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VANAGON archives – August 2002, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. "p-mail" means "personal email"...

  2. $500 1983 Westy

  3. '76-'84 westy owners! FS: capt. chairs w/ armrests tan or blue make offer

  4. '85 Vanagon Fix - Corroded Coolant Lines

  5. '85 Vanagon Sunroofy 1.9L - Coolant BLeeding/Thermostat/Fan Switch

  6. '85 Vanagon Sunroofy 1.9L - Coolant BLeeding/Thermostat/FanSwitch

  7. (no subject)

  8. 1.9 Turbo Diesel and 2.0 Gas Fuel Economy Stats

  9. 1.9L coolant hose question

  10. 14" Wheels & Covers for Sale

  11. 1984

  12. 1984 vanagon with moonroof

  13. 1987 Vanagon passenger for sale in Ontario

  14. 2 Westies in Tysons Corner

  15. 2.1 L engine mount bolts

  16. 2.1 WBX eating coolant.

  17. 2.1L for sale in Houston

  18. 2WD Passenger Side Saddle Tank

  19. 4 Speed tranny for sale

  20. 82 Vanagon Diesel ASI Riviera Camper For Sale

  21. 83 westy auxilliary battery hookup

  22. 84 Westfalia - Front Table Leg

  23. 85 Vanagon Hesitation

  24. 93 eurovan

  25. <No subject>

  26. A few unrelated questions

  27. A nice one becomes available...

  28. A very special VW Van!

  29. AC Mount Cap Screw Thread Size

  30. AGAIN - heidelberg radio connectors wanted

  31. AW: Buying an '82 Vanagon Westfalia

  32. AW: Jetta 2.0L conversion

  33. AW: do vanagons ever get stolen???

  34. AW: removing diesel input shaft

  35. Advice on the sale of a Westy

  36. Another AC story

  37. Anyone know thread size of coolant bleeder bolt on radiator?

  38. Anyone use the mudflaps on a van with lowered springs?

  39. As non-mechanic, am I crazy to pull my own Fridge?

  40. Atlanta Drive In Playbill

  41. BNNTA update...

  42. Bad fuel pressure regulator?

  43. Battery Location - Rear Behind RR Taillight

  44. Bus Depot $199 Side Tent in action

  45. Bus Depot $199 Side Tent in action / Kampers near Knoebels

  46. Buying an '82 Vanagon Westfalia


  48. CV & Axle for a Syncro

  49. CV boot material 2WD

  50. CV boots

  51. CV joint 12 point cap screws (bolts)

  52. CV joint question

  53. California Smog Law Question

  54. Campsites in/near Portland

  55. Canadian part# check...

  56. CarFax available for Free .. nxt 30 dAYS

  57. Cat dead?:, was: O2 Sensorama

  58. Cataract surgery on my bus?

  59. Circuit breaker for sale

  60. Compression Question

  61. Coolant Additive

  62. Coolant BLeeding/Thermostat/Fan Switch

  63. Crazy Coolant Light Question

  64. Custom Scoop Update - Should you care!

  65. DIY / Homemade coolant system pressure testing

  66. Darn nothing to do

  67. Didn't there used to be a list of Repair shops

  68. Dometic Fridge Removal

  69. Double T Piece... argghhhh.

  70. Drawings / Photos of 22.5 Gallon Winkler tank

  71. EGR/oxygen sensor..

  72. EKTA Program Problem

  73. ETKA success!!!

  74. Engine break in: a synopsis

  75. Engine rebuild break in

  76. Engine rebuild break-in

  77. FOLO UP: As non-mechanic, am I crazy to pull my own Fridge?

  78. FS '85 1.9l engine

  79. FS 75-78 Bus Parts

  80. FS 80-83 Aior Cooled Heater Flapper Valves

  81. FS Type IV counter balanced crankshaft with balanced rods.

  82. FS: 1993 Eurovan

  83. FS: 84 Westy needs engine rebuild

  84. FS: Rear Syncro Westy Springs

  85. FS: fiberglass front bumper $45

  86. FW: Mysterious Vanagon Problem - Will not move.

  87. FW: Opinions wanted! - Vanagon Side Bar prototype

  88. FW: Vanagon replacement engines

  89. FW: spring clip tool

  90. Fire Investigation Type IV engine

  91. First South African 2.6 engine conversion done!

  92. First South African 2.6 engine conversion done!/Tiico Mileage

  93. For Sale 88 Westfalia

  94. For Sale: swiveling seat bases (2)

  95. Fridge in LP mode-How long?

  96. Front blower

  97. Fw: Question about factory style oil cooler

  98. Fw: Re: do vanagons ever get stolen???

  99. Fwd: eBay Motors item 1853005321 (Ends Aug-27-02 14:27:51 PDT ) - Vanagon Westfalia Upper Bunk Step

  100. Fwd: how much have you filled your gas tank??

  101. Get 80-83 Air Cooled before they go to Ebay

  102. Going rate for a 2.1L?

  103. Grammar was Battery Location

  104. Guess That Sound!!!!!!!

  105. H4 housings

  106. Heater controls, 84.

  107. Hello World! - 1984 Westfalia in Colorado

  108. Help

  109. Help needed troubleshooting VDO oil pressure gauge

  110. I need a jack

  111. Ignition problems, subie question (Syncro crosspost)

  112. Inline 4 Conversion Parts, from Syncro list

  113. Insurance company bullshit

  114. Intake question

  115. Intermittant starting problem with 1986 Vanagon GL

  116. It Continues....

  117. Jetta 2.0L conversion

  118. Jon's '82 Diesel Westy

  119. Junkyard @ I77/70 in OH?

  120. LED indicator

  121. LP Repair in Phoenix, AZ?

  122. LP available where in WA & OR

  123. Listee cruise by our house in WV?

  124. Listees Near Omaha...

  125. Looking for a part

  126. Looking for service place in Terre Haute or Indianapolis, IN

  127. Loss of Power False Air Oil Breather?

  128. Master Cylinder Question

  129. Mea culpa....was: how much have you filled your gas tank??

  130. Michelin XCA

  131. Mondo Movie Night In Atlanta

  132. More Stuff -Get 80-83 Air Cooled before they go to Ebay

  133. Movie Line-up for Drive-in Night

  134. Mysterious Vanagon Problem - Will not move.

  135. Mysterious Vanagon problem - will not move - Problem solved


  137. NLA hoses (was: Re: [VANAGON] '85 Vanagon Fix - Corroded Coolant Lines)

  138. NVC: Birth announcement

  139. Need advice on replacing accelerator cable

  140. Need advice on replacing accelerator pedal

  141. Need advice on replacing accelerator pedal (accelerator cable auto transmission)

  142. Need advice on replacing accelerator pedal (accelerator cableauto transmission)

  143. Need advice on replacing accelerator pedal(correction!)

  144. Need advice with buying a westy. have a couple in mind (new to list)

  145. Need info on making curtains, rods, etc.

  146. Need operational arm rest

  147. Need to replace a pushrod

  148. Newfoundland Trip

  149. Next You Travel Thru D.C. In Your Vanagon

  150. Nissan 2.2L diesel in vanagon?

  151. Nissan 2.2L diesel in vanagon? DON'T!

  152. Not passing smog, still... Need help!

  153. O2 Sensorama, was: A few unrelated questions

  154. Oil Drain Plug Options

  155. Oil Drain Plug Removal - unable to remove plug

  156. Oil Weight Reccomendation

  157. Oil Weight Recomendation

  158. Oil Weight Recommendation

  159. Oil Weight Recommendation/ hifi

  160. Oil cooler (was oil in coolant)

  161. Oil in coolant?

  162. Oil leak, 1.9L, '84

  163. Oil light flicker

  164. One more 02 thing

  165. Opinions wanted! - Vanagon Side Bar prototype

  166. Opinions wanted, side bar

  167. Oregon Coast

  168. Passat List??

  169. Please Help! 4-Speed Transmission problem

  170. Pressure Fitting for Radiator Bleed Bolt

  171. Projektzwo fog Light Purchase Update 2 (lowest price!)

  172. Push rod cover mod that works for coolant drain

  173. Quality hand tools

  174. Question about breather pipe on 2.1L

  175. RE; swing away tire carrier

  176. Radio hook up

  177. Rear height, how to modify

  178. Rear table anchoring

  179. Removing swiveling seat base?

  180. Replacing Rotors

  181. Road trip - Phx to Seattle (and beyond?)

  182. STOLEN CAR ALERT atlanta

  183. SURVEY - FRont carrier for WBX

  184. SURVEY - I need a metal fab. project

  185. SURVEY - Tyre widths - mea culpa

  186. Second Battery Installation

  187. Shifter shaft black vinyl covering

  188. Some links and comments on oil

  189. Spare wheel Carriers

  190. Speedometer Cable

  191. Straight water, straight question.


  193. TEXAS SMOG LAW ORDEAL (don't fear!)

  194. Testing the waters, investigating options.... opinions please,

  195. Testing the waters, investigating options.... opinions please, not flames.....

  196. The Hover Vanagon? (Friday!)

  197. Thule Roof Rack Pics

  198. Tires again: Are there any 205/70R14 LT tires on the market?

  199. Transmission Woes (Auto)

  200. Transmission cooler

  201. Updated For Sale Parts List

  202. Updated For Sale Parts List (f)

  203. Urgent: NEED HELP, Weird Van Thing

  204. VIN Check Request

  205. Vanagon Handling

  206. Vanagon Meets

  207. Vanagon Water Cooling Question

  208. Vanagon replacement engines


  210. WTB

  211. WTB Brown sliding door panel

  212. WTB: Carat jump seat parcel tray

  213. WTB: turbo diesel parts

  214. Wanted: Rear hatch hinges

  215. Was: Darn nothing to do; now headlight relays

  216. Westy Dometic Fridge

  217. Westy's in Tyson's Corner

  218. Whips, Whims & OT Monaro/GTO

  219. Who's going tonight?

  220. Windscreen wiper motor replacement

  221. Wireless Thermometer for fridge

  222. Would it be insane...

  223. Yea! Passed State Inspection and Emissions

  224. Zoooooom!

  225. [Syncro] First South African 2.6 engine conversion done!

  226. [T2] A very special VW Van!

  227. [review] JVC cd/mp3 player for van

  228. [vanagon] Anyone know this Vanagon and owner?

  229. a thought on bleeding

  230. bolts for exhaust system

  231. brake light problem

  232. bubbles in the coolant overflow tank on 82 diesel westy

  233. charcoal air filter/vacuum system

  234. cooling fan for fridge

  235. corbin or mobea spring clamp tools

  236. crazy friday centerfold

  237. do vanagons ever get stolen???

  238. for sale: '86-'91 2.1L wbx vanagon motor and auto trans for sale in PA

  239. fryday book list

  240. gas tank seal failue

  241. gas tank seal failure

  242. gray area model year differences

  243. heater control panel backlight replacement

  244. hey sexy woman

  245. hoses in general

  246. how much have you filled your gas tank??

  247. julianna's tiico install photos

  248. larger wheels in spare holder

  249. lewd pictures of a naked dometic fridge

  250. looking for flu vent cover

  251. low miles w/original engine vs. high miles w/new buy or not to buy!

  252. low power, no throttle response

  253. mounting fog lamps on a Carat/fiberglass bumper?

  254. no Vanagon content but THE HIATUS IS OVER!!!

  255. nvc: anyone had/have a Porsche 944?

  256. o2 Test

  257. page: tom wilsher

  258. pics of strange Black interior (Re: Is a black interior common??)

  259. push rod cover mod?

  260. push rod cover mod? (fwd)

  261. pushrod

  262. radio hookup

  263. reinforced tire

  264. removing diesel input shaft

  265. replaced spoiler on '90 van

  266. replacement of fresh air fan

  267. replacing windshield -Re: Cataract surgery on my bus?

  268. round splittie

  269. skylight alternatives

  270. some parts 4 sale.

  271. spring clip tool

  272. stalls at start-up; needs to warm up at higher RPMs

  273. subscription

  274. swing away tire carrier

  275. the cat who rode the motorcycle nvc

  276. thinking about bidding on this ebay westy...what do you guys think?

  277. trip report Newfoundland

  278. vanagon question

  279. vancouver vw dealers

  280. vans w/ fiberglass side mouldings was:Re: crazy friday centerfold

  281. westy interior paint

  282. what you missd from not pulling your fridge

  283. when your vanagon preempts preventive maintainence (aborted trip story)

  284. where do I get propane fill valve?

  285. why didn't my van start??

  286. why didn't my van start?? Thanks
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