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VANAGON archives – May 2002, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. !!!From the Underground - Genuine Hella Hubcaps for Sale!!!

  2. "maintenance free vanagons" (ha ha ha)

  3. '86 Syncro Westy FS

  4. (F) Special Edition Barbies designed with the unmarried male VW aficionado in mind!

  5. (F) Special Edition Barbies designed with the unmarried male VWaficionado in mind!

  6. 1.8T inline 4 into a vanagon??????

  7. 1.9 rebuild questions (almost done)

  8. 1551 emulator

  9. 1984 Vanagon for sale

  10. 1986 Adventurewagen FS

  11. 2 batteries for the price of 1?

  12. 2.0 Waterboxer

  13. 2.0 l. Injectors, Rack and FPR

  14. 2.0L aircooled heat exchanger for sale

  15. 3 in a van

  16. 3 passenger front seating for Vanagon Westy

  17. 4-wheel Porsche di$c brake for Vanagon

  18. 4-wheel Porsche di$c, Alternative

  19. 80 Vanagon L camper(loss of power uphill)

  20. 84 Westy std. trans

  21. 85 water-cooled Vanagon and OXS

  22. 86 Fuel consumption question

  23. 86 Vanagon FS (Guelph/ON/Canada)

  24. 86 Vanagon power steering lines?

  25. 90-92Westy was: <no subject given>

  26. 91 Vanagon idle problems

  27. <No subject>

  28. A Subaru that's not PERFECT?

  29. A damn OS question again, yea!!! now i need some help, it's my turn....

  30. A2 injectors for Tiico

  31. Accelarator Pedal

  32. Accelerater pedal

  33. Accelerator Pedal

  34. Addition engine cooling thoughts and ramblings...

  35. Adjustable armrests for sale! Re: adjustable Arm rest question

  36. Aggravating problems

  37. Agilis hard to find?

  38. Air Cooled to Subaru Conversion.

  39. Air Lift Suspension system

  40. Air Toys by General Electric

  41. Alternator Bolt Size?

  42. Alternator Problems

  43. Anybody Camping in Northern California Soon?

  44. Arm rest question

  45. Auto Stop fill valve

  46. Bosch Super Resistor Plugs--

  47. Bought an SVX for the motor.......but I like the car too much to ...

  48. Bought an SVX for the motor.......but I like the car too much to rip the heart out

  49. Brake adjustment on 88 automatic

  50. Broken Odometer and Trip Odometer

  51. Bus Depot and debate for Californians

  52. Bus for sale....(which year is best)

  53. BusFusion Registration Deadline


  55. Can the Sunroof Be Motorized? NO!!!

  56. Can the Sunroof Be Motorized? NO!!! (f)

  57. Clutch Master Cylinder Installation Q:'s

  58. Coolant Gauge (again)

  59. Coolant Level

  60. Coolant System Pressure Gauge

  61. Coolant gauge all the way to the right ?

  62. Correct Valve lash

  63. Darrell

  64. Denver VW

  65. Denver VW?

  66. Diesel owners get ready...

  67. Do you know what blown shocks look like?

  68. Door problems---

  69. Door problems--- (f)

  70. Double postings are annoying

  71. Double postings are annoying / Thank you!!!

  72. Driving In Canada

  73. Driving Lights Between Blinkers And Grill

  74. Dropping Aircooled Engine

  75. EKTA Win XP

  76. EKTA driving me nut's!

  77. EV jumpseats for sale..Re: Wanted: Rear-facing seat from Eurovan

  78. Easiest Window Crank Spacer---

  79. Electrical Question -Hazards/Parking Lights

  80. Electronic Ignition Questions

  81. Ever fill coolant through BUS DEPOT radiator bleeder hole?

  82. Ever fill coolant through radiator bleeder hole?

  83. F: Warning!!! Check Your Gearshift!!! (couldn't wait (I BET!))

  84. F: Warning!!! Check Your Gearshift!!! (couldn't wait)

  85. FS 14" Vanagon Alloy Rims

  86. FS westy ac unit

  87. FS: '85 Westy....

  88. FS: 1985GL Wekender and 1985GL

  89. FS: 85GL Weekender and 85GL

  90. FS: vanagon 17" alloy wheels..

  91. FS?: Cover For Rear Window Washer

  92. Fellow Listee Sighting and Meeting

  93. Flames!

  94. Flat Towing Vanagon Automatic

  95. Flat Towing Vanagon Automatic, CV Joints

  96. Floor Jack-jacking points for the front end

  97. For Sale: '78 Champagne Edition Westy poptop camper

  98. For Sale: vanagon westy interior, and poptop section, add too any vanagon..

  99. Front Spare Tire (Oops)

  100. Front Spare Tire Mount for Vanagon

  101. Fuel line size

  102. Fwd: [T2] Buses By the Falls Campout June 21 22 2002

  103. General "Warm Up" Question and an admission....

  104. Grey upper bed mattress

  105. Hall Sender Failure

  106. Head gasket job getting out of hand

  107. Head gasket job getting out of hand (

  108. Head gasket leak - does retorquing work?

  109. Headlights (ive got some for sale and yes they were expensive)

  110. Heat exchanger wanted, 79-83, 49 state version

  111. Hello to Bronze-Beige Westy owner at Glendale College

  112. Hi to the Tan Westy at Big basin

  113. Horn shorted to ground?

  114. How does clutch slave cylinder attach to clutch lever arm?

  115. How to remove transmission fill plug?

  116. How to remove transmission plugs?...problem solved

  117. Hypoid? EMERGENCY....

  118. I have a friend who needs help; he is stuck with a strange problem URGENT URGENT.

  119. I have a ton of vanagon stuff on ebay

  120. I saw an '88 FS in Eastern Canada (Nfld)

  121. I'm selling stuff on ebay again...

  122. I4 2.0L Fuel Economy Survey

  123. IT'S ALIVE!!

  124. Importing a vehicle from Canada to US

  125. Is the L and R stabilizer link interchangeable?

  126. Jay.L.Snyder Representing the Dupont Corp. - What a Sad, Sad Example

  127. John Muir

  128. KOA?AAA

  129. Kennedy Eng Petcock

  130. Kennedy petcock in, but

  131. Knecht oil filter Beck Arnley p/n

  132. Leaking coolant

  133. Leaking thermostat housing

  134. Lest I forget----

  135. Looking for Eurovan Wiring Harness

  136. Lots of Sta-bar Info - long

  137. Luggage Rack Removal ?

  138. MMO sale---

  139. MN bug-in

  140. Manual Radiator Fan Switch - Easy To Install!!

  141. Measurement systems - a Sad Example?

  142. Message for Stan- Dropping Aircooled Engine

  143. More of More Stuff

  144. More on More Stuff---

  145. Moroso (again)

  146. My vanagon has trouble starting sometimes,, help please

  147. New Camper?

  148. New Jack City

  149. New old refrigerator

  150. New to List and Trip Report (LONG)

  151. O2 Sensor question... not mentioned in archives

  152. Only in America...??

  153. Only in America...?? Only in a Vanagon??

  154. Oregon to Austin


  156. Parting out '90 vanagon carat, jumpseats, 2.1L, capt chairs, alloys, etc

  157. Pic of my new emerald green skylight

  158. Plastic Sink basin thingy

  159. Plat cat heater and dual propane tanks (fwd)

  160. Pop Top Rattle Solved---

  161. Power Steering Lines

  162. Propane Heresy - Can you retrofit Westy for alternate use of Coleman fuel?

  163. Re-key

  164. Rear brake adjuster

  165. Red star

  166. Rediscover the Americas Drive About - Parts Giveaway " PART ONE" >>>> RESULTS

  167. Relay Test Method

  168. Reliable Vanagon

  169. Removing/cleaning fuel tank

  170. Responding to List from Digest

  171. Responding to list in Digest mode.

  172. Return of Mexicali Rose

  173. Rewiring parking lights to switch with ignition

  174. Roadtrip

  175. SVX 5sp

  176. SVX; the full monte

  177. Safety of the Vanagon

  178. San Fran Mechanic

  179. Seattle mechanic

  180. Sheryl Crow in a Bus

  181. Sheryl Crow in a bus?

  182. Side view mirrors, was: cheap exterior mirrors and pet peeves

  183. So. Utah

  184. Source of rebuilt 1.6NA?

  185. Spare Tire Too Big?

  186. Speedometer Cable

  187. Stinky Heat

  188. Subarus

  189. Subj: And vanagon mailing list web site.

  190. Subject: Re: Want to paint camper roof

  191. Synchro-sche

  192. Syncro Leaky gas tank? drop the tranny?

  193. Syncro de Mayo Prizes


  195. Tempurature

  196. Tennessee from a Californian's perpective (was Bus Depot and debate for C...

  197. Tennessee from a Californian's perpective (was Bus Depot and debate for Californians)

  198. The Tribulations of Newbiedom

  199. The Westy...

  200. The spirit of the original Beetle Lives

  201. The spirit of the original Beetle Lives on in the L1 concept (check it ou...

  202. The spirit of the original Beetle Lives on in the L1 concept (check it out!)

  203. The spirit of the original Beetle Lives on...

  204. The truth about Florida

  205. TiiCo fuel rail conversion

  206. Tiico owners: need input regarding poor running/missing issues

  207. Tire sizes and weight rates (was: Tires Michelin Agilis vs LTX M/S)

  208. Tire sizes and weight rates (was: Tires Michelin Agilis vs...)

  209. Tires Michelin Agilis vs LTX M/S

  210. To Syncro or Not to Syncro

  211. Towing a Vehicle w. Auto Trans

  212. Travel from Oregon to Austin

  213. Travelling Victoria, BC - California: Need list of repair shops

  214. Tri Star on eBay

  215. Trip to Nova Scotia

  216. Two Rhein 15" Rims for Sale (pretty cheap)

  217. Two sets of 15" alloy wheels FS

  218. Update S&S

  219. V-belt questions

  220. Vanagon Adventurewagen FS

  221. Vanagon Owners in Calgary, Alberta

  222. Vanagon shop in Glendale,CA?

  223. Ventalation Controls (sp)

  224. WANTED: old propane LP tank from vanagon westy

  225. Wagon-R power steering

  226. Want to paint camper roof

  227. Wanted: Rear-facing seat from Eurovan

  228. Warning!!! Check Your Speedometer

  229. Warning!!! Check Your Speedometer - What a Sad, Sad Example

  230. Westfalia website in english?

  231. Westy Floor Covering

  232. Westy Tables

  233. What Are YOU Doing This Saturday? (F)

  234. What are the best tires for my 89 wolfsburg?

  235. What's the difference in front bumpers? stock crome

  236. What's this part do on the alternator??

  237. Wheel offsets and widths to fit Vanagons

  238. White exhaust pipes

  239. Who Can Install the Motorized Sunroof?

  240. Who Can Install the Motorized Sunroof? (f)

  241. Who Can Install the Motorized Sunroof? THANKS TERRY!!!

  242. Who has installed Addco rear bar?

  243. [Syncro] 1.9 WBX -->Tiico , my latest experience (long)

  244. [Syncro] Pop Top Rattle Solved---

  245. [Syncro] will this work in a syncro?

  246. [subaruvanagon] Re: SVX-powered crewcab pickup blows trans

  247. add a window to canvas Westy top?

  248. alarm+pwr door locks

  249. behind the times

  250. brake bleeding problems...

  251. brake master cylinder; mudflaps

  252. camper parts

  253. changing rear shocks

  254. cold start problem

  255. conversion to Swivel chair

  256. conversion to Swivel chair (fwd)

  257. emergency radiator fan manual switch and other

  258. engine hesitating

  259. fan speeds

  260. free golf/jetta Bentley!!!

  261. fresnel lens

  262. front westy table needed

  263. gas can in cargo area

  264. gas can in your westy cargo area?

  265. how many times has this happened to you

  266. how much oil in 82 diesel

  267. idle surge solved?

  268. iso swivel base

  269. jumpseat for sale - add to any camper or van

  270. lower temp tstat

  271. measurement systems

  272. message for stan

  273. missing your westy table tightening knob? Sears has 'em!!!

  274. mp3 players in vanagons

  275. mp3 players in vanagons...

  276. mp3 players in vanagons...Balupunkt

  277. need screens for the side windows- 89 Syncro

  278. oops- (was: Heat exchanger wanted, 79-83, 49 state version)

  279. propane install

  280. rear wiper disconnect

  281. rebuilding p/s rack

  282. removing rear heater

  283. replacing head gaskets on used 2.1L

  284. rotating cvs and axles from left to right

  285. rotten idle surge -- I give up

  286. rotten idle surge -- a thought

  287. seattle area listees

  288. sighting HWY 12

  289. some stuff about coolant

  290. speakers and stuff

  291. starter

  292. steering column woes

  293. still FS, power mirror and cpt. seat

  294. stock 16"steel wheel appeal

  295. storage behind drivers side seat

  296. sway bar size bigger on Westy?

  297. swivel chair

  298. temp

  299. thanks

  300. the meaning of Kombi

  301. the meaning of Kombi (was:Re: add a window to canvas Westy top?

  302. the term "barndoor" bus..

  303. the term "barndoor" bus..(was:Re: Sheryl Crow in a Bus

  304. the term "barndoor" bus... & Split door options

  305. towing a Automatic vanagon in neutral w/ drive wheels on the ground??

  306. trip

  307. trip report Omaha Zoo, NE

  308. two speed jerry runs either fast or slow

  309. unique Westy floor covering?

  310. update on S&S headers

  311. vanagon rekey

  312. wanted: westy table top measurements

  313. warning, check your driver!!! (was:Re: Warning!!! Check Your Speedometer (f)

  314. website update

  315. westy luggage rack

  316. westy luggage rack/sunroof - ive seen it done..

  317. westy sink

  318. westy table top

  319. what year?

  320. what year? '78 is the best year..

  321. will this work in a syncro?

  322. wind blown blues (was tires)

  323. wiring a dome light, in back of westy
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