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VANAGON archives – April 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. !!!HELP!!! my stick shifter broke and i can't get up!!!!

  2. '90 Carat Runs Rough...the epic!!

  3. 'NutherBus??!!

  4. (no subject)

  5. 12mm fuel line supplier?

  6. 15" tires?

  7. 1972 aircooled bus

  8. 2 small camper modification!!!

  9. 2.1 Auto Trans 4 sale near Pittsburgh

  10. 2.1L & VDO Cylinder Temp Gauge ???

  11. 3 passenger front seating for Vanagon Westy

  12. 8-hole alloy wheels from GoWesty?

  13. 80 Vanagon Part's for sale

  14. 84 Vanagon missing throughout driving range?

  15. 85 Westy Fuel Pump buzzing

  16. 86 and 87 syncro are going on ebay

  17. 87 GL sold

  18. 87 Vanagon -w/VW rebuilt engine

  19. 87 Wolfsburg parting out :(

  20. <No subject>

  21. > '90 GL parts for sale...

  22. A/C Engine Fan Vibration

  23. ANTIFREEZE Question

  24. AVP Engine

  25. AdventureWagen parts needed

  26. Agilis rotation

  27. Air Cooled or Water Cooled

  28. Air Flow Meter

  29. Air Vents (Again)

  30. Alignment?

  31. Answer to "No Low Beams" thanks guys!

  32. Anyone have a JH engine for sale?

  33. Anyone have a stabilizer bar linkage they would be willing to part out?

  34. Anyone have a “stabilizer bar linkage” they would be willing to part out?

  35. Anyone have a “stabilizer bar linkage” they would be willing to part out?

  36. Anyone with haing incoming bounced?

  37. Anyone... ?

  38. Archives and backing up files

  39. Are Sway-bars all the same?

  40. Attack of the Spider Goats

  41. Auto transmission drain

  42. Autostadt, Wolfsburg

  43. Bad VW! and question

  44. Balancing Brake Drums

  45. Blower lube IV drip

  46. Bosch generic 02 sensor #

  47. Bosch generic o2 sensor

  48. Bra vs. Bugs

  49. Broken new motor update

  50. CAMS-differences between 1.9L and 2.1L.......

  51. CENSORSHIP, not this forum!!

  52. CHEAP Headlamp upgrade?

  53. CHEAP Headlamp upgrade? - PS

  54. Cafax anyone?

  55. Camper modidfications

  56. Check / Adjust Aux Air Valve

  57. Chinese restaurants Vanagon content

  58. Cleaning Mildew from Van Ceiling

  59. Comments on VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Bus - 1985

  60. Cool Aftermarket Wheels for the Vanagon.......I found these a t h ttp://w...

  61. Cool Aftermarket Wheels for the Vanagon.......I found these a t h ttp://

  62. Cool Aftermarket Wheels for the Vanagon.......I found these at h ttp://

  63. Cool Aftermarket Wheels for the Vanagon.......I found these at

  64. Cough, Choke, Splutter! - Update

  65. Crash involving Toyota van seen... impressive

  66. Cruise Control Advice?

  67. Cruise control advice

  68. DIGIJET OR DIGIFANT............which is the BETTER fuel injection for performance?

  69. Diesel Heater Core Leaking?

  70. Distributor help!

  71. Does Dave have a good eye for detail? on the wolfsburg

  72. Duct tape (was: Front blower fix: Free and permanent)

  73. E-bay Scam Trend (Caveat emptor)

  74. EBAY this another example?

  75. Eberspacher BA6

  76. Electrical question on the radiator fan..

  77. Engine Rebuild questions

  78. Ethnicity of Oil Pressure Switch

  79. Eureka Springs, AR Westy for Sale

  80. EveryBus 2002 Thanks

  81. EveryBus Updates

  82. FS Complete 1.9

  83. FS at EB

  84. FS: 90 Weekender - Rochester NY.

  85. FS: blue captains chairs w/ armrests, fit all vanagons

  86. FS:4 hubcaps for sale, and westy weekender interior and poptop FS

  87. FW: cranks over, but it will not even sputter

  88. Favorite brake shoes/pads?

  89. For Sale- 1990 Westy in MI

  90. For Sale- 84' Wolfsburg Wkndr

  91. For Sale- 84' Wolfsburg Wkndr- addition

  92. Fraday-Duck Hunter

  93. Franz The '87 Westy Lives and Breathes!!!

  94. Front Heater Maximus

  95. Front Suspension Noises

  96. Front blower fix: Free and permanent

  97. Front blower fix: Free and permanent (long)

  98. Front brake/suspension question?

  99. Frusterated Vanagon owner

  100. Frustrated Vanagon owner

  101. Fuel clamps, fuel lines

  102. Fuel pressur gage

  103. Fuel pump warning signs

  104. Full Timing It, was: living in an rv (no vanagon content)

  105. Fw: 2 small camper modification!!!

  106. Fw: Re: Teaching Math (F) (i got this one from my dad)

  107. Fw: Re: windshield repairs

  108. Get together in San Diego?

  109. Great info: Vanagon head leaks and Fuel injection problems

  110. Guess what?

  111. HELP!My vanagon is missing OS sensor switch and trans fill plug

  112. Headlight Protection

  113. Hollister

  114. I'm on a roll tonight-------how proof of insurance is not require d here in Cal anymore.......illegal

  115. I'm on a roll tonight-------how proof of insurance is not require d here in Cal anymore.......illegal drivers rejoice!

  116. Idle speed, racing engine

  117. Important tires question: B.F. Goodrich triple sidewall

  118. Important tires question: B.F. Goodrich tripple sidewall

  119. Installation of gauge (85 water-cooled Vanagon)

  120. Installing Idle stabalizer.

  121. Is Fast Forward still in business??

  122. Jump seat in Westy - Pedestal configuration

  123. Jump seat in Westy?

  124. K&N Filter and.....

  125. KYB Shocks Wont Fit(rear).....Grind em down?

  126. KYB Shocks wont fit(rear).....Grind em down?

  127. Latest on the Rough Running '90 Carat....@#$%&!!!

  128. Liability for installing incorrect tires

  129. Links to other types of camper conversions

  130. Living in an RV

  131. Living in an RV-- horror stories

  132. Long-term Camping Food

  133. Looking for Vanagon Obi Wan to help with maintenence PA

  134. Looking for back issues of British VW camper mag

  135. Looking for sink basket strainer assembly

  136. Looooong Coolant Pipes part 2 (The rest of the story)

  137. Looooooong Coolant pipe replacement (not too long message)

  138. Manual on/off Switch for Radiator Fan /Radiator Questions

  139. Manual on/off Switch for Radiator Fan--Radiator/Coolant

  140. Manual on/off Switch for Radiator Fan--Radiator/Coolant Hell

  141. Mt. Diablo

  142. Mt. Diablo report, long, boring, no drugs or alcohol

  143. NVC: More New Math

  144. NVC: PopUp Stopper improved my life, though maybe that's a sad statement on my life :-)

  145. Need new '84 Grille

  146. New Project....HELP!!

  147. New Tiico engine Overheating-Problem solved!

  148. New bus

  149. New guy Was:Now, Hold on there just a second..!

  150. New parts supplier, very good service, fast & prompt e-mail reply.

  151. No Top Bunk (Rare?)

  152. No bus for EB- suggestions

  153. Noisy Fuel Pump?

  154. Noisy fuel pump

  155. Normal Compression Readings?

  156. Now, Hold on there just a second..!

  157. Obsolete Volkswagen part

  158. Official Vanagon CB Channel

  159. Official Vanagon CB Channel - Friday

  160. Official Vanagon CB Channel Trivia Question

  161. Official Vanagon CB Channel Trivia Question(s)

  162. Oil Pressure Light

  163. Oil Pressure Switch message error

  164. Oil buzzer

  165. On Conversion Engine Reliability

  166. One more thought on accidents

  167. Only one mud flap on 82 Westy? Anybody have one?

  168. Overseas travel questions, especially for Britain

  169. Oversize tires on a 2WD Aircooled?

  170. Parking lot encounter

  171. Parking lots and CENSORSHIP, not this forum!!

  172. Parking lots and not this forum

  173. Performance Chip; Where does it go?

  174. Performance chip installed

  175. Political Correctness Police

  176. Pop Top Update

  177. Possible '83 westy

  178. Possible ebay scam

  179. Propane Tank Replacement DONE!

  180. Pulsing Brake Pedal

  181. RARE '87 SYNCRO SUNROOF VANAGON on ebay!!

  182. RX7 Oil cooler update

  183. Rad fan not working

  184. Rear Heater Core

  185. Rear Shoulder belt install in Westy

  186. Rear heater core

  187. Rebuild Question

  188. Red line tranny oil and cheap source

  189. Reman. Half Shaft---an Oxymoron???

  190. Review of Agilis 51 205/65-15

  191. Rough running at elevations

  192. SO CAL Vanagonites......where are you?

  193. Shipping on Wolfsburg parts

  194. Shower from sink set up

  195. Sliding Window Vent Covers

  196. South African Quality?.........questionable on the VW emblem that came with my's already lost it's chrome finish in less than one year

  197. Strange clacking (valve Lifter?) noise.

  198. Strange offer(trade for Vanagon work)

  199. Subie Van for sale in Chicago/price change

  200. Subject: Re: K&N Filter and.....

  201. Syncro TDI double cabs!? I want one!

  202. Teaching Math (F) (i got this one from my dad)

  203. Teaching Maths

  204. Test

  205. Thank you, fridge is lit!

  206. The "NEW WEST", have a look...

  207. The continuing adventures of The Vanagon Retrofit

  208. This is not the forum...

  209. Throttle Switch Adjustment Screw

  210. Through the glass CB Antenna

  211. Tires In High Winds

  212. Tires and spare tire compartment gas can

  213. Tires: B. F. Goodrich versus Remington

  214. Tires: Report on B. F. Goodrich27-850R-14/C

  215. Tires: Winston versus Discount Tire

  216. To syncro or not to syncro

  217. Tons o' pics...

  218. Tow Hitch To Trade or Sell

  219. Transmission Oil Seal replacement questions (followup)

  220. Transmission oil seal replacement in 84 4-speed

  221. Trying to light fridge!

  222. Type II Windows in Vanagon?

  223. U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, dispatched to the Vanagon Mailing List

  224. U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell,dispatched to the Vanagon Mailing List

  225. Unbelievable Happening---

  226. VDO trans gauge in a Vanagon???

  227. VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Bus - 1985

  228. VW prototype, diesel - LVC

  229. Vanagon crash safety

  230. WBX gauge value

  231. Weekender cooking

  232. Westy Starting battery - Optima?

  233. Westy water tank pump

  234. What should I hear if I pressurize my intake manifold?

  235. What the Chinese will eat (was Overseas Travel, esp. for Britain)

  236. What the Hell is going On?

  237. afm capacitor fix question (cap size)

  238. air-cooled or water-cooled?

  239. anyone mounted a dome light above their hatch - to shine overthe bed/engine?

  240. blower IV

  241. bosch plugs w8cc vs. w8co

  242. cambelltown show volksfest 2002 in pennslyvania any gon people goin

  243. cubic cubic centimeters WAS: Re: This is not the forum...

  244. diesel head gasket - which one?

  245. duct tape

  246. help, brights won't stay on

  247. how so I install stabilizer link bushings?

  248. info on supertrapp

  249. info on supertrapp - SPAM!

  250. invitation to the bi-annual flamefest(c.1998) (no body)

  251. jump seats, captains chairs

  252. leaking oil's what you need to do

  253. living in an rv (no vanagon content)

  254. mechanics in VA

  255. mystery of the missing coolant

  256. mystery parts again

  257. need to know where to buy ribon cable behind spedometer

  258. new non-westy fridge

  259. new non-westy fridge (Aux battery)

  260. oil

  261. oil and cylinder head temps

  262. oil pressure at startup in diesel swapped inline 4

  263. one more thought on accidents

  264. one step forward. one step back

  265. overheating problem!

  266. parting out 84 GL standard shift near Cleveland Ohio

  267. plastic coolant pipes,,,ummmm

  268. radiator fan switch speed [was Re: this is not the forum]

  269. radiator fan?

  270. rare '89 wolfsburg vanagon on ebay

  271. rare '89 wolfsburg vanagon on ebay (w/ diagonal striped interior)

  272. rare '89 wolfsburg vanagon on ebay (w/ diagonal stripedinterior)

  273. rear wheel bearing

  274. shear bolt source?

  275. spare tire compartment gas can?????

  276. stabilizer linkage

  277. stuck o2 sensor and bad gas mileage

  278. suggestions on a manual fan switch

  279. that sunroof syncro is not a factory sunroof for those who want a van to turn into a syncro westy

  280. this is not the forum

  281. this is not the forum - LIST ADMIN?

  282. three air filters at a steal

  283. tiico o2 sensor

  284. tires

  285. too much crack and enough money to do what what you're scheming

  286. vanagon Digest - 18 Apr 2002 - Special issue (#2002-461)

  287. water temp sender

  288. what is that?

  289. why does diesel residue cover my vanagon tailgate?

  290. windshield repairs
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