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VANAGON archives – February 2003, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '85 weekender for sale

  2. 1.9-idle probs&mixture

  3. 1973 Super Beetle in Atlanta, GA 30306

  4. 1984 Westy Washer Fluid Tank

  5. 1986 transporter....

  6. 84 Vanagon in Cincinnati is TAKEN! Thanks to all who were interested,

  7. 84 not refiring , still flooding ?

  8. 84 not refiring ,unless I floor it sometimes

  9. 84 not refiring ,unless I floor it sometmes

  10. 85 Westie FS

  11. 85' Vanagon

  12. 85' Vanagon rear speakers

  13. 87 vanagon headlight bushing

  14. 87 westy ac refrigerant

  15. 90 Multivan for sale, Seattle, 88k miles

  16. <No subject>

  17. =?UTF-8?Q?RE=3A_=5BSyncro=5D_How_hard_is_it_to_m?= =?UTF-8?Q?ove_Propane_lines=3F_=28Was=3A_Locatio?= =?UTF-8?Q?ns_for_Ebersp=E4=A3=A8er_/_Espar_B1L_Hea?= =?UTF-8?Q?ter=29?=

  18. =?utf-8?B?SG93IGhhcmQgaXMgaXQgdG8gbW92ZSBQcm9wYW5lIGxpbmVzPyAoV2FzOiBMb2NhdGlvbnMgZm9yIEViZXJzcOSjqGVyIC8gRXNwYXIgQjFMIEhlYXRlcik=?=

  19. =?utf-8?B?V291bGQgYSBCQTYgQmVsbHlwYW4gZml0IG9uIGEgc3luY3JvPyAoV2FzOiBMb2NhdGlvbnMgZm9yIEViZXJzcOSjqGVyIC8gRXNwYXIgQjFMIEhlYXRlcik=?=

  20. =?utf-8?Q?Re:______Would_a_BA6_Bellypan_fi?= =?utf-8?Q?t_on_a_syncro=3F_=28Was:_Locations_f?= =?utf-8?Q?or_Ebersp=E4=A3=A8er_/_Espar_B1L_Heater=29?=

  21. A day with Waxoyl(and no Pompadore to use the leftovers on)

  22. A real offbeat question

  23. AMC heads

  24. AR's loss is IA's gain?

  25. Antenna replacement steps ? Help

  26. Anyone want VW/Audi FACTORY 2wd alloy wheel bolts?

  27. Automatic Transmission/ATF Cooler

  28. BAD OIL Again!

  29. BAD OIL Again!/Bad Rebuild

  30. Battery went dead

  31. Ben Huot unstuck in Oceanside

  32. Ben Huot-stuck in Oceanside

  33. Better interior lighting

  34. Bill N's friday sing-a-long

  35. Bill N's friday sing-a-long fish fish fish

  36. Bucking and Hesitation FIXED ... Thanks Listees

  37. Budget tires at Pep Boys

  38. CDN Seat; again

  39. COW Third Winter Gathering

  40. CV Joints

  41. Campout at Clydes

  42. Cassiar Highway

  43. Cleaning Engine, Do's and Don't

  44. Clutch of not? Help

  45. Cold Temps....Hard to Start and Squealing Belts (and some more questions)

  46. Cold Temps....Hard to Start and Squealing Belts-Maybe Not the Belts

  47. Correct Gap of Sparks

  48. Cure for Sqealing Belts

  49. Diesel Hardware Sources for I4 conversion

  50. Dometic electric fridge info

  51. ETKA Loads on Windoze XP - Won't Print

  52. ETKA5 and Windoze XP

  53. Engine Surge

  54. Engine surge

  55. Etka and win2000

  56. Extra dome lights, new rear speaker wires

  57. F. S. 91 carat

  58. FOR SALE mint '87 westy

  59. FS: 1986 Owners Manual

  60. FS: Supercharged Syncro Westy

  61. FS: Vanagon Bulb Socket

  62. FS: Vanagon Bumper Clips

  63. FS: Vanagon Clutch Slave Cylinder

  64. FS:Vanagon Temperature Guage Sensor Switch

  65. FW: What do Vanagon drivers ride?

  66. Fan Belt Squeal

  67. Flapping Wings

  68. Floor mountings for seats

  69. Fluid Film from SSF

  70. Free '84 L, starts & runs, for picking up in Cincinnati

  71. Friday Topic: What Is In A Name?

  72. Friday bitch-a-long

  73. Friday how-to clean spilled FISH sauce in the van

  74. Friday sing along--sorry to anyone who's offended

  75. Friday sing-a-long

  76. Front Speakers Re-wiring - '85 Westy

  77. Front Suspension Rattle

  78. Fuel Tank Sending Unit range of motion / Gauge compatability

  79. Fuel tank pressurised

  80. Fuel tank pressurized

  81. Ful Injector Pintle caps (hats) needed ASAP, where to get?

  82. Fuse for light in back

  83. Fw: EveryBus 2003 T-Shirts Here!!!

  84. Fw: Re: 87 westy ac refrigerant

  85. Fwd: Raining-no cruise control

  86. Fwd: Re: Slowly Disappearing Vanagons

  87. Gap of Sparks

  88. Gas

  89. Gas just went up $0.14 per liter!

  90. Gas just went up $0.14 per liter! for canadians friends

  91. Gas just went up $0.14 per liter!/No, per pint ... like blood

  92. Gas just went up $0.14 per liter!/No, per pint ... like blood.

  93. Gas just went up $0.14 per liter!<Fish>

  94. Glossary of Tool Functions

  95. HELP HELP HELP Big Headlight Trouble

  96. HTML in postings

  97. HUGE STASH of Rare Vanagon Goodies - MUST SEE!

  98. Hawaii list members

  99. Headlight query....

  100. Help! BA-6 quit!

  101. Help! loosing idle speed

  102. High Idle Problems

  103. High idle woes

  104. High performance fuel rail system.

  105. I need help (buying buses)!

  106. Import Fest at Carlisle PA was: Campout at Clydes

  107. Insurance - Replacement Value Policy?

  108. Insurance - credit check

  109. Insurance and credit checks

  110. Intake Manifold boot replacement.

  111. Inverter Question

  112. It's FISH Friday Here in Austria.... BenT must be out FISHING

  113. It's Friday Here in Austria.... BenT must be out FISHING

  114. It's not the oil

  115. Junk yard heaven!

  116. KN aircleaner

  117. Ken Wilfy/Van again

  118. Krown sold in BC?

  119. Locations for Eberspächer / Espar B1L Heater

  120. Looking for N Florida campsite suggestions

  121. Looking for van in New England area

  122. Mig welder for sale, all inquires off list please, if not interested in LONG SALES PITCH please delete!

  123. My Van Runs Now 245/75/16 Re: anything special I should do after vans been sitting?

  124. My Vanagon plays the

  125. My favorite Wal Mart resort

  126. My new 85 is blowing smoke

  127. NOT another oil thread

  128. NVC Cleaning them hands up!!

  129. NVC Cleaning thosae hands up!!

  130. NVC: Audi poster, was: Re: [Syncro] Glossary of Tool Functions

  131. NVC: Cheap flights to europe!

  132. Need a fuel expansion tank

  133. Need a fuel expansion tank (drivers)

  134. Need battery advice

  135. Need some advice on how to work with 2nd gear brake band

  136. Nice UK Reimo Conversion Site

  137. No spying here, was: Re: [Syncro] Paging owners of springs...i...

  138. No spying here, was: Re: [Syncro] Paging owners of needed

  139. Noisy pulleys

  140. OOPS Re: HELP HELP HELP Big Headlight Trouble

  141. Oettinger syncro 16" westfalia

  142. Oil Pressure article and kit now available

  143. Oil light & buzzer

  144. On-line Eurovan contest for 25 buck certificate> March 2003

  145. Overland TDD conversion details

  146. POR15 discounted at The Bus Depot

  147. POR15 discounted at The Bus Depot (anti-rust thread)

  148. PS fluid vs ATF: No Leaks

  149. PS racks for sale - Re: Steering Rack - 85' Vanagon GL w/power Steering

  150. Pacific Coast of Mexico in a Vanagon

  151. Paging Steve Schwenk

  152. Past, present and future Alaskans on this list

  153. Pics of Carat 2 wheels installed

  154. Power Steering rack '85 Vanagon

  155. Power steering belt problems...

  156. Power steering fluid?

  157. Price of gasoline

  158. Price of gasoline - Propane Convert?

  159. Price of gasoline - an older perspective ;)

  160. Propane Conversion for Vanagon--head north!

  161. ROADCOW - Was: Tiico or Subie or ??

  162. Raining-no cruise control

  163. Random Starting, Starter Probs-Fixed

  164. Re 86 transporter

  165. Re indoor rain in a 90 Vanagon

  166. Red Line vs. Swepco

  167. Relocating the battery to the rear of the van - ideas anyone???

  168. RoadHaus - Open House / Barbeque Locations & Dates

  169. San Diego Vanagon owners

  170. Soundproofing / Insulation and rust

  171. Squealing

  172. Steering Rack - 85' Vanagon GL w/power Steering

  173. Stolen '89 Carat found

  174. Stolen Vanagon

  175. Syncro Tire Max size difference?

  176. Thanks! (diesel rabbit)

  177. The Vanagon Syndrome and Outside Air Temperature

  178. Tiico or Subie (TGE)

  179. Tiico or Subie or ??

  180. Tiico or not Tiico

  181. Tiico or not Tiico...

  182. Tiico or not Tiico...thanks for advise!!

  183. Tiico questions/feedback

  184. Tires In Canada

  185. Toyota Hiace luxury diesel vans cheap

  186. Transmission leak

  187. Trip report (need parts)

  188. Trouble in the Rain

  189. Understanding my dipstick

  190. VDO Oil Pressure Extension Adaptor

  191. VW Van events in US & Canada - Info Request

  192. VW reduces price on square headlight grille

  193. Van-Again Site Web store down for a few hours

  194. Vanagon Bass - My Solution

  195. Vanagon Bass experiment

  196. Vanagon Bass experiment(fishless)

  197. Vanagon Gas Tank up for Auction

  198. Vanagon Line Drawing?

  199. WTB: 5 speed transmission

  200. Walmart parking

  201. Westy with 4.3L V6 and Audi 5k trans in Victoria..

  202. What Is In A Name?/NOT MUCH!

  203. What do Vanagon Drivers Ride?

  204. What do Vanagon drivers _paddle_?

  205. What do Vanagon drivers paddle?

  206. What do Vanagon drivers ride

  207. What do Vanagon drivers ride & wear?

  208. What do Vanagon drivers ride?

  209. What do Vanagondrivers ride -- human powered

  210. What do Vanagondrivers ride -- human powered- thread ending!

  211. What gauges do you have?

  212. What is the Ohm range of a syncro gas gauge?

  213. What is the valve. . . .

  214. What makes a good clutch

  215. What works for my hands NVC

  216. Whistling Wind Wings

  217. Yakima roof rack 4 Sale on ebay

  218. Yokohama 356 LT opinions

  219. Yokohama 370 LT opinions

  220. [Syncro] Insurance - Replacement Value Policy?

  221. [Syncro] My Van Runs Now 245/75/16 Re: anything special I sho uld do after vans been sitting?

  222. [Syncro] Paging owners of needed

  223. [Syncro] What is the Ohm range of a syncro gas gauge?

  224. [WetWesties] 90 Multivan in Seattle for sale, 4 speed, Orly Blue, 88k miles, rebuilt motor (fwd)

  225. [syncrolist] SYNCRO.ORG News

  226. air conditioner clutch

  227. antenna

  228. anything special I should do after vans been sitting?

  229. arrrgh!/Is this better?

  230. atf or powersteering fluid

  231. back on the list, diesel Vanagon flywheel Q

  232. beatch, beatch, beatch ... it's Frydaye!!

  233. bit more info.......Re: '90 Vanagon GL Adventurewagon Syncro for sale

  234. bus bars for bus (engine conversion wiring questions)

  235. bus depot engine

  236. bus depot picture not working, does anyone else have pic

  237. clutch quality question

  238. crazy o2 sensor prob

  239. dialects /F/LVC

  240. diesel conversion

  241. diesel droning

  242. don't read...testing outlook filters

  243. engine swap from auto to manual tranny

  244. ever own a VW Rabbit L?

  245. factory auxiliary heater.

  246. fiberglass bumpers/sideskirts for sale: wasRe: vanagon 88-91 wrap around bumper?

  247. fuel injectors and relays

  248. gas tranny in a diesel?

  249. headgasket replacement information

  250. hellooo?- i need bumpers

  251. html tags

  252. indoor rain in a 90 Vanagon

  253. james who imports?

  254. light problems need help

  255. lights in auto shifter box

  256. lower front shock bolts

  257. need 2.1L wbxr engine

  258. o2 sensor question again sorry

  259. pelonis ceramic heater

  260. raw fuel smell at idle

  261. re. What do Vanagon drivers ride?

  262. re. vanagon propane conversion

  263. really... how tough IS a full engine rebuild?

  264. rebolting rear seat

  265. square headlight grille: painting or buying

  266. stethescoper

  267. stuff needed

  268. sway bars

  269. thanks for info on 'that bucking syndrome'

  270. that bucking syndrome?

  271. vanagon 88-91 wrap around bumper?

  272. vanagon Digest - 10 Feb 2003 - Special issue (#2003-155)

  273. vanagon Digest - 10 Feb 2003 to 11 Feb 2003 - Special issue(#2003-157)

  274. what do Vanagon drivers wear?

  275. what do Vanagon drivers wear? in Alaska

  276. what do vanagon drivers wear?

  277. white smoke/power loss?????
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