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VANAGON archives – September 2002, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "The Cap"---still available?

  2. '81 2.0 F.I. Rep'l... Throttle linkage diagram?

  3. '87 Passenger Bus For Sale

  4. (0) feedback bidders, was: Tri Star DOKA on eBay currently $13,800 US

  5. (newbie) Engine swaps, adapter-less

  6. (newbie) Engine swaps, adapter-less ADAPTOR

  7. (newbie) Engine swaps, adapter-less ADAPTOR Really?

  8. - solar panels

  9. 12V Power to Water Pump

  10. 12V supply to Fridge and Water Pump

  11. 1982 vanagon diesel ... miami, fl $600

  12. 1990 Carat...Overheating Saga that won't end....Help????

  13. 2.0 ABA Conversion

  14. 2.1 l running poorly

  15. 2.1L WBX to TDI conversion - Can it be done?

  16. 2.1L dip stick tube seal

  17. 87 Gray paint code question

  18. 91 GL Auto Tranny Problem

  19. <No subject>

  20. =?windows-1252?Q?Re:=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20=20Re:=20=A0=20=A0=20=A0=20Re:=20Syn=20oil=20in=20CoMIME-Version: 1.0

  21. ???NAPA Coolant Hoses???

  22. A transmission question

  23. A very humour game

  24. A/C Compressor Clutch Bearing Noise

  25. A/C leak stopper results

  26. AW: Questions about DigifantII (NVC)

  27. AW: dogs to alaska?

  28. Adding Slick50 to engine and transmission

  29. Adding Slick50 to engine and transmission of 91 Westy, Opinion?

  30. Alloy wheels for sale

  31. Alt and OXS Lites On

  32. Alternator mounting

  33. Aluminum Brighteners

  34. American Mixed Migraine

  35. Any advice about sugar in the gas tank?

  36. Anyone driving from Maryland to SanFrancisco?

  37. Auto trans. mtc

  38. AutoZone

  39. Awning Tent

  40. BARBIE volkswagon microbus

  41. Barbie Microbus at Walmart

  42. Behr in-dash AC on ebay

  43. Bench Seat Storage

  44. Bentley For Sale

  45. Best Vanagon?

  46. Bike/luggage rack

  47. Bolt from clutch housing to engine

  48. Bought an Infared what????

  49. Brake Bleeding

  50. Bus Depot Rant

  51. Bus Depot Rant (specifically GM Bulley's Response)

  52. CO listees revised get together?

  53. CO trip recommendations?

  54. CO trip--thanks!!!

  55. Can anyone identify this syncro part?

  56. Change Power steering to Manual?

  57. Charging System headaches

  58. Check out your Vehicle Recalls

  59. Check your brake lines!

  60. Colorado listees--get together?

  61. Conn Ferr roof rack for sale

  62. Cool Car DVD Player

  63. Coolant Puddle at #4 Spark Plug Well

  64. Coolant out the Overflow

  65. Could some one point me to a tachometer that will work with 84 vanagons?

  66. DOT 3 IS this Okay?

  67. Dash Lights

  68. Disposable (?) propane cylinders

  69. Disposable (?) propane cylinders/are disposable

  70. Dispsable Acetelene Tanks?

  71. Dog Dog Dog

  72. Driver in Distress! Need Starter Near Taos NM

  73. Driver in Distress! dididit dadadah dididit dididit dadadah dididit . . .

  74. Dropping Tank... other maintenance?

  75. Engine Twitch

  76. Engine fire-what next?

  77. Euro Cars website address

  78. Eurovans future

  79. Ever wonder how many posts yo have made?

  80. Exhausts...tuning.(was loud identity crisis)

  81. FREE

  82. FS in local paper EuroVan 01

  83. FS vanagon alloys with center caps and hardware

  84. FS: 1969 VW Microbus with Sunroof!

  85. FS: Auto to Manual Conversion

  86. FS: Complete Rear Heater - $60?

  87. FS: ECU and wiring harness (CHEAP !)

  88. FS: Front Washer Bottle w/Pump, Neck & Cap - $20?

  89. FS: round headlight buckets & plugs for those switchine from square to round

  90. FS: single captain's swiveling MIDDLE seat plus storage for Westy

  91. FS: vanagon captains chairs w/ armrests

  92. Followup: sucking gas tank...

  93. Free Used automatic transmission

  94. Free brown interior Westy knob

  95. Free used automatic transmission is gone.

  96. Fridge FUBAR - WORKING!!

  97. Fridge Fan Questions

  98. Front A/C Installation - Aftermarket

  99. Front AC installation - GROUP PURCHASE INQUIRY

  100. Front AC installation INQUIRY REPORT > CONCLUSIONS

  101. Front door speaker removal

  102. Front shock R&R...oops

  103. Fuel Injectors ('88 2.1 Syncro)

  104. Fuel Injectors ('88 2.1 Syncro) UK Prices

  105. Fuel injectors?

  106. Gearbox drain plug

  107. Grey Paint code

  108. HELP!!!!! EV serpentine belt tension

  109. Headlight retainer ring

  110. High Performance Vanagon Automatic Trans

  111. Hot water heater

  112. Hotmail users... It's that time again...

  113. How long before VWOA sues this guy?

  114. How long will a second Battery Last?

  115. How many BTUs does a Westy stove put out?

  116. Huh? was: VW obscene parts pricing

  117. I need an ICU

  118. If I completely fill my 84 vanagon it will drip gas on the left hand side around

  119. If I completely fill my 84 vanagon it will drip gas on the left hand side...

  120. Increasing stability beyond the tires for windy days and winding mountain roads.

  121. Inline 4/ Tiico Oil Capacity

  122. Installing a rebuilt engine. Does anyone have a list describing the order to reattach items?

  123. Installing round headlights in an '89

  124. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1855730612: VW Vanagon Rear Mudflaps

  125. Is SELLING welcome on the list?

  126. Just curious

  127. KYB Shocks Vs. Cofap/Brazil Shocks

  128. Link to some nice VW pics from CNN in Germany

  129. Looking for fuse block & sun visors

  130. Looking for fuse block & sun visors for '87

  131. Major US & Canada VW Bus Events for 2003

  132. Make your own RE: shower for a Westy

  133. Make your own shower ideas

  134. Make your own shower ideas AGAIN

  135. Mehler-camping - Thanks everyone who responded

  136. Mehler-camping - Thanks everyone who responded FISH

  137. Mobil 1 synthetic 20W50?

  138. NAPA Coolant Hoses

  139. NW trip soon for midwesterners!

  140. Need Westfalia Camper manual

  141. Need help with timing

  142. Need to sale!

  143. Never again, was: locked out

  144. New Mexico, Colo. trip

  145. New Vanagon Parts Inventory System

  146. New muffler and stuff...

  147. New owner of 91 Westy -- sticky valve

  148. No brake lights

  149. Noisy rear wheel bearing or CV joint

  150. Non captain's chair seat padding

  151. Non-captain chair padding

  152. OMC Italian brake drums

  153. Obscene Pricing at VW Dealers

  154. Oil Filter Comparison

  155. Oil filter study offer

  156. Oil leak at head cover

  157. On 2.1L is TDC the U groove on pulley?

  158. Parts Place

  159. Parts Place, a good story

  160. Power Window Lift Cable

  161. Pre-Transporterfest Campout - Any interest?

  162. Procedure for checking computer Temp sending unit

  163. Projektzwo foglight spares.....what if you break your $300 foglites?

  164. Putting a pop top on a vanagon

  165. Question about front windshield washer bottle on 1990

  166. Questions about DigifantII (NVC)

  167. R & R front shocks

  168. Re Cary Chiang

  169. Re:       New muffler and stu ff...

  170. Re:       Re: Syn oil in Co nverted S/A Inline 4

  171. Rear Axle Rare Problem Help?

  172. Rear Trailing Arm trivia

  173. Rear hatch latch extension?

  174. Rear tire carrier

  175. Refrigerator FUBAR Followup

  176. Refrigerator Part Question

  177. Relay kit from Frank C.

  178. Rotella 5W-40?

  179. SOLVED:early westy replacement trim

  180. Sad News: MSDS is no longer offering the Porsche engine swaps

  181. San Diego trip report

  182. Sand Blasting

  183. Self-tapping Theft Prevention

  184. Self-tapping screw size for headlight assy?

  185. Selling on the Vanagon site. ( a lesson )

  186. Selling on the Vanagon site. (a lesson)

  187. Selling on the list

  188. Selling on the list, revisted

  189. Shifter linkages Syncro vs 2WD

  190. Short introduction and big first question...

  191. Single/Double cab bed repair advice needed...

  192. Sink LEDs

  193. Small Car's SVX conversion?.........not a good idea

  194. Small rant: buying a westy out of state, how do I drive it home legally?

  195. Source for hydraulic clutch line?

  196. Spare Parts List - Input

  197. Spare Parts List - Input - correction -> X-treme tape

  198. Spark plugs are not spark plugs!

  199. Sputter, sputter, cough cough

  200. Still running poor when cold...

  201. Stove grate

  202. Stranded Westy in SF is fixed.... (fwd)

  203. Sucking gas tank

  204. Sudden Loss of Power

  205. Syn oil in Converted S/A Inline 4

  206. Syncro-rear wheels

  207. SyncroMog goes to Bug O Rama

  208. T3 parts needed near Saarbruecken - Frankfurt Germany

  209. Temp gauge reads high....

  210. Temp gauge reads just to the right of warning light with new engine now about 15000 miles and moves to 3/4 in traffic even on a cool day 50-60 degrees

  211. The word from RVMobile

  212. Thermostat replacement

  213. Three Wheeled "Vanagen" (sic)

  214. Tow bar question

  215. Tow bar question (f)

  216. Tri Star DOKA on eBay currently $13,800 US

  217. Turbo question Water Jacket Seal failure

  218. Two great things happened today

  219. Uh huh. was: Huh? was: VW obscene parts pricing

  220. Utah A/C was What kind of AC is this?

  221. VW Dealer Mechanic for a day (a little long)

  222. VW Dealer Mechanic for a day (a little long)/now solar panel NVC

  223. VW Dealer Mechanic for a day - solar panels

  224. VW Vanagon Rear Mudflaps

  225. VW obscene parts pricing

  226. Van turns but won't fire

  227. Victoria BC

  228. Volks Cafe Big Bumpers w/Front and Rear 2" Reciever hitches

  229. WANTED: dead 091 transmission - cheap or free


  231. WTB Westy Fiberglass Luggage Rack -in Red

  232. WTB new factory 2.1 Catalytic converter

  233. WTB passenger electric glass mirror

  234. WTB: Alloys & Westy Stuff (Vanagon and Splitty)

  235. Was: Rant; now baggage handler

  236. Water Pump question. Does the weep hole leak a little?

  237. Westy mechanical training.....

  238. What kind of AC is this?

  239. What kind of vanagon

  240. What temp - color code RTV

  241. What temp - color code RTV sealant should I use when installing the water pump?

  242. Where can I get new fuel injectors?

  243. Who sez Vanagons are slow?

  244. Worm Klez.E immunity

  245. X-treme

  246. [FIX]Wiring up your SA Grill (or just upgrading your wiring to use relays)

  247. [Syncro] CO trip recommendations?

  248. [Syncro] Mobil 1 synthetic 20W50?

  249. [Syncro] The dragonfly chronicles, or, power mirrors....

  250. [Syncro] volks cafe

  251. [WetWesties] 90 Westfalia FS-Part 2 (fwd)

  252. [WetWesties] American Mixed Migraine

  253. [fix] for those who have time on their hands

  254. [vanagon] viruses on the main Vanagon List

  255. a brief farewell

  256. alaska trip sugg.

  257. anyone parting out a van?

  258. barbie microbus pics

  259. bench seat storage

  260. buying a westy out of state, how do I drive it home legally?

  261. coolant

  262. cost vs value

  263. do fuel pumps suck?

  264. dogs to alaska?

  265. eBay Shippin Charges (Was: Selling on the list)

  266. engine twitch

  267. fog light question

  268. fuel line kit

  269. gerry in name only is never in my digest

  270. humor in viruses some info

  271. idle stabilizer problem....

  272. installing i-shaft bearings

  273. locked out

  274. looking for round speakers

  275. melted oxygen sensor wires and no start fun

  276. needed: drain cap for 87 water tank

  277. not much humor in viruses some info

  278. not much humor in viruses some info (NVC)

  279. oil pressure light problem

  280. problems filling gas tank

  281. re. Dispsable Acetelene Tanks?

  282. remove from list

  283. reverse light wire (color?)

  284. selling on the list

  285. shower for a Westy

  286. sliding door problem on 81 Westy.

  287. slinding door problem on 81 westy.

  288. stranded in san francisco...need watercooled westy tech help (fwd)

  289. sucking gas tank...

  290. the missing (fridge) link

  291. too much NOX

  292. trailer hitch question

  293. update: melted oxygen sensor wires and no start fun

  294. very hot automatic gear selector lever

  295. volks cafe

  296. weird AC behavior

  297. westfalia conversion van idea (MVC)

  298. wheel spacers

  299. window vents.

  300. winter storage


  302. - pre-made wiring harnesses?

  303.       Aluminum Brighteners

  304.       Any advice about su gar in the gas tank?

  305.       CO trip recommendatio ns?

  306.       Followup: sucking gas tank...

  307.       New muffler and stu ff...

  308.       Re: Eurovans future

  309.       Re: Spare Parts Lis t - Input - correction -> X-treme tape

  310.       Re: Syn oil in Co nverted S/A Inline 4

  311.       Re: Syn oil in CoMIME-Version: 1.0

  312.       Re: Syn oil in Converted S/A Inline 4

  313.       Re: VW obscene part s pricing

  314.       Re: buying a westy out of state, how do I drive it home le gally?

  315.       Syn oil in Converte d S/A Inline 4

  316.       VW Dealer Mechanic for a day (a little long)

  317.       re. Dispsable Acetele ne Tanks?

  318.       weird AC behavior
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