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VANAGON archives – August 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. Re:       How do vanagons get up the Willamette National Forrest?

  2. "Grant" rings

  3. '80 Westi- new brakes, now how to adjust them?

  4. (F) Re: DARE RE: Custom Scoop Update - Should you care! (It's already Friday here!!)

  5. (NVC) electric powered concept for new Vanagon

  6. (no subject)

  7. 1.9L coolant hose question

  8. 1990 Automatic 2.1 engine conversion

  9. 1990 syncro westy fs (not mine)

  10. 2 questions...(still looking for a westy)

  11. 2.1 wasserboxer bottom end

  12. 2.1 wasserboxer bottom end ?

  13. 2.2 engine guys from Berkeley, Calif. to be at SF Van-O-Rama

  14. 2.2L EuroCars Engine vs 2.1l Boston Engine

  15. 4spd tranny for sale$1000..thx guys

  16. 82 Vanagon Gas Tank Seal/Installation

  17. 82 Vanagon Gas Tank Seal/Installation Question

  18. 83 vanagon parts for sale

  19. 84 Westfalia - Front Table Leg

  20. 85 westy for sale

  21. 86 GL with lots of TLC for sale in Ohio

  22. 86 synco issues/NY Subi swaps??

  23. 86 syncro issues/NY Subi swaps??

  24. <FMBC> Vanagon buyer's checklist......

  25. <No subject>

  26. ? Power Window Switches?

  27. A/C Specifications for '91 GL

  28. AC expansion valve

  29. AC expansion valve and R-134a?

  30. AFM Cover Removal?

  31. AOL Today features an article about the new "Microbus"

  32. AVP in Calif

  33. AVP in Calif-How to Search Archives

  34. AW: Eberspacher help needed

  35. AW: morons

  36. AW: morons (red coolant)

  37. Any Vendors selling SA inline four header pipes?

  38. Anyone in OHIO

  39. BNNTA arrangements for early arrivals...

  40. Bad Cat = No Smog?

  41. Best quality poptop seal?

  42. Blaring horn...

  43. Brake Problem

  44. But My Van Isn't Worth That Much

  45. But My Van Isn't Worth That Much!!

  46. Buying my first VW

  47. Bye and &*^& you.

  48. Bye-bye maybe not



  51. CV joint installation question.

  52. Carpet kits installation

  53. Ceramic Engines

  54. Cheap Westy in OKC- I GOT HOSED

  55. Cheap Westy in OKC- Should I grab it?

  56. Cheap Westy in OKC- UPDATE

  57. Chrome Bumpers

  58. Close to Friday

  59. Compliments to VANAGONMAN

  60. Coolant Bleed Success Yesterday...Today...'85 Surging Idle.AHH!

  61. Coolant Leak! Help!

  62. Custom Scoop Update - Eulogising about ducts

  63. Custom Scoop Update - Friday Edition

  64. Custom Scoop Update - Should you care!

  65. Custom Scoop Update - Should you care! FISH Y

  66. DARE RE: Custom Scoop Update - Should you care!

  67. DARE RE: Custom Scoop Update - Should you care! (It's already Friday here!!)

  68. David Longman/IDBS is out of the office.

  69. Dead VW Design Radio

  70. Diesel valve cover needed

  71. Digital Cameras

  72. Digital camera reviews and suggestions...

  73. Ebay vanagon stuff cheap if anyone is interested

  74. Eberspacher help needed

  75. Engine Oil Leak

  76. Eurocars 2.2 Engine - anyone have more info?

  77. Even worse than a $70 for an upper bunk step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. F.S. JBL 402 A speakers fits frontdoors

  79. F.S. metal engine lid


  81. FREE CarFax VIN Reports Available for nxt 25 days

  82. FREE GL steering wheel

  83. FREE: Plastic Westy Pop-top Interior Bolt Caps

  84. FS: 2 Swiveling Seat Bases $120 (Oregon)

  85. FS: 20 Vanagon eBay items - Buy It Now

  86. FS: Alloy Wheels

  87. FS: Parting 1983.5 Vangon

  88. FS: Sliding window locks, door handles, fuel pump, rear wiper motor, upper control arm bushings

  89. FS: Syncro Gas Tank

  90. FS: Vanagon middle bench and front seats

  91. FS: Westy Cabinent Doors w/Hinges (eBay FYI)

  92. FW: Need AFM Seal

  93. FW: Vanagon replacement engines

  94. Fog Light Group Purchase Ends Friday at 5pm EDT

  95. For Sale: swiveling seat bases (2) --PRICES--

  96. Frank Condelli's Missing Links

  97. Front blower

  98. Fuel Tank

  99. Fuel pump

  100. Fundy Shore trip report

  101. Fw: OEM or Flaps window crank

  102. Fw: Re: what you missd from not pulling your fridge

  103. Good peformance - Bad economy

  104. Grammar was Battery Location

  105. H4 Euro Headlamps

  106. H4 Headlight bulb upgrade

  107. Headlamp relay kit now available

  108. Heater controls, 84.

  109. Help! Cooling hose coupling needed! (conversion folks have one you don't need?)

  110. Help! with balljoints

  111. Help...'87 Syncro Westy TIICO

  112. How can I get a copy ETKA

  113. How can I get a copy of the ETKA?

  114. How do vanagons get up the Willamette National Forrest?

  115. I guess it wasn't that darned 02 sensor...

  116. I guess it wasnt that darned 02 sensor...

  117. I was Double Shipped on Syncro 16 wheel arches!!!

  118. ISO 87-90 Vanagon

  119. Ignorance is Bliss

  120. Indicator light (fridge propane)

  121. Inquiry on European Cooler Air, Inc

  122. Is 100,000 miles too much?

  123. Kids at BNNTA...

  124. Last week

  125. Latest BNNTA update & early arrivals...

  126. Locked out

  127. Lots of parts available very cheap/Free. (Long)

  128. M&M Ruckersville Virginia

  129. Major US & Canada VW Bus Events for 2003

  130. Montana trip-thank you to all


  132. Need AFM Seal

  133. Need info on making curtains, rods, etc.

  134. New Vanagon owner needs some help

  135. Northwest Arkansas VW event and show Aug 23, 24, 25

  136. Not passing smog, still... Need help!

  137. OEM vs. FLAPS window cranks?

  138. OK, lets try the wrecking numbers again

  139. Observations from Carfax Reports

  140. Oil Weight Recommendation/ hifi

  141. Oil light

  142. Other Engines

  143. Oxygen sensor and fuel reg. replacement....

  144. Parting out 1987 VW Camper van

  145. Possible to swap Auto to Manual?

  146. Postponing List

  147. Power Chip for Digijet Vans now available!

  148. Purolator Website for Gas Filters

  149. RAIN GUTTERS was RE: SURVEY - I need a metal fab. project



  152. Radiator stop leak and Water Wetter

  153. Re: Re:       2 questions... (still looking for a westy)

  154. Re:       2 questions...(still looking for a westy)

  155. Re:       Digital Cameras

  156. Re:       Syncro front underpanel

  157. Rear brakes, 87 syncro - how long?

  158. Removing steering wheel and/or Horn mechanism

  159. Removing swiveling seat base?

  160. Replacing Temp Gauge

  161. Revised Bus Concept a GO!

  162. Robert Keezer where are you?

  163. SF Van-O-Rama update report/location found

  164. SF Van-O-rama update... 2.6 & 1.9 tdd conversions, SA parts etc..

  165. SURVEY - I need a metal fab. project

  166. Sagging Boge Springs?

  167. Selling '91 Westy-Salt Lake

  168. Slipping Transmission

  169. Spare Parts List - Input

  170. Spare Parts List-Input

  171. Special Vanagon List price on 1.9l Air Boot

  172. Speedometer Cable

  173. Splitty bus EZ camper windows wanted...

  174. Static on radio

  175. Stories from R&T

  176. Straight water, straight question.

  177. Strange Brake Issue

  178. Strange Ignition Problem

  179. Syncro front underpanel

  180. The Lost is Found!

  181. The Saga of Water and the 02 Sensor

  182. The great Subie vs Ticco vs WBX Debate

  183. Throttle Valve Switch

  184. Tiico/OBDII connector

  185. Timing Adjust = loss of power?

  186. Trip Report (a bit off topic, but includes photos of van)

  187. Ultimate trip checklist

  188. Urgent: NEED HELP, Weird Van Thing

  189. VW Minivan Concept story

  190. VW Minivan Concept story - YELLOW CONCEPT bus PIC

  191. VW Newbie Needs Help Again

  192. VW Repair Shop in the Denver Area???

  193. VW camping events

  194. VW concept Microbus

  195. Vacuum Brake Booster

  196. Vanagon For Sale. Toronto. Not Mine

  197. Vanagon Meets

  198. Vanagon buyer's checklist......

  199. Vanagon front A?C upgrade

  200. WANTED: 87-'91 vanagon w/ automatic trans

  201. WANTED: tan front seat ARMREST

  202. WTB : Cooling tin heat /sheild 82 vanagon

  203. WTB Syncro fuel sender

  204. WTB muffler strap for 85 1.9L

  205. WTB: Cooling Tin/Heat Shield 82 Vanagon

  206. WTB: Syncro Tranny

  207. WTB: turbo diesel short block

  208. Water Level Probe (inside tank) for a 91 wanted

  209. WaterBoxer Engine Comparison .. INPUT REQUESTED

  210. What Engine to get...Build your own 2.2L...

  211. What does it mean when there isn't any oil in the oil filter?

  212. What is normal vacuum spec on 2.1L?

  213. What is this connector??

  214. When it rains, it pours- or, why does my van hate me

  215. Which Radiator should I buy?

  216. Who in their right mind would pay $70 for an upper bunk step ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  217. Window trim ??

  218. Window-unit A/C?

  219. [Syncro] Major US & Canada VW Bus Events for 2003

  220. [Syncro] SF Van-O-Rama update report/location found

  221. [Syncro] Spare Parts List - Input

  222. [WetWesties] Diesel valve cover needed

  223. [subaruvanagon] Re: Turbo 2.2L into Vanagon??

  224. [zut alors!] SF Van-O-Rama update report/location found

  225. adjusting Hydraulic Valve lifters

  226. and now for something completely different

  227. anyone in OHIO

  228. automatic transmission

  229. auxilliary battery hookup

  230. best scoop idea yet

  231. busdepot ambigous picture

  232. busdepot gas tank

  233. clutch is growling at me!

  234. e: Custom Scoop Update - Should you care!

  235. electrical boots

  236. fuel pump doesn't work, or not :-)

  237. fuel pump power consumption?

  238. glove box STAY (not whatever)

  239. glove box hangers/supports/tabs/cables whatever

  240. glove compartment?

  241. heading south to Sandy Eggo

  242. help w/ archives, timing 1.9L

  243. help: can't unlock hatch

  244. here I go again...

  245. how uncommon are ....

  246. inspection wories

  247. inspection worries

  248. inspection worries redux

  249. locked out

  250. looking for round speakers

  251. morons

  252. morons (corrosion inhibitors)

  253. morons (red coolant)

  254. nvc: anyone had/have a Porsche 944?

  255. oil filters

  256. oil light - HELP!!

  257. oil light on at high rev

  258. re. Help! Cooling hose coupling needed!

  259. re. Syncro front underpanel

  260. rear air flow vs. scoops

  261. removing diesel input shaft

  262. removing tranny input shaft

  263. replacing waterpump

  264. roof racks - website update

  265. scoop loops

  266. scrap yard numbers for the syncros

  267. stupid cup holder question--where to attach

  268. stupid little bulb!

  269. the new "Microbus"...

  270. valve hanging up

  271. van still won't start

  272. van won't start, making progress

  273. vanagon Digest - 23 Aug 2002 - Special issue (#2002-1020)

  274. what is a good price for an 83 westy?

  275. what you missd from not pulling your fridge

  276. what you missd from not pulling your fridge (searching archiv es on the web)

  277. where do I get propane fill valve? - update

  278. where is a good place to sell?

  279. why didn't my van start, revisted

  280. why didn't my van start??

  281. window trim and carpet question

  282. winter insulation...

  283. wiper fill location

  284.   VW Minivan Concept story

  285.       2 questions...(still looking for a westy)

  286.       AC expansion valve and R-134a?

  287.       Coolant Leak! Help!

  288.       Digital Cameras

  289.       H4 Headlight bulb u pgrade

  290.       Help...'87 Syncro Wes ty TIICO

  291.       How do vanagons get up the Willamette National Forrest?

  292.       Re: VW Minivan Conc ept story - YELLOW CONCEPT bus PIC

  293.       Re: inspection worrie s redux

  294.       Re: stupid cup hold er question--where to attach

  295.       Re: stupid cup hold er question--where to attach

  296.       Syncro front underpan el

  297.       VW Minivan Concept story

  298.       WANTED: tan front s eat ARMREST (f)

  299.       WANTED: tan front s eat ARMREST

  300.       WANTED: tan front s eat ARMREST

  301.       glove compartment?

  302.       how uncommon are .. ..
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