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VANAGON archives – November 2000, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. '80 westy parts

  2. '81 starter malfunction???

  3. '85 Parts 4 Sale

  4. '90 Westy f.s. in W. Mich$14,500/best

  5. '91 Westy Manual Transmission Fluid

  6. (Wives) Ultimate tool box?

  7. (no subject)

  8. ...and speaking of tasteless jokes...

  9. 12 - 24 clock conversion-

  10. 15" SA Alloy Rims and Big Brake Kits In Stock!

  11. 1984 Westy for sale, beautiful condition

  12. 1989 Vanagon Weekender for sale - Seattle area

  13. 45 liter Graywater Tanks now in stock

  14. 8'87 syncro running temp?

  15. 81 Westy A/C

  16. 82 westy value possible sale?

  17. 84 Sunroof FS $1000

  18. 84 Vanagon GL does not like the rain

  19. 84 Viper Red Vanagon FS- Washington DC

  20. <No subject>

  21. AUX battery standard in Westy??

  22. About never ending chain comments, and discussions...

  23. Air Lift Update-Week 4

  24. All For One & One For All ~ The V-Musketeers!

  25. Alternative wheels for the vanagon-corrections

  26. Am I sick?

  27. American Automibiles --turns to tow truck RAPE

  28. American Automibiles, English Motorcycles, Women, and Vanagons

  29. American Automobiles --turns to tow truck RAPE

  30. American Automobiles, English Motorcycles, Women, and Vanagons

  31. Analog clock

  32. Anyone else getting...

  33. Anyone else have a sunroof vanagon w/ A/C???

  34. Anyone want screens for Eurovan?

  35. Are there any Studs in the House?

  36. Bandwidth

  37. Best carpet kit?

  38. Best carpet kits (part deux)

  39. Block Heaters

  40. Buyin cheap buses

  41. Camping Toilet....BUMPERDUMPER

  42. Cardboard Air Deflector scanned.

  43. Carpet redux

  44. Changing Auto tranny fluid

  45. Clutch makes Vanagon die

  46. Condensed version of e-mails...please!

  47. Costco Tires?

  48. Costco Tires? - KUMHO tires?

  49. Current Studded Snow Tire options

  50. DIN Outlet

  51. Digifant Operating Specs

  52. Digifant performance stuff.

  53. Does anyone have VW Germany's customer service FAX number?

  54. Electricians In The House!

  55. Email address back up

  56. Email address down

  57. Email poster fraud was: Re: Why has the list been so quiet lately

  58. Engine Conversion

  59. Engine o2 out of spec

  60. FS '85 Vanagon GL - MUST SELL

  61. FS 86 subaru XT engine and VW adapter

  62. FS: Vanagon front carpet

  63. FS:1990 Westy Syncro

  64. FW: Current Studded Snow Tire options

  65. FW: Why has the list been so quiet lately/ 1.9TD

  66. FW: Why has the list been so quite lately? (Thread hijack!!!) , no w: snow chains

  67. FW: Why has the list been so quite lately? (Thread hijack!!!) , no w: snow chains (Now oil filters...!)

  68. FW: Why has the list been so quite lately? (Thread hijack!!!), no w: snow chains

  69. Fallout a success!

  70. Fire Extinguisher locations in a Westy

  71. Fire extinguisher debate

  72. Fire, and Halon extinguishers

  73. Fires, Extinguishers, & Reality, According to Terry

  74. Free metal coolant pipes.

  75. Friday Freebies!

  76. From guy stuck in Florida STILL NO LUCK

  77. Front Blower Failure Revisited

  78. Fuel Injectors

  79. Fuel and Temperature Gauges

  80. Fuel pressure fluctuating...

  81. Fw: Anyone else getting...

  82. Fw: Campers

  83. Fw: Important Stop Aging Notice...60

  84. Fw: Pull out oil filler

  85. Fw: Re: Why has the list been so quite lately? (Thread hijack!!!)

  86. Fw: Re: Why has the list been so quite lately? (Threadhijack!!!)

  87. Fw: Vent your Indecision 2000 rage...

  88. Fw: [KG] Needed Tools

  89. Fwd: 2 rust-free buses FS Moab,UT (Cheap!)

  90. Fwd: FS: Wheel Spacers

  91. Fwd: Off topic... poor jetta

  92. Great Cross-Country Parts from Zack.....


  94. Halon & extinguishers in general

  95. Halon - Good or Bad

  96. Halon Extinguishers, etc.

  97. Halon Fire Extinguishers in Vanagons

  98. Have a winner on the free pipes!

  99. Head sizes

  100. Hello old friends

  101. Hi from WA (West Australia!)

  102. Hi from WA (correction)

  103. How far apart are caliper mounting holes?

  104. How to remove middle seat.......

  105. I need a mirror

  106. Idle

  107. Idle too high

  108. Important Stop Aging Notice...60

  109. Importing New Vanagon from South Africa

  110. In put for Vanagon Digest

  111. Inline gas and diesel engines for sale

  112. Installed Fire Suppression System

  113. Is It Supposed To Be This Way?

  114. Is There An Electrician In the House? NVC

  115. Its Frydaye...howmany remember the Karmann Ghia "sportscar" TV ...

  116. Its Frydaye...howmany remember the Karmann Ghia "sportscar" TV commercial?

  117. Its Frydaye...howmany remember the Karmann Ghia "sportscar"TV commercial?

  118. Jim Maginell ~ Parts Arrived!

  119. Kudos to the list and ebay (Heidelberg radio)

  120. Leaky Gas tank - Part 3

  121. Looking for Florida listee Ron Semko

  122. Looking for John Kanas

  123. Looking for a BROKEN '86 and up Upper Grille!

  124. MSDS

  125. Michelin MXT 205/70R14 Tire Report

  126. More friday freebies

  127. My VW TD

  128. My VW TD - Translation (I think)



  131. NY to AZ 2600 mile trip report

  132. Need 050 dizzy

  133. Need a weekender cushion in Michigan

  134. Need advice adjusting pop-top

  135. Need your input - questionable mechanic (long)

  136. New Alloy Rim Possibilities!

  137. New ECU - Seems down on power now

  138. New brake parts FS, 1.9 engine + other misc

  139. Nicro Solar Powervent Installed!

  140. Nicro solar Powervent 3000

  141. No VC///Fire, and Halon extinguishers

  142. Nose Bra Early Vanagon FS

  143. Odometer Repair

  144. Of Porsches, Porta-Potti's, wives and toolboxes...

  145. Off idle syndrome

  146. Oil Filters: Fram vs Others?

  147. Oil Pump Replacement

  148. On the Indelicacies of Porta Potties

  149. Optima connections

  150. Outlook express rules.

  151. PMS! I found some Hakia's!

  152. POP TOP conversion help requested

  153. Parting Shot (It's already Frydaye in some parts)

  154. Parts CD

  155. Parts For Sale

  156. Porta Pottie policy on public lands (No VC)

  157. Porta Potties in Vanagons

  158. Portable Jump Starter

  159. Pull out oil filler

  160. Question

  161. RV: AUX battery standard in Westy??

  162. RV: Pull out oil filler

  163. RV: Weird VIN

  164. Radiator Installation

  165. Radiator question?

  166. Rare VWs For Sale

  167. Rear Carpeting/Customization...

  168. Rear Wheel Bearing Greasing

  169. Reimo Catalog on line

  170. Return to the wasserleaker club

  171. Return to the wasserleaker club/nevermind

  172. Revised'91 Westy Manual Transmission Fluid

  173. SWMBO

  174. Santa Cruz Cheap Westy

  175. Seeking Johnson...

  176. Sell this dude a vanagon!! Fun on friday

  177. South African Westies

  178. South African import

  179. Spring Shims for Westy List

  180. Starting Problem

  181. Stuck in Florida

  182. Sunroof Vanagon with a/c

  183. Swival seat mechanisms for sale!!! fit your existing seat in ALL vans

  184. Swivel Seat Kits Available.

  185. TD


  187. The Spring is Sprug (Westy Springs)

  188. Tiico Conversion

  189. Tiico Engine Conversion

  190. Tires

  191. To: The "House Electricians"

  192. Top 3 Reasons...

  193. Toronto Repair Shops - Attention Toronto Chapter Members

  194. Transmission Options

  195. Transmission options

  196. Ultimate tool box?

  197. Vanagon Diesel Oil Filters CHEAP!

  198. Vanagon ECU Settings

  199. Vanagon Sightings in New York State

  200. Vanagon cab service in Iowa City, Iowa

  201. Vanagon transporter is a van

  202. Weird VIN

  203. Weird no start

  204. Westy For Sale

  205. Westy Windows

  206. What's it worth- 85/04 Weekender.

  207. Why & When I Use STP Water Remover & STP Octane Booster

  208. Why has the list been so quiet lately

  209. Why has the list been so quiet lately/ 1.9TD

  210. Why has the list been so quiet lately?

  211. Why has the list been so quite lately?

  212. Why has the list been so quite lately? (Thread hijack!!!)

  213. Wind screens for windows

  214. Window Peeking

  215. Winkler Katalog (US distributor found)

  216. Winter Storage

  217. Winter Storage delimma

  218. Winter Storage delimma (rather long, but worth it!)

  219. Winter Storage..drain your H20 tank

  220. Wives (women), motorcycles, vanagons and karma....its Fyedae!!!

  221. Xenon headlight bulbs... any opinions?

  222. Yes, I am Sick

  223. Yes, I am Sick, C-Gars et al..

  224. Yikes! Why is my TDI clutch screwed up?

  225. Yoo hoo... Phaedra...

  226. Your information on Steel Buildings..

  227. [Syncro] New ECU - Seems down on power now

  228. [Syncro] air suspension group purchase

  229. air suspension group purchase

  230. all the way to LA without a tow!!!

  231. anyone know of a '74-'75 westy being parted out?

  232. attachment points/NVC Friday

  233. cellophane strip-clock/new horn

  234. cheap 87 on ebay

  235. cheap westy on ebay

  236. clean deisels?

  237. clean diesel

  238. cold problem clues

  239. complete 4spd setup for sale for AT to manual conversion

  240. coolant leakage

  241. eBayMotors item 493800075 (Ends Nov-13-00 21:19:17 PST) - WC Engine Block Heater-375 Watt-Easy Install

  242. fire extinguisher info for vanagons

  243. for reasonable offer refused

  244. found FS: removable Weekender Edition fridge

  245. fuel filter

  246. fuel filter bracket attachment

  247. fuel pump relay?

  248. fuel system questions

  249. gas tank questions

  250. gas tank questions revised

  251. grilles FS ....Re: Looking for a BROKEN '86 and up Upper Grille!

  252. half-lilley becomes quarter lilley

  253. heads blown

  254. help locating vendor for Wildwood parking brakes

  255. jackstands vs. ramps

  256. jackstands vs. ramps Low-boy creeper

  257. list slow down

  258. looking for Bud Yandell

  259. more vanagon parts For sale

  260. mudflaps: advice pls

  261. nd help locating vendor of window vent shades

  262. need help in Florida

  263. not right yet

  264. off subject but is a vanagon engine(in africa)

  265. parting

  266. poptop canvas installation

  267. porta potties and ...

  268. question on alloys and lugnuts

  269. re. O2 sensor output voltage

  270. rear tire looseness?

  271. replacing floor mats

  272. sensor in coolant reservir

  273. she-who-must-be-obeyed

  274. snow chains

  275. starting problem eurospec

  276. storage

  277. swival seats for sale - read

  278. syncro vibrations

  279. temp II sensor

  280. temp gauge-coolant level sensor questions

  281. thermostat question

  282. turning of the O2 sensor light

  283. types of fire extinguishing agents:

  284. types of fire extinguishing agents: (long, sorry)

  285. unknown Westy secrets

  286. unsubscribe

  287. vanagon Digest - 10 Nov 2000 (#2000-286)

  288. wheel locks?

  289. winter car or vanagon ?

  290. woe is me

  291. wtb later style rear view mirror, the bigger ones

  292. you want a thread? i got a thread!
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