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VANAGON archives – March 2003, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '81 Transporter $900/trade for tranny

  2. '81 air cooled dual relay?

  3. '84 seats into an '81?

  4. '88 Power Steering problems

  5. *CORRECTION* Product review: folding lug wrench / It's Wonderful!!!

  6. 022D computer in 1983 Westfalia?

  7. 14" Alloy wheel and tire auction almost over

  8. 1970 crewcab on ebay

  9. 1971 Westy need help with transport NVC

  10. 1986 Westfalia For Sale

  11. 3 doublecab vanagons

  12. 360W of Bright?

  13. 500W portable computer?

  14. 84 Vanagon A/C Recharge

  15. > '89 stock radio (knob) and antenna...

  16. A few good ECu's for sale

  17. Aircooled Heater exchanger??

  18. Angst in his Pangts (Was: A brew is waring..)

  19. Anyone shipped an auto trans

  20. Anyone shipped an auto trans?

  21. Automobile electrics/electronics course

  22. BRM wheels for Vanagon

  23. BRM wheels website

  24. Back Seat Bed Conversion

  25. Bay Area Item WANTED>Non VW content.

  26. Bleed Clutch

  27. Bleeding the clutch.

  28. Boston Engine Website ?

  29. Break drum removal suggestion

  30. CARFAX was:Re: Converting a salvage title in CA

  31. Call for an impromptu "Engine challange at the WALmart" in Petersburg, VA

  32. Can Jetta auto transmissions be used on some Vanagons?

  33. Car washing, was Re: windshield wiper woes

  34. Carfax

  35. Charlotte NC Camping

  36. Cheap Internet parts? -No vanagon content

  37. Cigarette lighter and Horn

  38. Clacking in engine!

  39. Connectors for Fuel and Ignition wiring harness Digijet 83.5 - 85

  40. Convert an '88 to a westy.

  41. Converting 'Salvage' to 'Clean' title? How honest is it?

  42. Converting a salvage title

  43. Converting a salvage title in CA

  44. Coolant Preference

  45. Customs sending product to Canada

  46. Deal Day/best buy list recommendation

  47. Did

  48. Did "MrVolkswagen" send you mail???

  49. Diesel muffler bracket wanted!

  50. Diff lock in a 2wd

  51. Does anyone have a thermostat housing 025 121 117D they want to sell?

  52. Dometic Fridge for parts.

  53. East to West Cross Country Trip - contacts requested

  54. FS 1985 crewcab and 83 7 passenger for the airheads

  55. FS 84 Sunroof Project in PA

  56. FS-associated vanagon goodies, Seattle

  57. FS: 1989 Vanagon Wolfsburg

  58. FS: H&R Springs

  59. FS: H&R Springs, Bilstein Shocks

  60. FS: New OEM Westfalia Ice Cube Tray Original Packaging

  61. FS: Parting Out '80 Westy

  62. FS: Parting Out '81 Westy

  63. FS: Various Vanagon Parts

  64. FS: Westy Syncro (not mine) in Arcata, CA

  65. FS: rare left rear westy weeeknder/multivan cabinet (with big door)

  66. FS: two vanagon hubcaps/wheelcovers (84-91 disc style) CHEAP

  67. For Sale '87 westy MINT cond!

  68. Friday is over!

  69. Fridge R+R... how I spent my weekend (long)

  70. Fridge relay technical question

  71. Fw: Golf/ jetta auto trans can be used with vanagon diffs

  72. Fw: Re: Removing interior heat (was window tint physics)

  73. Fw: Re: refrigerator removal and fan upgrades?

  74. Fwd: NVC... snow job!

  75. Fwd: Re: Lid Clearance - Friday

  76. Gas mileage

  77. Golf/ jetta auto trans can be used with vanagon diffs

  78. Ground strap & AFM

  79. HELP - how do I replace front brake line???

  80. Jetta tranny to Vanagon

  81. Lowering an '85 / INST.PANEL Quest.

  82. Lowering an 85'

  83. Lowering an 85'/

  84. Lug wench, steel nuts

  85. Material advice needed

  86. Maximum engine power and Performance Chip disscussion

  87. Maximum engine power and Performane Chip Discussion

  88. NVC - Passat Question

  89. NVC Passat Auto Trans

  90. Need help getting parts from Germany

  91. Need help isolating pulsing engine problem

  92. New T5 auto review English translation

  93. New To List-Sort Of

  94. Noisy Wheel bearing - Serious Question

  95. Nos Type IV case found

  96. O2 Sensor Checking??

  97. Off-Roading in 2WD Vanagon

  98. Oil cooler upgrade for WBX 2.1L

  99. Ontario Canada 1981 Vanagon L For Sale

  100. Optima vs. Generic

  101. PIC... FS: rare left rear westy weeeknder/multivan cabinet (with big door)

  102. Painting Carat: Maaco OK??

  103. Please help me unsubsribe!

  104. Power plans and questions

  105. Product review: folding lug wrench

  106. Product review: folding lug wrench / It's Wonderful!!!

  107. Propane van (was Re: jumpseat cylinder housings)

  108. Rabbit Pick Up Price

  109. Radio inline fuse keeps blowing

  110. Red Line ATF

  111. Reimo bed hinges

  112. Removing interior heat (was window tint physics)

  113. Replacing coolant pipes - Drop gas tank?

  114. RoadHaus - Filling LP tanks problem.

  115. RoadHaus - Propane tanks still wont fill

  116. Running too cool

  117. Set of 5 14" alloys up for auction (not mine)

  118. Shipping parts from to UK to US?

  119. Shocks again, Koni adjustable

  120. Simple Tire Question

  121. Simple tire question

  122. Simple tire qurestion

  123. Simple tire qurestion (boring details)

  124. Soccer Mom to the rescue.. (nvc)

  125. Solar Cooking

  126. Some more on "measuring deck height"

  127. Source for auto trans information 90GL

  128. Steering rack

  129. Stereo Install - Replacing Speaker Wires

  130. Suburu engines

  131. Syncro de Mayo: Este: Will you be there?

  132. Testing injectors

  133. That's the tiniest ice cube tray I ever seen..!

  134. The Seven Step Method for removing pilot bearings

  135. The westyman....

  136. This is getting depressing

  137. Tiico--Dip Stick Question(oil levels)

  138. To All Tiico Owners: (Friday) Solutions To Every Tiico Conversion Question

  139. Tore out my A/C stuff...

  140. VW Hail and Farewell

  141. Valve body question!

  142. Vanagon in a Time Capsule?

  143. Vanagon-derived Military Vehicle?

  144. Very Basic - Adding Oil?

  145. WANTED: interior from '89 wolfsburg w/ DIAGONAL STRIPES

  146. WESTFALIA-WERKE serial# decal for RF door? where to get? orcan someone ma...

  147. WTB Brown Front Door Pulls

  148. WTB westy $3000

  149. WTB: Idle Relay

  150. WTB: Idle Relay FISH

  151. Westfalia Sticker Part Number

  152. Westy headliner panel needed.

  153. What are syptoms of a bad torque converter

  154. Wheel lug nuts and wrenches

  155. Where's the Friday Fish this week?

  156. Will a 98 Jetta engine fit any vanagons?

  157. Wiper wackiness

  158. Woodie Packasport

  159. [ARTICLE] Building online communities

  160. [Fwd: [T2] FW: [busalert] 87 Westfalia Recovered!]

  161. [T2] Some more on "measuring deck height"

  162. [Vwdiesel] Need help getting parts from Germany

  163. advise

  164. afm air screw question?

  165. alloy rim tire size?

  166. and now, something completely different: Last Ride

  167. bay area engine stand for loan?

  168. bleeding clutch

  169. body panel repair

  170. carfax

  171. current model lug nuts and bolts for alloys?

  172. customs RED TAPE ( was:Re: 3 Euro spec doublecab vanagons

  173. does anyone have a '89 wolfsburg van?? or parting one out?

  174. engine conversion

  175. expanson tank nipple broken

  176. free sliding door panel (warped) in Los Angeles

  177. freebies freebies

  178. hall sender vs points

  179. hands greasy, installing trans. -- please help!!...

  180. headlight bulb question...

  181. headlight bulb question... One more...

  182. heat

  183. how does timing change by knock sensor?

  184. installing a jumpseat in a westy

  185. insurance companies and "totalling" its just a $$ thing.

  186. jetta tranny to vanagon

  187. jumpseat cylinder housings

  188. more on the doublecabs

  189. new thanks

  190. newbe

  191. perfchip

  192. plastic cupboard handle + skylight seal installation

  193. radiator thermoswitch question...

  194. re list mail

  195. red oil light?

  196. redline shock proof tranny lube

  197. refrigerator problem

  198. refrigerator removal and fan upgrades?

  199. repairing crevice corrosion at panel joints - 87 westy

  200. scary bus

  201. searcing archives

  202. speaking of jump seats...

  203. speaking of lowering ...

  204. sudden timing advance change/Tiico

  205. thewestyman

  206. tialpipes of busdepot

  207. titles for cars that dont have titles

  208. to paint or not to paint pop top?

  209. type 2 heat exchanger

  210. valve adjustment question

  211. vanagon Digest - 13 Mar 2003 - Special issue (#2003-294)

  212. vanagon Digest - 9 Mar 2003 (#2003-281)

  213. weekender interior FS ( wasRe: Back Seat Bed Conversion

  214. wheels for Vanagon

  215. window seals

  216. window tint

  217. window tint (LONG)

  218. window tint physics

  219. window tint: film or glass

  220. winshield wiper woes
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