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VANAGON archives – June 2007, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. $1000 Westie in the DC area on Craigslist

  2. 15th Annual VA Bug Around - Fishersville, Va

  3. 2nd battery article by Dennis Haynes

  4. 64 Double cab totaled

  5. <No subject>

  6. =?utf-8?Q?Airconditioner_improvement_=2dsecond_condenser=2dpictures?=

  7. =?utf-8?Q?Important_Vangonparts_for_sale=2e?=

  8. =?utf-8?Q?Introducing_the_Vanagon_Candy_store=2d_pictures?=

  9. =?utf-8?Q?Power_mirrors_painted_with_POR=31=35_=2d_pictures=2e?=

  10. A/C resuscitation - where to start?

  11. AC

  12. ADMINISTRIVIA - Re: Green Vanagons and musical instruments

  13. ATF Level Theory

  14. Adding oil pressure and temp gauges?

  15. Adventurewagen car covers

  16. Airconditioner improvement -other ideas..

  17. All Good Festival? Anyone going (LVC)

  18. Anybody going to Punch Buggy Show?

  19. Anyone know a good VW mechanic in Calgary, AB?

  20. Auto tranny gurus help me please

  21. Beware EBAY LVC was: Re: eBay Professor for Vanagon parts ...

  22. BusFusion Bound Trip Report #03

  23. BusFusion News

  24. Camper floor mat option, flexitiles

  25. Camping, then there is camping. And then campers

  26. Charity: Was Higher Elevation (NVC)

  27. Child Cot Fabrication

  28. Clean original westfalia for sale

  29. Clutch Pedal Repair - Archives

  30. Compression, Valve Adjusting

  31. Coolant hose tape

  32. Crappy VW Show and Self Destucting Exhaust

  33. Crumbling Flue Vent Cover

  34. Cupholder pix...again.

  35. Cupholder?

  36. DWTM (Driving While Text Messaging) was: Re: 64 Double cab totaled

  37. Da FIX!! Loose exhaust bolt again. fix if stripped?

  38. Dead 83.5 Westy (injector power)

  39. Dometic Fridge Mod Update

  40. Dometic cooling fan noise

  41. ETKA on laptop

  42. FIATS was:A/C resuscitation - where to start?

  43. FS: 1982 diesel custom camper, Seattle, WA area, $750 ...

  44. FS: 90 GL Hardtop with wheelchair lift in VA

  45. For the stove, I promised Mrs Squirrel . . .

  46. Fridges ,rust and a paintjob (91 GL)

  47. From digester. What is it with the US.. NVC

  48. GPS in a Van..

  49. Garage Sale - Friday Fun

  50. Gear driven, timing belts, chains, etc.

  51. Gear driven, timing belts, chains, etc. NVC

  52. Gender and names (was Fryeday on Sunday) from the digester..

  53. GoWesty Front Cab Step Pad

  54. Golf Alternator?

  55. Green Vanagons Was: What is it with the US? (No real van content)

  56. Gurgling after engine shutoff... normal?

  57. Gurgling after shutoff SOLVED

  58. He has a web site, eBay Professor ...

  59. Help Needed Understanding Wiring in Aux Battery Box

  60. Hittin the road

  61. How to replace blower fan

  62. Hydraulic Lifter Adjustments

  63. Installing New CAT

  64. Is the List on Steroids??

  65. Kitchenette wanted

  66. Krazy turbo idea

  67. Liverwurst Hammers

  68. Locking Gas Cap

  69. Looking for I4 conversion parts

  70. Looking for a diesel starter

  71. Looking for a westy rear seat

  72. Lost the source of Tach Swap/install info

  73. Mailing stuff to self for pickup at a post office?

  74. Mailing to yourself and some NVC on Power sources.

  75. Mega oil leak

  76. Mildly-strong adhesive for slider window rubber?

  77. Mobil One Oil

  78. More Conversion motor rap.

  79. More Fridge Talk...

  80. More crumbly bits -- sunroof nut covers

  81. Mr. Blackwell is not in today

  82. My Cookies Arrived....

  83. My auto transmission troubles

  84. NASCAR Vanagons?

  85. NASCAR Vanagons? Nurburgring live cam?

  86. NOS VDO Oil temp dipstick sender for AC Vanagons FS

  87. Need "H" shaped piece for coolant (Seattle area)

  88. New Engine Conversion

  89. New propane tank question

  90. O2 sensor outlet in new CAT, size?

  91. OT: Roof Mounting GPS

  92. Oil temp sender on 84 1.9l WBX?

  93. Onboard Battery Charger

  94. Painting Fiberglass bumpers

  95. Phosphate-free Anti-freeze in Canada

  96. Propane filler valve

  97. Propane filler valve.

  98. Radiator Fan

  99. Rain leaking in under dash: Windshield seal or heater/vent system?

  100. Reaching skylight knob

  101. Rear Brakes 87 Van GL

  102. Rear Glass Shattered!

  103. Rebuilding Power Steering Rack - Help Needed

  104. Reflective tinting ...

  105. Refrigerator did cool, but no more!

  106. Removing Power mirrors

  107. Removing Power mirrors, outside only method

  108. Resolution: Smells like fuel -- wet spot on cold head

  109. Retail/vendors

  110. Retail/vendors Lat posting Please!

  111. Seattle Historics (LVC)

  112. Shifting when hot

  113. Shouldnt tell you about this one - rustfree 22K KM Syncro 16" @ eBay

  114. Sighting in Oceanside CA

  115. Skylight Guy Anywhere?

  116. Sliding window plastic slider bits?

  117. Soundproofing pix

  118. Speaking of Auxillary Batteries...

  119. Stove filler ...from digest.

  120. Subject: Vanagon on VW web site

  121. Super high HC on smog test - help

  122. Swinging Table

  123. Synthetic oil for Vanagon?

  124. TDI conversion thoughts


  126. Table leg modification

  127. Table leg modification (Loren Bush)

  128. Table leg modification (Loren Bush) and cupholder coup

  129. Table mod pic

  130. Timing Belts, Gears, Chains etc

  131. Timing Chains, Belts, Gears, etc

  132. Timing Chains, Belts, Gears, etc (NVC)

  133. Trashing online vendors

  134. Trashing online observation

  135. VW Bus Books

  136. Vanagon Alloy's on Ebay

  137. Vanagon Syndrome - capacitor question

  138. Vanagon Syndrome Capacitor fix

  139. Vanagon on VW web site

  140. Vanagon on VW web site/NVC

  141. Vanagon seat pad source

  142. Vendor Trash Talk (was Trashing Online Vendors)

  143. WTB: Air conditioning grill for 85 wolfsburg camper

  144. WTB: Rear table post, Socket;

  145. Watch Out For Pricing On eBay was eBay Professor for Vanagon parts ...

  146. West River Westys - help needed

  147. Westy range burner needs repair

  148. Westy range burner needs repair--solved

  149. What is it with the US? ( real van content)

  150. What is it with the US? (No real van content)

  151. What is it with the US? (Real van content)

  152. What's really amazing about engine transplants?

  153. Window Tinting

  154. Window tinting

  155. Windows tinted

  156. [Follow Up] WHat is wrong with my engine compression

  157. [Fwd: Reaching skylight knob]

  158. [NVC] Possibly the most useful camping gadget ever

  159. [NVC] Re: Crumbling Flue Vent Cover

  160. [vanagon] BusFusion News

  161. carfax needed

  162. coolant fitting RR cyl head

  163. coolant leak after long idle

  164. coolant level sensor o-ring

  165. core engines and transmissions available (needs rebuild), crushing 80 westy

  166. cupholder coup pix

  167. dash light ribbon wire repair

  168. dropping the engine, 81 air cooled

  169. eBay Professor for Vanagon parts ...

  170. engine conversions

  171. front shock spacer sleeve

  172. lean out adjustment on AFM

  173. looking for Pump Shaft Auto Carat 90

  174. more on window tinting..

  175. more on window tinting.. (CA)

  176. oh my oh my

  177. oil pump shaft for automatic transmission

  178. recommend good shop- Oceanside(san diego) CA?

  179. rough running

  180. slightVC: TDI vs hybrid (was: Re: TDI conversion thoughts)

  181. url for westfalia

  182. vanagon Digest - 23 Jun 2007 (#2007-635)

  183. vanagon Digest - 25 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-641)

  184. vanagon Digest - 26 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-647)

  185. vanagon Digest - 28 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-658)

  186. vanagon Digest - 28 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-659)

  187. vanagon wannabee

  188., for Vanagon parts ...
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