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VANAGON archives – August 2004, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "NorthStar" 88 DoubleCab Project - new photos

  2. '85 Westy B2L Eberspacher cabin heater-fire hazard?

  3. '85 non-AC Rad. Fan Resistor?

  4. '90 vanagon hopping/shimmy issue

  5. (NVC) help with VW part identifying

  6. 1.9 turbo diesel oil pressure

  7. 100+ pics from High Country Bus Festival!!!!

  8. 1991 Carat For Sale (NW Ohio)

  9. <No subject>

  10. A&E Horizon Case Awning?

  11. AA Transaxles

  12. AC Wiring diagrams needed not in the bentley bible

  13. Accessing battery -- am I too simple?

  14. Aftermarket AC solution for Westfalia?

  15. Alternator bracket (S), what a flaw!!!

  16. Anyone have a used trailer hitch for sale?

  17. Aux. Battery-Stereo Amp question

  18. Big Amp Relay directions

  19. Bosal rear trailer hitch and bumper

  20. Brake part assist

  21. Buses Of the Corn 2004 trip report.

  22. Buses of the Corn Pictures

  23. CIA news (F)

  24. CV joint

  25. Camper Pictures NVC

  26. Camping (away from it all)

  27. Camping and places to go the maritime provinces of Canada

  28. Can't wait!Kampers near Knoebels

  29. Car Talk advice: Sell Vanagon

  30. Carbureted, Oem, 5mm ID hose for sale

  31. Carpet for gray Westies...

  32. Catalytic Convertor Orientation

  33. Consumer alert, watch out for "Vanagon Man"

  34. Cool 'micro-trailer' for your Westy

  35. Curtain Behind Front Seats - How?

  36. DONATE HERE (was "Who Supports The List")

  37. Diagnosing a low (8-10 inches) vacuum gauge reading

  38. Donations

  39. Ebay trade gone wrong...

  40. European trip advice (NVC - one hour until Friday!)

  41. FS 90 Vanagon sliding door - SF bay Area

  42. FS: 91 Vanagon GL Weekender For Sale In Illinois

  43. FW: Can't wait!Kampers near Knoebels

  44. FW: latest problem.... the power door locks

  45. FYI - Vanagon ECU and Idle Stabizer Relay on ebay

  46. Ford Ranger in the SF Bay area for hauling your vanagon parts?

  47. Free Wheels

  48. Front bench seat?

  49. Front bench seat? VW thoughts

  50. Fw: Is there such a thing...?

  51. Fwd: [WetWesties] Robert Keezer and his mother

  52. GPS

  53. Good vanagon parts source/junkyard in Seattle?

  54. Good vanagon parts source/junkyard in Seattle? Richmond, too!

  55. Great Canadian VW show date corection

  56. Ground wire woes

  57. HELP Stranded in Rochester - 80 Vanagon

  58. Help now! Damn Strange brake problem

  59. Hmm . . . second temp gauge?

  60. Horn won't stop blowing

  61. I need a Jack

  62. Installing Audi brakes on the Vanagon Syncro

  63. Interior Cargo Net - Source?

  64. Inverter advice

  65. Is there such a thing...?

  66. It's been almost 5 years that Gerry and I have lived together...

  67. It's been almost 5 years that Gerry and I have livedtogether...

  68. Larry Chase

  69. Larry Corcoran/Project Management/OEI/Corporate/KI-Inc is out of the office.

  70. Leaking rear side window

  71. Looking for Good Mechanic in Sarasota, Florida area.

  72. Looking for mechanic in central New Jersey

  73. Looking for project van

  74. Looking for project van(NVC)

  75. Montreal Junkyard

  76. More Salt Lake City

  77. My 1989 Westfalia Camper Website

  78. My 82 Diesel

  79. My 82 Diesel (DIY vs. Shop Rates)

  80. NY scenic beauty

  81. Need '82 diesel header tank

  82. Need help w/ location of MP-5 case for NATO Spec Transporters (Vanagon)

  83. New Muffler, how hard is that?

  84. Noisy lifters, rockers, at startup, etc (long)

  85. Not a propane-craving spider? (Westy)

  86. OT: Zeppelin

  87. Part number help

  88. Part time insurance, rerun of earlier post

  89. Plastic Pieces?

  90. Plymouth/Cape Cod info wanted

  91. Power window switches on my 91 Vanagon Weekender repeatedly fail

  92. Pseudo-Vanagon Syndrome?

  93. Re and re interior Rear view Mirror on 84 Westy

  94. Reminder

  95. Reminder (F)

  96. Reminder (F) zeppelins

  97. Replacing Brake Rotors, calipers, bearings.

  98. RoadHaus - New Mexico campsite info requested

  99. SF East Bay Machine Shops?

  100. Sciatica

  101. Sciatica(NVC)

  102. Several months on the road - need cosr custing ideas - recommendations

  103. Shifter Rattle

  104. Source for 12V LED interior lights?

  105. South African five-cylinder bell housing, diesel 4-cylinder mounting parts FS

  106. Sparkplug wire question

  107. Splitting case of R-12 x 6 / 2 = 6 12 oz cans

  108. Starting a bus that's been sitting for 6 mos.

  109. Storing 1984 VW Vanagon

  110. Stuck latch on side window

  111. Suggestions on new paint

  112. Thanks, it was the horn ring... who has 'em?

  113. The Health Of The Gerry & The List

  114. The Old Volks Home Name

  115. Things to put under the driver's seat

  116. Things to put under the driver's seat - ANTI FREEZE WARNING!!!

  117. Things to put under the driver's seat, 84 Westy

  118. Two thumbs up [again] for Gary Lee - the Vanagon Rack Guy!

  119. Use this for fire safetey... AND eliminate the fire hazard...

  120. VW van count

  121. VW van count Kitsilano

  122. Van starts then dies?

  123. Vanagon Count - Ventura/Santa Barbara

  124. Vanagon List Support

  125. Vanagon Seats and Sciatica

  126. Vanagon seat story

  127. Vanagon@ gerry vs. Vanagon@yahoo

  128. WTB:water level sensor

  129. Water in starter housing?

  130. Westy in Accident

  131. Westys - Seaside Oregon

  132. Wha's going on with the list

  133. What causes the hopping action?

  134. When was engine rebuilt?

  135. Which syndrome is this?

  136. Who Supports The List

  137. Who Supports The List / The Money Has Already Been Spent

  138. Window Air Conditioning

  139. Wonder if this device will plug into a diesel Vanagon?

  140. Would the List know...?

  141. Your new 82 Diesel

  142. [CONCH-L] Freshwater barnacle

  143. [VWVANFULLTIMERS] RoadHaus - New Mexico campsite info requested

  144. [WetWesties] Robert Keezer and his mother

  145. [] alaska heartbreak

  146. [vanagon] Vanagon@ gerry vs. Vanagon@yahoo

  147. a Hall Control Unit story

  148. a fuel pump relay story

  149. a poor running in the rain story

  150. aftermarket cruise (rostra) to VW stalk switch

  151. an issue of temperature

  152. auxiliary battery again

  153. bad cv knocks going straight?

  154. balance weights for SA rhein rims

  155. brakes emergency

  156. crazy cheap halon fire extinguishers on ebay

  157. custom camper roof - Campers

  158. dielectric grease

  159. doesn't seem right...

  160. drive plate

  161. engine break in oil?

  162. engine weight

  163. exhaust nuts

  164. found a great carpet cleaner that works !!!!

  165. free digijet fuel pump members only

  166. fuel pump jammed

  167. hard starting problem?

  168. head gaskets, my turn

  169. high temp gauge reading

  170. hole in fuel tank

  171. infrared guns

  172. jacking up tips for auto tranny

  173. more (interesting) questions about rhein rims

  174. mystery short draining second battery

  175. name of strange plastic fittings feeding coolant pipes to radiiator

  176. new vanagon quirk?

  177. no

  178. on the road again (was jammed fuel pump)

  179. overheating weirdness - expansion tank temporarily going empty

  180. part # help

  181. purchasing stuff on e-bay (for your Vanagon)

  182. re; tranny jacking

  183. remove mold from water tank-Westy

  184. short in second battery/isolator system

  185. sliding door popping open

  186. stealth curtains behind front seats

  187. swivel base removal possible? (sawzall and grinder project)

  188. testing the oil pressure light system?

  189. transmission jacking up tips?

  190. transmission jacks and adapters

  191. trip report, short

  192. tube amp in a vanagon

  193. van value

  194. vanagon Digest - 13 Aug 2004 - Special issue (#2004-753)

  195. vanagon Digest - 13 Aug 2004 - Special issue (#2004-754)

  196. vanagon crash looked vey ugly

  197. voltage converter needed. 12vt to 3vt

  198. westy upper bunk matress

  199. yellow painting to remove
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