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VANAGON archives – March 2005, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. $400 for middle seat/ebay - $541

  2. '82 sliding door, big thanks to Chris D.

  3. '84 GL for parts

  4. '84 going to become parts

  5. '86 full Westy for sale... quit yer yellow-bellied whining

  6. '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...

  7. '86 full Westy for sale...$2000... / Truth Hurts

  8. '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...(NVC)

  9. 15" Wheel/Tire Report

  10. 15" Wheel/Tire Report - Caution

  11. 1987 Grille and Lights 4 Sale

  12. 2.1L wasserboxer

  13. 46mm socket for wheel bearing

  14. 46mm socket for wheel bearing / Alternative

  15. 83 vanagon FS toledo, oh $800

  16. 84-ish parts for sale

  17. 86 GL, Rough Idle cold

  18. 86 Westy for sale...

  19. 87 FI Computer wanted

  20. 90 instrument cluster into 83 -- wiring help?

  21. <No subject>

  22. ?Flattening Glossy Photos? - Absolutely NO Van Content.

  23. A little traveling music ... Siriusly

  24. A vw news tidbit - V10..

  25. AC

  26. Adding a furnace (watch out for the thermostat type)

  27. Aftermarket swivel bases still available?

  28. And now, for something completely different!

  29. Anyone know German Motors Werks in Pittsburgh?

  30. Bolt Size

  31. Breakdowns & Preventative maint.

  32. Brushed-metal finish on aluminum stock (NVC)

  33. CV Joint Dog Bone Question Years

  34. CV Tool Part Number for Archives

  35. CV joint hard times

  36. CV joint lock ring tool

  37. Camping near Olympia & Chelan, WA?

  38. Can VW find its juice? NVC

  39. Clean '89 vanagon Carat on ebay...

  40. Clutch and Master Cylinder diagnosis and approacha and Redline

  41. Conversions-16v?

  42. Crank Pulley removal?

  43. DC / MD area Vanagon Mechanic

  44. Delivery Protection

  45. Denver Parts House

  46. Digijet O2 Sensor Wiring Issue

  47. Digijet ignition clarification Q


  49. Eberspacher BA-6 Auxilliary gas Heater REPAIR manual?????

  50. Editorial rant

  51. Engine Upgrades and Repair issues

  52. Engine swap - I4 - which angle, motor and FI?

  53. FS: 1985 Westy in Nashville, TN

  54. FS: Carat Alloys

  55. Fixing case damage due to water pump impeller a la Condelli

  56. Free '82 fuel tank, near Victoria, BC

  57. Fuel Pump Cavitating??

  58. Fuel expansion/overflow tank grommets

  59. Fwd: What was the last word on which type of gas to use?

  60. German Motor Werks Inc. - German imports, auto repair shop. Pittsburgh, PA. - Auto Repair

  61. GoWesty 15" Wheel/Tire Report

  62. Good deal on nifty folding table

  63. Good running 2.1L available soon

  64. Good running 2.1L available soon (Victoria, BC)

  65. Grebby will love this (toyota) Re: And now, for something completely different!

  66. Greetings from NC (and don't give up Jere)

  67. Had surging, fixed it, but did I just bandaid it?

  68. Help! Cylinder head stud broken

  69. How big is your cat?

  70. How to remove and install broken head stud

  71. How to remove and install broken head stud --- Easier than I thought

  72. I miss you! and Burning Man

  73. Installing Radio-------has anyone tried cold heat?

  74. Insurance and Tires was 15" Wheel/Tire Report - Caution

  75. Kitchen mods with furnace

  76. Life after speedometer

  77. Life after speedometer, WTB

  78. Life after speedometer, why do they break?

  79. Life after speedometer, why do they break? -PLASTIC ROT

  80. Life after speedometer, why do they break? KEYS

  81. Loud Bang

  82. Lowest Mileage Vanagon?

  83. Matagami to James Bay correction

  84. Murphy's Law, Wilder's Law

  85. Need help - will not crank

  86. New sound?

  87. Now is the time to get your freon-on ebay


  89. OT: New promo code for satellite radio discounts

  90. Optima (inner) battery;

  91. Optima battery

  92. Optima battery won't fit, can I cut the top terminals?

  93. Optima battery;

  94. Part For Sale

  95. Parts Compatability

  96. Port liss - 89 Westy

  97. Propane tank fill valve replacement...

  98. Rear Wheel Bearings Replace$$

  99. Removing Syncro Motor and Tranny

  100. Road from Maragami to James Bay

  101. Rust?

  102. Rusty eastern engines

  103. Seeking Wisdom on a friday

  104. Sliding Door Contacts

  105. Special Materials (NVC)

  106. Speedo Lubes - Be Careful

  107. Speedo cable "squeels" at low speeds

  108. Speedo thanks, and still looking for a part

  109. Squealing Through Curves

  110. Stan-- are some of your feral cats missing?

  111. Stupid shifter tricks...

  112. Suburban Legends

  113. Subwoofer power

  114. Suddenly it won't ...

  115. Syncro fuel tank strap removal

  116. Syncro tiico still for sale

  117. The curse of the Syncro....

  118. The sad ending of a spark plug life

  119. User Manual required

  120. Vanagon Badges, Bavaria

  121. Vanagon Rescue Squad has 200th volunteer

  122. Vanagon not as junk!

  123. Vanagon not as junk!, VW dealers

  124. Vanagon outside sliding door handle(80-83)

  125. Vanagon shops in Boise Idaho

  126. Vanagon sighting: anyone see Magnum P.I. yesterday?

  127. Vanagons are J*NK

  128. Vanagons are Junk

  129. Vanagons in the news...

  130. Vngns ARE junk!

  131. Vngns ARE junk! - NOT!!

  132. Vngns ARE junk! . . . and Gas Guzzlers to Boot

  133. Vngns ARE junk! / What Do You Expect from Dwares?

  134. Vngns ARE junk! Re: '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...

  135. Vngns ARE junk! Wilder's Law

  136. Vngns ARE junk!(Minivans)

  137. Vngns ARE junk!-Engine base

  138. Vngns are not junk!(Minivans)

  139. WTB Gray Arnrests

  140. WTB: OE Front Rubber Mat Black / Fiberglass Bumpers

  141. Wanted: Your Junky Vanagon

  142. We do miracle at BJP

  143. Westy Sighting in Boynton Beach, FL

  144. What was the last word on which type of gas to use?

  145. Wheel bearings, and advice

  146. When things go wrong..

  147. Wilder's Law

  148. [Syncro] Why SA big brakes saved my ass today

  149. [vanagon] Clean '89 vanagon Carat on ebay...

  150. alternator pulley removal

  151. amc head repair

  152. anyone making a trip up north from Florida in the between now and June?

  153. bad hall control unit = no spark?

  154. buy a pair a vanagon capt. chairs and get a middle seat FREE!

  155. chill out andy!! LOL..:<) Re: '86 full Westy for sale...$2000...

  156. cool Vanagon site to bookmark

  157. coolant line diameter

  158. fuel tank removal story

  159. head repair

  160. head update (still bad) and a question and voting

  161. if your stuck with a vw service dealer

  162. kitchen 12 volt question

  163. late bus kitchen unit in a vanagon westy...??!!!!

  164. looking for a Windshield

  165. loss of power at certain rpm

  166. new CVs really hard to get on shaft- why?

  167. propane reg WX cover

  168. re. What was the last word on which type of gas to use?

  169. slightly OT - nice GTi computer install

  170. speedo cluster housing brittle plastic, and brown plastic interior bits eroding

  171. studs for alloys - group assistance - Thanks

  172. studs for alloys - removal and installation             

  173. studs for alloys - removal and installation

  174. tail light wiring symetry? 88 GL

  175. temp2 elec connectors

  176. the middle seats that are worth big bucks....

  177. torqeuing Big Nutz

  178. traction aids (onsale at NAPA)

  179. vanagon alloys

  180. vanagon alloys, question re

  181. vanagon axle lengths.

  182. vanagons r' junk

  183. varathane correction

  184. wheel question.. why is width and diameter in inches but offset is in MM??

  185.       slightly OT - nice GTi computer install
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