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VANAGON archives – April 2002, week 1

Table of contents:

  1. '85 auto Tranny hard shifting, "whining noise"

  2. (no subject)

  3. 1.6 turbo diesel westy conversion?

  4. 1.9 diesel (non turbo, 75 HP) in my vanagon? Help needed.

  5. 1.9L bogging down on acceleration when hot..anyone ideas???

  6. 100mpg carbs, Turbonators & now this (Friday)NVC

  7. 112HP wasserboxer in non U.S. Vanagons

  8. 115HP wasserboxer on Ebay

  9. 15 inch SA wheel lug/bolt problems??

  10. 1982 Vanagon diesel for sale in northern Virginia

  11. 1991 Silver Westy for Sale --- 47,000 miles in excellent shape

  12. 2 gas tanks in SA Caravelle?

  13. 2 gas tanks in SA Caravelle? (body differences-SA vans vs German vans)

  14. 2 vanagons, 1 jumpseat, 1 computer, For Sale

  15. 2.1 Case for sale?

  16. 2.1L pulley on a 1.9L???? from the factory??? ????? anyone know??

  17. 50 Watt TL Bulbs

  18. 6 seater westy (2 person middle seat in westy, & 2 person middle seat FS

  19. 6 seater westy option

  20. 83+ 4spd manual tranny rebuild cost?

  21. 83.5 FS

  22. 83.5 Westfalia questions

  23. 84 Sunroof GL FS!!! - Pennsylvania - Last Chance Before Ebay

  24. 84 sunroof w/ weekender rear sofa bed

  25. 84 vanagon DOES NOT idle up and down

  26. 84 westy - air conditioning

  27. 85 Westy Utility Covers and spring

  28. 86 Syncro FS in AR

  29. 86 and 87 ayncro For Sale

  30. 86 and 87 syncros for sale

  31. 88 Westy: Strange Leak - Clarification

  32. 88 Westy: Strange Leak, Strange Gasket

  33. 89 JETTA

  34. 930 turbo tie rods on a vanagon?

  35. <No subject>

  36. A/C leak sealer

  37. Accelerator cable snap

  38. Aftermarket cruise control or from my GTI (again)

  39. Al Knoll's visit to Cardiff, CA

  40. Alabama Syncros

  41. Am I crazy?

  42. Am I crazy? (no real vanagon content)

  43. American Knowhow vs German engineering vs British electrics

  44. Any Eudora user have the list archive on their HD?

  45. Any one activated rear fog in back light cluster?

  46. Anybody ever install a Hy-Rail kit on a Vanagon?

  47. Anybody need 2.1 core in Connecticut?

  48. Anyone parting out a westy????? or know where a westy is for parts?

  49. Anyone use ZMAX in their van?

  50. Anyone use eBay escrow services?

  51. Arm rest

  52. BA-6 Question

  53. BUSDEPOT; Trailer hitch group buy

  54. Bad Master Cylinder?

  55. Beer - was: RE: German engineering vs British electrics

  56. Belly Pan Wanted, for BA6 on 1982 Vanagon...

  57. Belly Pan Wanted...

  58. Ben Huot's coolant bleeding (all over the neighborhood)

  59. Bleeding section is up... (la la la)

  60. Bleeding the damn coolant system! part 2

  61. Block spam NVC

  62. Boiling a Thermostat

  63. Boston Bobs tale of an engine stripper or .19 Main bearing info was Flickerin oil light on 85 auto

  64. Boston Bobs tale of an engine stripper or .19 Main bearinginfo was Flickerin oil light on 85 auto

  65. Bought tires (my review) and still looking for 86 parts

  66. Brake problem

  67. BusFusion 2002

  68. Buying an optional 5th seat for 87 camper

  69. CB Gutter Mount .. Where can get??

  70. CB antennae options

  71. Carpet shopping recommendations?

  72. Circle Yer Wagens in Sevierville, TN

  73. Comments on LED Wiring, was Re: LED's on the dash

  74. Computer generated Splitwindow Bus Pictures

  75. Cooling hoses chart for the 2.1L (4 speed tranny)

  76. Cooling system pressue check

  77. Cylinder for sale (still looking)

  78. DIY Vanagon Trip Computer

  79. Dare i say it? TIRES

  80. Dead Battery

  81. Dead Battery Question

  82. Deep CYCLE Auxillary Battery Putting them along the frame rails.

  83. Deep CYCLE Auxillary Battery....Will ANYTHING fit?

  84. Deep Cell Auxillary Battery...Will ANYTHING fit?

  85. Diesel Pump is Leaking!

  86. Diesel injection pump timing tool

  87. Diesel pump leak

  88. Diesels have a catalytic converter?

  89. Dreaded Tire Thread

  90. Emergency - Mystery Part Identifcation - SOLVED!

  91. Emergency - Mystery Part Identifcation Needed!

  92. Engine Rebuild week 4 - Valve knock question

  93. Engine codes

  94. Erratic idle and timing

  95. EuroCamper Website problems

  96. EveryBus 2002 Update

  97. FREE Vanagon PARTS List Members >>>> "Rediscover the Americas Drive About - Parts Giveaway" >>> UPDATE !!!!!!

  98. FREE Vanagon Parts Giveaway"

  99. FRYDAY-----horror stories on Surf Mex Trips

  100. FS - Westy AC unit 1985 or earlier

  101. FS 82 Westy Nova Scotia CDN5,900

  102. FS: '82 I-4

  103. FS: 1990 2.1L Vanagon Base - $4500

  104. FS: 91 engine complete. Napa, CA - still in van

  105. FS: parts from 87 van

  106. FYI, vans w/ fiberglass rockers have different jacks......

  107. First impressions

  108. Flickerin oil light on 85 auto

  109. Flickering Oil Light on 83.5 Westy

  110. For Sale: '84 SUNROOF vanagon

  111. For Sale: 1985 Vanagon Westfalia (Massachusetts)

  112. For Sale: Driver wanted for 87 7-seater PA

  113. For Sale: Vanagon snap-in curtain sets, blue or grey

  114. For Sale: Westy (multivan) interior, fits all passenger vanagons..full width bed

  115. For Sale: misc. new Vanagon parts

  116. For sale: round headlight buckets for converting to the south african quad grill

  117. Free Web Photo Posting

  118. Fuel line lenght, water pump

  119. Fw: Am I crazy?

  120. Fw: Bought tires (my review) and still looking for 86 parts

  121. Fw: Clutch slave cylinder question

  122. Fw: Step to access upper bunk

  123. Fw: Vent not blowing air

  124. German engineering vs British electrics

  125. Glove Boxes


  127. Head sensor

  128. Heads or Rebuilt Engine

  129. Hello, A/C and 134A

  130. Help,camber adjustment

  131. Hoch Motors

  132. How to restore your windshield glass to new condition

  133. Hy-Rail Vanagon

  134. I have a brown/white two-tone watercooled sunroof

  135. I need an IdiuT light! [low fuel warning lamp]

  136. I need good photos of the heads gasket replacement procedure

  137. I think i have a name.... [little useful content]

  138. I-4 Question, Little Vanagon content

  139. Improvement or desecration?

  140. Intro and '87 Golf Console Computer in a Vanagon?

  141. Kumho Road Venture T-i-r-e

  142. LHD caravelles?

  143. LHD caravelles? (SA caravelle)

  144. Leaking steering rack

  145. LiMBO at Carlisle

  146. List suggestion (no vanagon content)

  147. Lock & Key...

  148. Looking for Part for 82 AC

  149. Looking for Wolfsburg edition body trim part

  150. Looking for syncro diff lock switch, vac resevoir

  151. Low RPM and stall on cold start

  152. Massachusetts Insurance rates and appraisers

  153. Merkur adjustable headrests installed in my vanagon tonite..

  154. Missing Throttle Postion Sensors?

  155. Mt. Diablo Debauch and chili cook off

  156. My new (to me) 1987 Wolfsburg!

  157. NOMail Thanks everyone!!!

  158. NVC -- 1990 Diesel Jetta

  159. NVC.... passat wagon FS

  160. Need help with O2 sersor install

  161. New Tiico engine Overheating HELP!

  162. OK- here's a good one........What is that other little LED on the instrument cluster that never lights up?

  163. OT: a long story about an interesting e-list dispute

  164. Oil Pressure

  165. Oil pressure Alarm!

  166. Ok someone will have to explain to me...

  167. Pop top Restoration--

  168. Possible Parts Source

  169. Push-rod tube "expandable" type?

  170. Q about the inline 4 VW engine, Oil pressure switch.

  171. READ ME - Re: looking for water-cooled Vanagon with sunroof

  172. RV: water in exhaust after fresh heads installed

  173. Radiator Bleeder valve

  174. Rear Heat Shield

  175. Rear axle

  176. Rear wheel studs..again

  177. Removed A/C - Now Rad Fan is Dead '87 GL

  178. Removed A/C - Now Rad Fan is Dead '87 GL - Update

  179. Removing the door window seals and "paraphanlia"

  180. Rentals in Chicago or Ohio?

  181. Responses before original message?

  182. Roof racks on Westy to carry SunFish

  183. Rough running after hitting rev limiter

  184. Rubber Glovebox Cords

  185. Running hot Update. How hot should it be

  186. Running hot, what can be the matter

  187. S-H-U-D-D-E-R....

  188. SPAM NVC

  189. STEBRO/Vanagon Muffler Price Increase

  190. Scrap yards in SF Bay Area

  191. Selling 83.5 Westy Norfolk Virginia

  192. Set the NOMail command

  193. Shift stop broken

  194. Should I Return to the Fold?

  195. Sliding door pops open on 90 Vanagon

  196. Some PDFs from Westfalia

  197. Source for Michelin Agilis

  198. Spanish help /Andrew is right

  199. Spanish help in Argentina needed

  200. Speaking of modifications...

  201. Starting Battery, Optima or others?

  202. Staying in the black

  203. Step to access upper bunk

  204. Step-cut heads?

  205. Stereo experts? was: Re: who has upgraded their front vanagon door SPEAKE...

  206. Stereo experts? was: Re: who has upgraded their front vanagon door SPEAKERS??

  207. Stove Vent cap---

  208. Sunroof and grill

  209. Sunroof vanagons and SA grill

  210. Symptoms of Failing ECU?

  211. Syncro site has great links

  212. SyncroMog Goes to Moab (long)

  213. SyncroMog Goes to Moab cont II

  214. SyncroMog Goes to Moab cont.

  215. Synthetic Oil

  216. Tach wire - 84 Wolfsburg

  217. Tach,Temp & Fuel Gauge

  218. Temperature of Beer - was: RE: German engineering vs British electrics

  219. Thanks for replies, but Re: CB Gutter Mount .. Where can get??

  220. Thanks from the Newbie-now just one other little question...

  221. The problem with TIICO problems

  222. Things to do at Wal-Mart

  223. Toddler seat

  224. Toddler seat ?

  225. Towing with an '81 2.0?

  226. Trailer hitch group buy

  227. Turbonator JUNK

  228. Turn signal dash light

  229. URGENT-Vanagon garage close to HAZLETON, PA

  230. Ultra Van

  231. UltraVan

  232. Understanding the coolant flow on the 2.1L

  233. Undrestanding the coolant flow on the 2.1L

  234. Upgraded speakers? (Long)

  235. Upgrading Instrument Panel(RPM Guage into non-RPM 84' Westy)

  236. Using American engines for Vanagon swap - Corvair

  237. Using American engines for Vanagon swap - why the heck not?

  238. VR6 Vanagon

  239. VR6 Vanagon-Dreamers

  240. VW BAE turbo kit

  241. Van-Again will be closed today 4/4/02 reopen tomorrow 4/5/02

  242. Vanagon Siting I-75 Southbound

  243. Vanagon Syndrome-ish when

  244. Vanagon crash safety

  245. Vanagon crash safety/Projectzwo bull bars

  246. Vanagon crash safety/The Whole Story

  247. Vanagon engine swaps

  248. Vent not blowing air

  249. Volks World magazine - May 2002 issue, page 18

  250. WANTED: Syncro MPH Speedometer

  251. WARNING!! ebay 86 german syncro ambulance/high-top

  252. WHO'S the BEST WBX rebuilder?

  253. WTB Stock Vanagon wheel

  254. Water Tank Hose Connection

  255. What kind of grease?

  256. What to look for in a camper battery?

  257. Whatever happened to that German guy who put 4 wheel disc brakes on his Vanagon? EMail the group and let us know when we can buy the ada ptors?

  258. Whatever happened to that German guy who put 4 wheel disc brakes...

  259. Whats it worth?

  260. Wheel locks?

  261. Windsheid,

  262. [Audi-VW-Diesels] 1.9 diesel (non turbo, 75 HP) in my vanagon? Help needed.

  263. [WetWesties] Found VW Syncro 4x4 for sale (fwd)

  264. [subaruvanagon] Got the engine-eat a qualude

  265. a/c roof ducts recall

  266. amplifier installation

  267. best tach

  268. bleeding coolant.

  269. building a powerful motor--more news and questions

  270. cb antenae options

  271. cb antenna options

  272. ceramic coating?

  273. cheap longer rear wheel studs for the vanagon here!!!!

  274. clutch lever

  275. clutch leverl - nevermind...

  276. control arm bushings 91

  277. cooling question

  278. cylinder help.

  279. dead battery

  280. digest mode?

  281. experience with bad gas milage,

  282. first east coast VW SHOW of the year this SUNDAY in New Jersey!!!!

  283. for sale: complete westy poptop assembly, make your hardtop van into a poptop

  284. frontal collisions

  285. fuel expansion tank

  286. fuel pumps and stuff

  287. gas filter, 81 air cooled

  288. head rebuilder

  289. headrest misperceptions

  290. high quality German made complete antenna.

  291. horn problems

  292. huh?? (was:Re: 89 JETTA

  293. is this a legal copy of ekta

  294. isn't it beatiful?

  295. leaking steering rack

  296. leaky head gasket question again

  297. leaky head gasket question again, JB Weld

  298. lifter's sticking

  299. looking for water-cooled Vanagon with sunroof

  300. looking for water-cooled vanagon with sunroof

  301. need a carfax report

  302. no air flow through vents...

  303. oil and fuel level sensors

  304. oil filter substitution

  305. oil on clutch

  306. one happy (sort of) vanagon owner

  307. positioning of headrests...

  308. positioning of headrests.../ frontal collisions

  309. power brakes

  310. questions, comments

  311. quick disconnect for save the battery when the van si tsmore than one week

  312. rad. fan removal

  313. rear axle

  314. rebuilt heads- who on the list uses JB weld for the headgasket se aling surfaces, when they should be getting these surfaces rewelded and m achined?

  315. retro power steering on my syncro?

  316. solid air-cooled performance

  317. speaker upgrade

  318. springs

  319. sputtering

  320. steering wheel replacement

  321. test

  322. the Tiico

  323. this website is like your own microfische----check it out WOW!

  324. tiico engine ?

  325. timing a 82 Vanagon without timing scale

  326. too much propane?

  327. two ebay parts providers

  328. unofficial ebay poll

  329. vanagon Digest - 2 Apr 2002 - Special issue (#2002-376)

  330. vanagon Digest - 3 Apr 2002 - Special issue (#2002-379)

  331. vanagon Glove Boxes for sale...

  332. vanagon SUNROOF production runs (in the US) and vanagon sunroof trivia...

  333. vanagon picture

  334. wanted to buy: westy front table mount, arm, top ..any or all..

  335. water in exhaust after fresh heads installed

  336. water pump problems

  337. water temp. gauge

  338. westy sink leaking-replacement options?????

  339. who has upgraded their front door speakers

  340. who has upgraded their front vanagon door

  341. who has upgraded their front vanagon door SPEAKERS??

  342. window chrome

  343. winner of the 86 syncro high top on ebay

  344. worst cars - van?
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