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VANAGON archives – August 2004, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. 15" Rhien SA alloy center cap needed

  2. 83 Diesel Vanagon timing update.

  3. 83 westy interior items offered

  4. 84' to 86' disc brake upgrade-----What will i need?

  5. 85 4spd tranny fluid

  6. <No subject>

  7. =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Spotted_in_Seattle=97Are_you_a_list_member=3F?=

  8. A&E Horizon Case Awning?

  9. A/C Compressor Belt Tension

  10. Ac relay clicking?

  11. Alloy Wheels....I need 1 Front Lug .... Anybody Got One?

  12. Any direcway experiences?

  13. Anyone dismantaling a Vanagon? Or Syncro?

  14. Auto Trans Install - Take Out Engine?

  15. Auto tranny slipping

  16. Bad Grammar = SPAM was RE: Scam or no scam - SCAM

  17. Battery/Invert Questions

  18. Bearproof Containers

  19. Bears & Beer

  20. Bears and grey water. Done

  21. Bears and grey water. Done (F)

  22. Bears, no offensive commentary included

  23. Bears, response to offensive commentary.

  24. Belts

  25. Best Tubular Bumper Supplier?

  26. Big brake kits

  27. Brake line corrosion - repair?

  28. Brake stuff

  29. Building a bed

  30. CV Joints

  31. Catalytic Convertor Orientation

  32. Cheap disc brake upgrade for 81'-85' V'gons (a Long Report)

  33. Cheap disc brake upgrade for Vanagons......

  34. Cheap disc brake upgrade for older Vanagons......

  35. Coffee Preference/Beer Flavors

  36. Cold Engine Problem - Please !Help

  37. Comparative tranny opinions

  38. Comparative tranny opinions / 5 speed specs

  39. Curtain Behind Front Seats - How?

  40. Dashboard Removal Procedure: where in Bentley's?

  41. Dead analog clock - any easy fixes

  42. Diesel Vanagon Timing Advice

  43. Dixie Bus Gathering and Ohio Vintage Show Pics

  44. Doublecab in WI FS link to photos

  45. Dreaded "G" word

  46. Eastern bears

  47. Engine oil leak

  48. Everyone OK? Hurricane Charley

  49. Exhaust wrap on eBay

  50. F.S: 2.1 WBX, ECU and Digitool, complete exhaust

  51. FS on Samba '87 V6 Syncro

  52. FS: '85 Silver GL w/Sunroof (pics)

  53. FW: Info on NH and Southern Maine

  54. Failed emission testing - Nox

  55. Fan Switch

  56. Fixing Fibergalss Bumper

  57. For Sale: 1980 Westy - San Francisco

  58. For sale---westy tent and trailer and more

  59. Friday (bear/beer content)

  60. Friday post ~directional irreverence OR bear baiting for fun and profit

  61. Front brake hardware kit Teves vs Girling

  62. Fw: Re: bears burgling for food? (way, way longer than long)

  63. Fw: [subaruvanagon] Good advice regarding plastic vw fuel fitting



  66. General Inverter Questions

  67. Graywater and coffee and bears, oh my...

  68. Head Removal

  69. Headlight Relay

  70. Headlight Relay Revisited

  71. Help now! Damn Strange brake problem

  72. Help with instrument cluster 14 pin rewiring please.

  73. How do you replace the bumper caps?

  74. How long to expect a Cap and Rotor to Last

  75. How to replace fuel hose?

  76. How to test the Temp I Sender?

  77. I am not sure now...

  78. I can't wait!

  79. I can't wait! - Almost Friday

  80. Indianapolis Repair Shop

  81. Info on NH and Southern Maine

  82. Instrument Cluster Swap Gone Wierd

  83. Is this a jack part?

  84. Just-in-case repair shops N. CA, OR?

  85. LVC direcway out, 10.3 verizon driver needed

  86. LVC: Any direcway experiences?

  87. Looking for a bit more power? Go NITROUS EXPRESS...:)

  88. Looking for a part: the little balls that hold up the dish drainer

  89. Low mileage Doublecab for sale Wisconsin

  90. Model info on a SD709 compressor needed

  91. More Climate Control Issues

  92. More coffee

  93. More coffee - seeking referrals (in p-mail, please)

  94. Mother Frances Keezer

  95. NVC common problems on 1993 Eurovan?

  96. Need graywater tank ideas

  97. Need repair shop on Prince Edward Island

  98. New Hampshire and Maine

  99. New Muffler, how hard is that?

  100. Northern Iowa Fall Campout

  101. Not the usual trip odometer problem

  102. OT FS: 88 Jetta GLi

  103. OT: head torque specs, 1.8T?

  104. Outdoor Car Covers; Weathershield

  105. Please read

  106. Political Bears....

  107. Porsche Powered Vanagon In Road Testing! - Pics Now Available!

  108. Portland Oregon - Cheap

  109. Power Steering leak...options?

  110. Power Steering rack boot

  111. Question.....putting a new Bosch alternator in my 91 GL...

  112. Ratteling lifter

  113. Ratteling lifter<s>

  114. Replacing Belts

  115. Road Cow lookalike at Grand Canyon (in English magazine)

  116. Rotor thoughts

  117. SA Grill and Headlights Out!!!

  118. Scale of 1 to 10: climate control cable

  119. Scam or no scam

  120. Scam or no scam - SCAM

  121. Scam or no scam SCAM

  122. Short in Electrical System

  123. Shoulder Belts, Booster Seats, Infant Car Seats... Help!

  124. Small dish rack?

  125. Speedometer Circuitry?

  126. Stainless OEM Pop Top Seals

  127. Starter differences - diesel vs gas?

  128. Stuart, Florida - I have one question-how did she take a dump?

  129. Stuck Clock Setting Button

  130. Subaru List?

  131. Suggestions on new paint

  132. Syncro Safari '04 photos

  133. Syncro Tranny Rebuild

  134. Syncro front rotor life expectance

  135. TIRES NOooooo....

  136. Thanks, it was the horn ring... who has 'em?

  137. The Bus Depot awning

  138. The real truth

  139. Things to put under the driver's seat<-- Kill this thread!

  140. Toronto Buses & Beaches Picnic - Thursday Evening, August 26th, Toronto Ontario

  141. Transmission whine

  142. Vanagon as a Tradesman Vehicle

  143. Vanagon coffee preference

  144. Sticker - Advertise Our Group

  145. WTB grey Westy table

  146. WTB- Windshield, Baltimore

  147. WTB: 85 Headlight Switch

  148. WTB: Folding Rear Bench/Bed Frame (hardware under the seat)

  149. WTB: One steel 15" wheel

  150. WTB: a good Wasserboxer

  151. WTB: rear bumper, 84 Vanagon

  152. Water in starter housing?

  153. Water sender

  154. Westy Roof Strength

  155. Westy roof strength

  156. Wha's going on with the list

  157. What's in your "parcel tray"? (was Re: kitchen lamp wiring to get 12V where?)

  158. What's that thing called over the kitchen?

  159. When Is A Project Finished

  160. When Is A Project Finished?

  161. Who Supports The List / The Money Has Already Been Spent

  162. [Diesel-Vanagon] Starter differences - diesel vs gas?

  163. [Syncro] Syncro front rotor life expectance

  164. [TDI-conversion] Starter differences - diesel vs gas?

  165. adjusting idle on 1.9

  166. aftermarket cruise (rostra) to VW stalk switch

  167. aftermarket oil cooler question

  168. bears burgling for food

  169. bears burgling for food?

  170. bears burgling for food? (way, way longer than long)

  171. bears burgling for food? Rainier Oly

  172. coolant hose number

  173. dealer cost on coolant

  174. diesel injection pump timing

  175. diesel tranny needed

  176. distributor spring

  177. door handle needed

  178. engine L.E.D. light replacement part

  179. engine break in oil?

  180. flushing the water system

  181. general transmission ?s

  182. guzzling bears

  183. head gaskets, my turn

  184. how much of a performance hit with 215/75/15 tires?

  185. jack storage in westy?

  186. kitchen lamp wiring to get 12V where?

  187. mixing coolants?

  188. more awning questions (was RE: A&E Horizon Case Awning?

  189. name of strange plastic fittings feeding coolant pipes to radii

  190. name of strange plastic fittings feeding coolant pipes to radiiator

  191. not quite Friday, but what the heck - Vanagon coffee preference

  192. one last (ha ha) problem with my Vanagon

  193. pre-87 big brake kits

  194. private Re: Mother Frances Keezer

  195. purchasing stuff on e-bay (for your Vanagon)

  196. rear 3-point seatbelts

  197. rear seat/bed hinge repair?

  198. running poor when cold, OK when warm

  199. set mail command - erroneous

  200. sqeaky whine

  201. stock bumpers (chrome) from 87

  202. supplied jack (85 vanagon) -- how does it work?

  203. thingie on sliding door

  204. through sickness and in health?

  205. tranny fill etc

  206. vanagon Digest - 13 Aug 2004 - Special issue (#2004-753)

  207. vanagon Digest - 16 Aug 2004 to 17 Aug 2004 - Special issue (#2004-767)

  208. whistling engine? or Transmission whine?

  209. whistling engines again (was RE: GET BACK ON TOPIC!)

  210. wtb poptop/weekender, non VW ok

  211. yellow painting to remove

  212. yep, I bent the drum -- words to the wise

  213.     How to test the Temp I Sender?

  214.     How to test the Temp I Sender?

  215.       Re: CV joint
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