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VANAGON archives – June 2010, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. "new"? Revell vanagon model

  2. '84 Power steering leaking

  3. '86 Weekender poptop on eBay for $750

  4. (was) I could use a little help - jump starters

  5. 1.9 GL - Rad fan frequent running

  6. 1.9L - Will not idle cold - when warm idles at 2800RPM

  7. 1989 Vanagon syncro

  8. 1991 Carat Exterior Rocker Panel Piece Wanted

  9. 2.0L Intake question

  10. 2.1L engine failure - Update #2

  11. 2.1L engine failure - Update #3

  12. 2.1l starter current

  13. 85 Wolfsburg Ed. FS or Part Out

  14. 88 Westy FS mystery

  15. A new project..inline 4 VW van

  16. A/C 3rd Stage Relay? was lower front grill....

  17. A/C 3rd Stage Relay? was lower front grill.... RESOLUTION

  18. AA Transaxle

  19. Acronyms (a little OT)

  20. Actual Vanagon Content!

  21. Air Cooled Transmission value

  22. Another Option To Pop-Top Canvas Replacement Video

  23. Anybody else have a 2.2EJT in their Vanagon?

  24. Bluestar FS - Seattle

  25. BusFusion in my Karmann Gipsy diesel camper

  26. Can't Find a Euro License Plate Holder

  27. Car back carrier

  28. Cargo area cover

  29. Chattering clutch

  30. Chime gone AWOL (86 2.1, AT)

  31. Clutch Revisited

  32. Clutch Revisited - this time with pics

  33. Clutch Revisited w/ pics I hope

  34. Clutch needs to be replaced

  35. Coercing the radiator hose off

  36. FREE one grey vinyl driver's seat

  37. FS 86 Vanagon

  38. FS Westy in Austin Texas

  39. FW: cleaning seat upholstery

  40. First coat of POR15 is down

  41. Formerly Rich Running 1.9l WBX Now Running Hot

  42. Freezing your @$$ off; was: RE: [VANAGON] Hot Water Shower Contraption for Vanagons

  43. Fridge/Freezer energy requirements for a dummy!

  44. Fuel Lines Must be Changed by now

  45. Funny 404 Error Pages

  46. Fwd: Pop-Top Canvas Replacement Video

  47. Fwd: Re: [VANAGON] repairing arm rest

  48. Gas Gauge False Readings

  49. Gear selection issue

  50. Halon Extingqishers, was Vanagons Not the Only Inflammable Vehicles

  51. Headlight Covers

  52. Help / Shop Needed Near Amarillo, TX

  53. Help in Fairbanks - Lost a Wheel - Shop =?UTF-8?Q?recommendations=3F?=

  54. Help in Fairbanks - Lost a Wheel - Shop recommendations?

  55. Hi-Lift Adapter Measurements

  56. Hot Water Shower Contraption for Vanagons

  57. How to remove lower front grill?

  58. I could use a little help

  59. Killing me softly with Simple Green..(was cleaning upholstery)

  60. LIMBO fun!

  61. Living In Vanagon Land?

  62. Looking for a VANAGON mechanic in Montreal who could assess candidate westys

  63. MOD - good work David B !

  64. MOD Re: Plastic Ramps

  65. MOD Re: wt heck? lol

  66. MOD Re: wtf? lol

  67. MOD threads closed.

  68. Mary - the worldtour Syncro described here

  69. Mercedes Wheels Installation Question 90 GL

  70. More Clutch Less Ramps

  71. NVC - Rocket Project (Frydae Follies)

  72. Need Parts for A/C Project

  73. New 5x112 Wheels from EMPI

  74. One Way camper (or car) rental, SF to Seattle or Seattle to SF?

  75. Operation Gas Tank: '90 into an '85

  76. Overheating after on Road.

  77. Part from an automatic '83 identification

  78. Parts for sale (headlight covers)

  79. Phantom power drain: Accessories work with key out...

  80. Plastic Ramps

  81. Pop-Top Canvas Replacement Video

  82. Power Steering Rack Question

  83. Project pictures needed

  84. Query door relay pos'n in 2.1l panel?

  85. Radiator Fan Switch location and instalation

  86. Radiator cooling fan - stuck ON!

  87. Radiator in - thanks to all

  88. Radiator in- replacing coolant question

  89. Radiator replacement

  90. Radio removal help pls? Premium IV radio

  91. Rebuilt 2.1 for sale reduced price

  92. Rich Running 1.9l WBX

  93. Rich Running Chilly 1.9l WBX

  94. Rich Running Chilly 1.9l WBX-Thermostats

  95. Roof Rack on Portland Craigslist

  96. Seattle Westy FS includes Frydae Freudian funny

  97. Skylight color needed

  98. Source for new hoses, jsut in case...

  99. Thanks to our moderators

  100. Update on my noise issue

  101. Upstream Fuel Filter dissection results

  102. VW Van turns 60.

  103. Vanagons Not the Only Inflammable Vehicles

  104. Very special expedition Syncro for sale in the US

  105. What do you infer from this?

  106. What the heck? lol

  107. What's wrong with my 1.9 WBX engine?

  108. Whynter Portable Fridge/Freezer

  109. Wiki, was Re: hitting reply vs reply all.

  110. Window screens

  111. You have been added to the vanagon list, problems

  112. [vanagon] Fwd: Pop-Top Canvas Replacement Video

  113. auto trans final drive

  114. cleaning seat upholstery

  115. clunking from CV????

  116. connector removal

  117. even tho it's friday

  118. fuel line replacement

  119. fuel pump straining and hose leaking question

  120. german made decouplers ready to ship

  121. headlight switch problem???

  122. hitting reply vs reply all.

  123. hitting reply vs reply all.... 60 ish emails about plastic ramps is getting rediculous

  124. moderating etc

  125. need some help with a electricle/wiring issue

  126. old, old gas Q?

  127. paint code + sample pics, characteristics of paint.

  128. pop top staples vs screws, was Re: [vanagon] Fwd: Pop-Top Canvas Replacement Video

  129. proper links to vehicle import Very special expedition Syncro for sale in the US

  130. radio code buttons

  131. recommendations about a vendor

  132. repairing arm rest

  133. skylight replacemnt

  134. sliding door screen

  135. syncro question

  136. tired oil drain plug threads (case side)

  137. two 1.9L engines (both running), an AT from an 85, remains of an 85 GL parts van

  138. two power drivers side mirrors for sale

  139. vanagon bleeding

  140. - Brake Lines Replacement

  141. was Plastic Ramps, now door screens

  142. was:Plastic Ramps/Slider Screen

  143. westy stove front panel removal

  144. westy stove front panel removal question

  145. wtf? lol
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