENET

  72. FS: 86 Syncro Westy (nor cal)

  73. FS: 87 Vanagon GL Syncro Westie

  74. FS: 87 Vanagon GL Syncro Westie in Oregon (again)

  75. FS: Vanagon and Eurovan headlight protectors

  76. FW: Engine cutting out

  77. FYI - Use Detergent Gasoline

  78. Fast German Heads

  79. Fiat Lux* - Xmas wish follow up

  80. Friday Funnies - Mechanic's Tool Guide

  81. Fw: Re: VW better get on the ball.

  82. Fw: Re: how do I unsubscribe??

  83. Fw: square headlight upgrade kit

  84. Fwd: Hot water system thoughts

  85. Fwd: Undeliverable: clutch bleeding!

  86. Fwd: how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion???

  87. GM 4.3 V6

  88. GM junk

  89. Gas Heater - BA6

  90. Gas Hose Sleeves

  91. Gas Tanks, fuel hose clamping

  92. Germany Trip, TDI

  93. HELP-antifreeze in oil

  94. HTML / RTF and various stuffs

  95. Help! More Cold Air out of the Defroster vent?

  96. Hot (warm?) water system thoughts

  97. Hot water system thoughts

  98. How buying "totaled" vehicles at true wholesale is possible.

  99. How many of us are there?

  100. How to Unsubscribe

  101. I finally got my Vanagon...

  102. I'm back...(PAT)

  103. If it's not one thing, it's another...

  104. Import Service Article

  105. Important extra gauges

  106. Insurance co. buy back.

  107. Intercooler

  108. Intercooler (Brain Hiccup)

  109. Intercooler and Law of Thermodynamics

  110. Intermittent No Start - fuel pump/relay? PROBLEM SOLVED

  111. Intermittent no start - fuel pump/relay?

  112. Is it a Truck, an RV, a Car , a Station Wagon or just a Vanagon


  114. James Cohen (was Re: Sad experience with SA Grille)

  115. Jetta TDI typo

  116. Jetta door handle needed: No Vanagon content

  117. Jump Seats & Seat Belts

  118. Junk yard find

  119. Junk yard find.

  120. Junk yard find. (GM Conversion)

  121. Karl Mullendore's remote Syncro trans rebuild

  122. Lastly Weakly Statz ...

  123. Legal Advise Please ...[Fwd: Crash Report]...[longish]

  124. List Commands (Long but save it!)

  125. List Donations

  126. List Vendors, Ken Flaming

  127. List admin

  128. List commands

  129. Long Sentences - Is it me?

  130. Longevity tips

  131. Longevity tips (longish)


  133. Martin's Dynomax Tubing: The results are in! Longish...

  134. Motorhome (other insurance co's?)

  135. Movie Bus Sightings - Awaken-oops Forrest Gump

  136. Movie Bus Sightings - Awakenings

  137. Movie Bus Sightings - Patch Adams

  138. NC wintercampout site selection finalized. (fwd) (NEXT weekend!)

  139. Need '99 EV prices and available options

  140. Need AC hose for '91 Vanagon

  141. Need Vanagon Shop in Long Island

  142. New Auto Transmissions Arrived

  143. New Vanagon Owner

  144. New/Old 3rd/4th clutch hub for 091-1s

  145. Newbie questions (?)

  146. Non-VW content: more info: The Winnipeg Folk Festival

  147. Non-remote Mirror fix

  148. Non-remote Mirror fix (yet another method)

  149. Non-remote Mirror fix and French Maid Uniform!

  150. OFF TOPIC: "syncro" usage

  151. OFF TOPIC: .sig(nature) length and HTML/RTF cruft

  152. OFF TOPIC: HTML/RTF cruft

  153. OFF-TOPIC: Re:USA Vs. Japan vs Europe


  155. Omaha Westy for $500

  156. Out of state purchases.

  157. Paint and rust repair, DIY paint jobs (was windshield instal...

  158. Passat Wagon-No Vanagon

  159. PeachState Transporters Dead O' Winter Campout

  160. Portland Listees

  161. Proper Storage

  162. Reliable Mechanics in Western PA?

  163. Ron or Chris please email or call me ASAP!


  165. SUVs VS TINCANS! & rear engine mounts gone!!!!!

  166. Sad experience with SA Grille

  167. Second propane regulator

  168. Someone's Knocking in the back???

  169. Source for Vanagon Diesel coolant hoses??

  170. Spotlights - no vanagon content

  171. Square Headlight >>Downgrade<< .Kit

  172. Square Headlight >>Downgrade<< Kit

  173. Squeaks/longevity

  174. Subject: Re: Adding gauges to a Vanagon dashboard

  175. Subject: long sentences

  176. Syncro fuel vent & return lines

  177. TDI fuel savings


  179. Thanks, Accessories, What's it worth?

  180. Throttle return spring.

  181. Tranny Question for engine conversion....

  182. Transmission

  183. Transmission questions, '87 Syncro (Todd Hill?)

  184. Transmission/Differential Lubricant

  185. Trip to New Mexico

  186. USA Vs. Japan vs Europe

  187. VW I-4 Engine Blowout (this is the last one I promise)

  188. VW better get on the ball.

  189. VW only parking signs

  190. Valve knocking

  191. Valves lifter knocking

  192. Vanagon - FS

  193. Vanagon AFM Problems

  194. Vanagon Chat

  195. Vanagon Rear Chrome Bumper Blowout!

  196. Vanagon Reliability

  197. Vanagon Reliability (Long)


  199. Wanted - Rear AC for 85 Westy.

  200. Wanted: Vanagon <$1000

  201. Wanted: Vanagon <.$1000

  202. Water pump

  203. Westfalia stickers

  204. Westfalias are Motor Homes

  205. Westy Music Lovers Gathering - More Info.

  206. What Fire?

  207. What do the spring color codes mean?

  208. What is a complete top end gasket set worth?

  209. Where oh where have they gone?

  210. Which Engine to Rebuild?

  211. Who near San Leandro, Cal. (Bay Area) needs 5 new tires?

  212. Why did Audi pull the 5cyl TD from the US market?

  213. Windshield leaking/gasket replacement(long)

  214. Yes!5 Cyl into 87 Syncro Camper

  215. [F] Jesus and Vanagons (kill this thread)

  216. [Fwd: David's doing a fine job!]

  217. [Fwd: Fw: Re: how do I unsubscribe??]

  218. [Fwd: Undeliverable: Dometic questions]

  219. [Fwd: square headlight upgrade kit< ooops]

  220. airbag rant (conclusion)

  221. all good things must end some day ...

  222. all good things must end some day ...non VW

  223. antifreeze in oil-response summary

  224. buying fuel line

  225. calling all vanagon owners in the tri-state(nw-CT,se-NY,sw-MA) area

  226. camper tops

  227. clutch bleeding/ARCHIVES!??

  228. curtains

  229. digifant ecu chip

  230. engine cut out

  231. front speakers mounting

  232. gauge photo

  233. heater hose

  234. how do I unsubscribe??

  235. how do I unsubscribe?? PLEASE READ!!!

  236. how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion???

  237. how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion??? NO VANAGON CONTENT

  238. how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion??? NOVANAGON CONTENT

  239. how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion???(5cyl die...

  240. how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion???(5cyl diesel)

  241. how to bend afm sweeper arms?

  242. interest in 5cyl conversion? NO VANAGON CONTENT

  243. intermittent loss of both fans; please help

  244. intermittent screeching

  245. long sentences

  246. looking for ""

  247. lube the chassis

  248. parting out '86 "Westy poptop weekender"

  249. re. 95 passat wagon (no vanagon)

  250. resubscribing?

  251. same gas tank '80-'91???

  252. source for Front Diff Mounts? (syncro)

  253. square headlight upgrade kit

  254. square headlight upgrade kit< ooops

  255. stainless steel exhaust availability

  256. steering rack

  257. subscribe

  258. throttle spring

  259. turbocharger: how to destroy it

  260. type2 list

  261. wanna customize your camper?? :)

  262. westy rear ac cabinet

  263. won't start-follow-up

  264. ~Flaming DIEsels~ Re: how much interest IS there in ...

  265. ~Flaming DIEsels~ Re: how much interest IS there in the 5cyl

  266. ~Flaming DIEsels~ Re: how much interest IS there in the 5cyl ...

  267. ~Flaming DIEsels~ Re: how much interest IS there in the 5cyl conversion???
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