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VANAGON archives – June 2007, week 3

Table of contents:

  1. '87 stumbling at idle/low speeds

  2. 3rd Serial # Location?

  3. 6"x 9" speakers in rear hatch

  4. A Saga Begins, Mystery of the Missing Norcold and FedEx

  5. A Saga Begins, Mystery of the Missing Norcold and FedEx PROBLEM SOLVED

  6. A simple way to peace of mind ...About the condition of your motor..

  7. At higher elevations..from digest.

  8. Auto conversion to Manual?

  9. Auto transmission slippage

  10. Aux Air Valve becoming available as reman

  11. Blue Book pricing reliable?

  12. BusFusion Bound Trip Report #03

  13. BusVolks Festival Peterborough ON

  14. Busfusion 2007, in images...

  15. Call for Camp Site Reviews

  16. Catastrophic failure of coolant level sensor

  17. Charlottesville sightings

  18. Clamping tablecloth to picnic table

  19. Collision Averted

  20. Compression, Valve Adjusting

  21. Coolant leak from the engine!

  22. Crumbling Flue Vent Cover

  23. Da FIX!! Loose exhaust bolt again. fix if stripped?

  24. Do I need Freon?

  25. Drive Flange Oil Seal replacement

  26. Engine Lid Rehab

  27. FS: New 1.9 TD complete crate engine

  28. Fiamma Bike Rack FS

  29. First brush with VW parts weirdness

  30. For the stove, I promised Mrs Squirrel . . .

  31. Fryeday Off Topic RVer list of National Parks.

  32. Fuel question -- update

  33. Fwd: Re: Wire Gauges for Solar panels for your Vanagon

  34. Golf Alternator?

  35. Grounds (was Quality Inverters)

  36. Grounds (was Quality Inverters) NVC

  37. Heat resistance of VDO dual sender

  38. Help Needed -- replacing fuel pump -- no gas flow

  39. Here's what I mean! (was: Link to 12v DC outhouse exhaust fan?)

  40. Higher elevation -- anything to watch out for?

  41. Hittin the road..

  42. Hittin' the road..

  43. Horrendous Noise - Radiator Fan

  44. IT WORKS!!! Mostly

  45. Installing 5 1/4" Rear Speakers in Westy

  46. Installing New CAT

  47. Installing a sliding door screen

  48. Intermittent Oil Pressure Issue 87 syncro

  49. Is the West River Westies camping event still on this year?

  50. Is this the cause of my engine compression problem?

  51. It's aliiiiiiiiiive! '87 Westy back on the road.

  52. It's alive, but it gives bad head! (Fixing head leak on '87 2.1L)

  53. Krazy turbo idea

  54. Le Mans (off topic)

  55. Leaking auto tranny

  56. Left & Right side slidign door Vanagon on Ebay

  57. Left & Right side slidign door Vanagon on NC

  58. Left & Right side sliding door Vanagon on Ebay

  59. Left wheel on Syncro making a clicking sound.

  60. Let's End the FedEx/UPS/USPS Thread

  61. Link to 12v DC outhouse exhaust fan?

  62. Looking for a Console Filler Strip for Automatic Transmission

  63. Loose exhaust bolt again. fix if stripped?

  64. Low-voltage alarm

  65. Mangled pins.

  66. Manifold Destiny in a vanagon?

  67. Mega oil leak

  68. Mildly-strong adhesive for slider window rubber?

  69. Mini-meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

  70. More Conversion motor rap.

  71. More about rear handle on 84 sliding door.

  72. More propane capacity needed

  73. More propane capacity needed AND adding those little green bottles

  74. Motor Mount HELP!

  75. My 1991 Vanagon Carat is getting a new life

  76. Mystery of the Missing Norcold and FedEx Solved!!

  77. NASCAR Vanagons?

  78. National Park variation of Manifold destiny...Fry-day Phunnie

  79. Need auto transmission for '90 Vanagon in Marysville, Washington

  80. Need help on I4 conversion

  81. Need model # on my Dometic refrigerator

  82. New Engine Conversion

  83. North Beach campsite (B.C.) open?

  84. O2 sensor heater wiring

  85. OXS light

  86. Outhouse fan

  87. Paging Mark Touvinen/Anchorage Van/Craigslist

  88. Phrydae Phun <Absolutely NVC>

  89. Pizza Stones

  90. Pop top screw/bolt sealer?

  91. Propane (additional capacity)

  92. Pulstar Pulse Plugs???

  93. Quality Inverters

  94. Re A simple way to peace of mind ...About the condition of your motor..

  95. Re Stopping the flashing coolant light for good

  96. Recent travels

  97. Recipes contribution: Pizza Margherita

  98. Returning to the List/Vanagons after long hiatus

  99. Sighting: Kansas City, MO, Sunday, 17 June

  100. Slider door extension

  101. Sliding door handles mystery

  102. Sliding door light switch bumper

  103. Smells like fuel -- wet spot on cold head

  104. Solar Panel location

  105. Solar Panels

  106. Solar panel basics

  107. Solar panel for top of Westy

  108. Solar panels for your Vanagon

  109. Solar panels for your Vanagon.

  110. Solar panels for your Vanagon..

  111. Speed Bleeders, anyone tried them...Reply..

  112. Starter adaptor project update, and a question for those using adaptor plates

  113. Stoned pizza

  114. Survey - Interest in a Archeology Based Campout

  115. Syncro Sighting..

  116. Syncro Springs on a 2WD?

  117. Thanks! (Was Re: Higher elevation -- anything to watch out for?)

  118. The sliding door's Bowden tube thingy

  119. Thoughts on conversions (kinda LONG)

  120. Timing belt - Subie engines

  121. Tough spec to meet

  122. Trojan 31 AGM battery, under the back seat

  123. Using Shore Power in the Westy was Quality Inverters

  124. VW in Corsica

  125. Vanagon Sighting

  126. Vanagon Westy Weekender weight capacity

  127. Vanagon parts shops on Vancouver Island BC

  128. Video guides - Timing belts - Subie engines

  129. Wanted: Mechanic recommendation? (was RE: Coolant leak from the engine!)

  130. Wheel balancing

  131. White rubber threshold - on Sliding door lower track

  132. Wire Gauges for Solar panels for your Vanagon

  133. Wiring diagram for intermittent wiper?

  134. Yakima Bar sizing

  135. Yakima length

  136. [NVC] ABC News: Embalmed in Your Own RV

  137. [NVC] Clamping tablecloth to picnic table

  138. [NVC] Lift/leveling ramps

  139. [NVC] Possibly the most useful camping gadget ever

  140. [vjmc] tune up sequence- Timing Tools

  141. automatic transmission slippage

  142. coolant pipe insert repair

  143. coolant system flush chemical

  144. hanging second propane tank

  145. heater cores

  146. hokay .. it's FRYEDAYE!! ;) time for some off-topic stuff: camping grills

  147. hokay .. it's FRYEDAYE!! ;) time for some off-topic stuff: recipes

  148. hokay .. it's FRYEDAYE!! ;) time for some off-topic stuff: some fun places to be in July

  149. hokay ... it's FRYEDAYE!! ;) time for some off-topic stuff: national parks, part I

  150. hokay's FRYEDAYE!! ;) time for some off-topic stuff: national parks, part II

  151. jump seat installation

  152. leaking auto tranny

  153. looking 4 Canadian speedo head

  154. new starter not rebuilt for syncro

  155. our Dometics

  156. paint code help

  157. power mirrors

  158. rear brakes ?

  159. rough running

  160. slider

  161. speakers replacement

  162. vanagon Digest - 15 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-598)

  163. vanagon Digest - 16 Jun 2007 to 17 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-606)

  164. vanagon Digest - 17 Jun 2007 to 18 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-611)

  165. vanagon Digest - 20 Jun 2007 - Special issue (#2007-621)

  166. water injection was Krazy turbo idea

  167. westy mechanic training

  168. wheels

  169. which length thule / yakima cross bars does a westy need at the minimum?

  170. yakima cross bars
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