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VANAGON archives – April 2002, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "City Lights"

  2. '85 Vanagon Westfalia for sale (somewhat long)

  3. '85 Vanagon fails smog - diagnosis help requested

  4. '85 Westy GL smog problem

  5. '87 Transporter GL Cooling - Have data. Help!

  6. '87 Transporter Overheating - Second Try

  7. '90 Vanagon runs rough/rich when warm

  8. 022D ECU ?

  9. 1.9L VW Remanufactured engines

  10. 1.9L VW Remanufactured engines (AutoZone)

  11. 110 volt electric

  12. 140hp Subaru powered Sunroof Van FS.. was: 83 Subaru/Vanagon FS- Chicago area

  13. 15" SA wheel bolts & caps

  14. 15"x7" Alloy wheels from GoWesty

  15. 1982 Westy needs grill...

  16. 1983 Subaru/Vanagon for sale- Chicago area

  17. 1989 B lue Westfalia FS

  18. 1990 Westfalia Transmission

  19. 1990 Westy Transmission

  20. 2 FREE head-rests (U pay shipping)

  21. 2.1 Exhaust question

  22. 2.1/1.9 mix

  23. 5-speed trans.

  24. 7k tachometers

  25. 8-hole alloy wheels from GoWesty?

  26. 80 Vanagon Part's for sale

  27. 80 to 84 parts swap.What will work?

  28. 80\81 vw factory manual Trade or sale.

  29. 83.5 Westfalia questions

  30. 86 Syncro FS (Last call before ebay)

  31. 86 Syncro smog

  32. 87 Vanagon Wolfsburg Tires

  33. <FMBC> worst cars - van? (long-ish)

  34. <No subject>

  35. A word for Bosch H4 headlights


  37. Alternate oil filler tube???

  38. Alternator wobble?

  39. Alternators Redux

  40. Am I asking too much for my van?

  41. American Knowhow vs German engineering vs British electrics

  42. Any good books on Vanagon mechanic ?

  43. Anybody know how gl in a 1/4 tank

  44. Anyone have a hubcap?

  45. April Fund Drive For Gerry

  46. Archives, thank goodness for them

  47. Audi Turbo wheels

  48. Aussie chip update

  49. Automotive Electrical Components Supplier?

  50. Autozone Half shafts

  51. Aux battery relay

  52. BA6 & DA6 aux heaters


  54. Bay Area Vanagons

  55. Benefits of a rear sway bar?

  56. Big Alternators

  57. Big Alternators - take 2

  58. Blasted Overflow Tanks...

  59. Bleeding a Tiico (Coolant)

  60. Boiling a Thermostat

  61. Bra Alternatives

  62. Bra Substitute

  63. Bra vs. Bugs

  64. Bra wanted for Vanagon

  65. Bright Red Carat/Wolfsburg seen in Philadelphia

  66. Broken New Engine, What is fair resolution?

  67. Buses by the Buoy--Important

  68. Buying Canadian

  69. Buying Canadian NOW: Gauges

  70. CARB Certification

  71. Car-Talk and AOL slams the VW bus again..."worst car of the millennium"

  72. Carpets carpet carpets...

  73. Cat-again No Damn Cat-again

  74. Cat-again Vanagon

  75. Check out brass welding repairs on gas tanks

  76. Chinese restaurants Vanagon content

  77. Clanging Reverse Solved, thanks archives!

  78. Clutch Problem?

  79. Comparison of Pop-top seals requested

  80. Comparison of pop-top seals

  81. Conversion Low Price Vanagon Sale ... where?

  82. Conversion Low Price Vanagon Sale of the Centrury!!!!

  83. Conversion Low Price Vanagon Sale...where?..Here,

  84. Coolant hose substitutes

  85. Cracked skylight

  86. Crash Test's, Crush Zone's and other garbage

  87. Crashworthiness

  88. Cruise Control Mystery

  89. DIY Vanagon Trip Computer

  90. Dreaded tire thread again.. Vredstein - Bridgestone

  91. EVERYBUS 2002 news

  92. Ever replace a radiator fan switch?

  93. Experience with sway bars

  94. Extra bulb in rear lens: What is it for (Westy 85)

  95. FOD & crimp fittings

  96. FREE rear seat (3 person)

  97. FS Rubber Floor Mats, w/ logo

  98. FS: 1986 Adventurewagen

  99. FS: 1986 Syncro Westy, cheap!

  100. FS: 91 engine complete. Napa, CA ( + Smog and Compression numbers)

  101. FS: Middle Seat for '74

  102. FS: vanagon dash pad w/ tray

  103. FW: FW: oil

  104. FW: FW: oil NVC

  105. FW: Mexico Update!

  106. FW: oil

  107. First impressions

  108. Floor Mats

  109. Flushing the gas tank, HELP

  110. Foolish Newbie Question: List Commands

  111. For Monty Python Fans (no Vanagon content) Friday!!!

  112. For those interested LED lights/bulbs

  113. Free seats!!!!! Chicago area

  114. Front Bumper for 91, Anyone know of a price?

  115. Front wheel squeak

  116. Frustration Vaporized

  117. Fuel Leak catastrophe aversion, Thanks Wilfy!

  118. Fuel tank new, after market or used

  119. Fw: Help - Red Hot Cat (meltdown?) !!!

  120. Fw: Re: Vanagon Siting...and too much e-mail?

  121. Fw: problem with 79 westy

  122. Fwd: Help w/ ignition switch/steering wheel replacement!!!

  123. GAS FOR TIICO...

  124. German engineering vs British electrics

  125. Get together in San Diego?

  126. Getting a Westfalia (need other suggestion for my site)

  127. Group Purchase: Headlights 7" round. Interest??

  128. H&R Sport Springs?

  129. H4 round headlights for sale

  130. HELP!! What is the State of my Title?

  131. HELP: Heads Rebuild: No Compression

  132. Has anybody seen this auto site?

  133. Heads rebuilt: No compression

  134. Hella E-Code lights with "City Light"?

  135. Hella relay help!

  136. Help - Red Hot Cat (meltdown?) !!!

  137. Help The List!!!!! Who can find out the part #'s and availabili ty for the rear links for the rear swaybar

  138. Help The List!!!!! Who can find out the part #'s and availability for the rear links for the rear swaybar

  139. Help The List!!!!! Â Who can find out the part #'s and availability for the rear links for the rear swaybar

  140. Help with coolant system

  141. Help! 84 Westy coolant problem

  142. Help...Brake Question

  143. Heres a easy helpful mod you can do to your vanagon.......

  144. Horrific engine noise after sitting... then quiet.

  145. How do I get off the mailing list?

  146. How long do the ball joints last on vanagons?

  147. How to remove the heat duct?

  148. Hubcaps

  149. I heard them thru the pouring rain..

  150. I need a temp 2 sensor fast


  152. INVISIBLE BRA (care and installation)

  153. ISO cupholders that fit into ashtray


  155. Installing Aussie chip

  156. Invisble shinguards, was Re: INVISIBLE BRA

  157. Joshua Tree NP

  158. Junkyards with Syncros?

  159. Jupiter tires

  160. LP Gas in Berkeley, East Bay or SF?

  161. Leaky electric heads on vanagons? Stay grounded

  162. Lights for the engine compartment

  163. Lights for the engine compartment (dome light from Ford van)

  164. Listees in South Orange County,CA area?

  165. Locks for Alloy wheels

  166. Long-term Camping Food

  167. Lowering Gasoline Prices

  168. McGyver ain't got nothin....NVC was: Re: McGyver fix (was Re: opening rear hatch from inside van)

  169. McGyver fix (was Re: opening rear hatch from inside van)

  170. More stuff, cleaning shop, equipment too!

  171. Motorcycle trailer recomendation?

  172. Mouse Proofing

  173. Mt Diablo drug ridden chili cook off

  174. Mt. Diablo

  175. Mt. Diablo politically incorrect drug ridden chili cook off

  176. Mt.. Diablo

  177. NVC Baby and mother doing fine

  178. NVC..1992 GTi 8v FS - Denver, CO

  179. NVC: Bonnaroo Fest

  180. NVC: Bonnaroo Fest -Friday

  181. Need Glovebox Pictures

  182. Need an instrument console for an 85 Vanagon.

  183. New Tiico engine Overheating-Problem solved!

  184. Newbie from the UK

  185. No Van Content-"terrorist" Fuel

  186. O2 sensor installed and front speaker tip...

  187. OK...... so I'm crazy.

  188. OT, brake question for a 2001 TDI Jetta

  189. Oettinger quad round light vanagon grille on ebay

  190. Oil pressure on a long trip

  191. Oil pressure switch problem

  192. Oil question - synthetic, 'real' oil, etc

  193. Operating Temperatures

  194. Operating Temperatures anyone?

  195. Operating Tempertures anyone?

  196. Other Engines and Calif Smog and AC?

  197. Outgrowing your Vanagon?

  198. Oversized gas tanks?

  199. Parking in Manhattan?

  200. Part request...

  201. Parts Needed

  202. Petroleum Stuff

  203. Piston pin puller?

  204. Please don't laugh, Missing tooth, drum brake, new 16" tires and Insurance claims

  205. Positive story

  206. Propane tank fill valve leak

  207. Public URL for Vanagon stuff

  208. Purloined Oil Drain Plug

  209. Question for converting york compressor to r-134

  210. Quite desperate for a sunroof vanagon

  211. Quite desperate for a sunroof vanagon (f)

  212. RARE '87 SYNCRO SUNROOF VANAGON on ebay!!

  213. Re : Help...brake question

  214. Re : Windage tray

  215. Rear brake clunk with new brakes

  216. Rear disc brake for Vanagon question

  217. Rear side marker lens bulb holder.

  218. Rebuilt Air Cooled 1800cc / 2000 cc Heads for sale.

  219. Recommended brake pads?

  220. Relays for headlight circuit upgrade...

  221. Reman. Half Shaft---an Oxymoron???

  222. Remanufactured engines & Halfshafts (AutoZone)

  223. Replaced Fuel Injection Lines - Now Rough Low Idle '87 GL

  224. Replacing long coolant pipes on 84 , alternative fixes?

  225. Request description of Westy drain-pan attachement method, maybe parts

  226. Responses before original message?

  227. Rites of Spring..Duxbury Ma.

  228. Roadcow Route to Everybus

  229. Roof Racks

  230. SOLD: misc. new Vanagon parts Thanks!

  231. San Francisco Salvation Army Auto Auction

  232. ShifterBootFrame.JPG

  233. Some good info about E-code headlamps & "City Lights"

  234. Speaking of 91 Non GL with grey tweed

  235. Speedo Cable

  236. Speedometer for sale! - was: Re: needed!84 speedometer with working odometer

  237. Splitting the case

  238. Starter removal/replacement syncro w/ Tiico

  239. Steelwheels project - BIG camper - NVC

  240. Steering Wheel/Ignition Switch Crisis Solved!!!

  241. Stereo experts? was: Re: who has upgraded their front vanagon door SPEAKERS??

  242. Stereo source, FYI

  243. Stock 16" syncro steel wheel

  244. Story about naming a Westfalia

  245. Stranded listee

  246. Subject: Broken New Engine

  247. T-Boned and Totalled

  248. Tap size needed for AFC head temp sensor hole

  249. Temp Gauge Warning Light Mystery

  250. Temp guage and Headlights

  251. Temperature Testing

  252. That composite floor padding...

  253. That composite floor padding... (and my rebuild)

  254. The Way It Is ---- Long.

  255. The three year sandwich. Re: Long-term Camping Food

  256. TiiCo fuel rail story (long long)

  257. Timing??

  258. Timing?? Tiico

  259. Tire Ratings

  260. Toddler seat -- Thank you

  261. Towing with an '81 2.0?

  262. Tri Star 2WD for Sale

  263. VW flag wanted

  264. VW to Napa Hose Conversion for '86-91 Vanagons

  265. Vanagon Hitch available?

  266. Vanagon Hitch/motorcycle trailer

  267. Vanagon Roof Racks

  268. Vanagon Sighting

  269. Vanagon Siting <F>

  270. Vanagon Siting...and too much e-mail?

  271. Vanagon crash safety

  272. Vanagon crash safety - Final Answer!

  273. Vanagon crash safety - NHTSA figures

  274. Vanagon crash safety/Projectzwo bull bars

  275. Vanagon crash safety/Projectzwo bull bars>

  276. Vanagon engine swaps

  277. Vanagon sighting

  278. WTB Boge or VW OEM Springs

  279. WTB Syncro rear springs - non-Westy!

  280. WTB: OEM Rubber floor mats from NON-GL Vanagon or T3 Transporter

  281. Wanted: 1.9 Alive

  282. Was HELP: Heads Rebuild: No Compression Is now is all rights reserved

  283. Wasserboxer Replacement

  284. Wayward coolant hose

  285. Westy LP fill valve Blue's---

  286. Westy LP fill valve Blues

  287. Westy Window Tinting

  288. What TYPE of person drives/buys a FRIDAY vanagon?

  289. What TYPE of person drives/buys a vanagon?

  290. What size is the od of the oil presser sender

  291. What size is the of of the oil presser sender

  292. What's your temp gauge at on the freeway?

  293. When to replace hoses

  294. Where to get K&N Air filter for Vanagon?

  295. Windage tray

  296. Window trims on my '87

  297. Window trims on my '87 - YANK 'EM OUT!!!!!

  298. Wrong year but maybe something to look at.

  299. Wrong year but maybe something to look at. ***warning***

  300. Yokohama Y356

  301. You moving

  302. Your Picture And Diagrams Solved My Glovebox Problem

  303. [Syncro] Group Purchase: Headlights 7" round. Interest??

  304. [Syncro] Installing Aussie chip

  305. [Syncro] Starter removal/replacement syncro w/ Tiico

  306. [Syncro] Westy LP fill valve Blue's---

  307. [syncrolist] Re: [Syncro] Papers for Mangels wheels for German Registration with TUV

  308. ac compressor belt-do i need it if ac non-functional?

  309. another FREE rear seat (3 person)

  310. anyone mounted a dome light above their hatch - to shine over the bed/engine?

  311. anyone mounted a dome light above their hatch - to shine overthe bed/engine?

  312. anyone parting out a wolfsburg or a Carat??

  313. ball joints

  314. cleaning house, parts for sale

  315. e-mail help-not getting any

  316. engine block heater for sale

  317. fog lights

  318. fuel filter befour the pump

  319. fuel pump fuse

  320. fuel pump or gas tank

  321. headrest misperceptions

  322. how so I install stabilizer link bushings?

  323. how to check starter please help

  324. importvision

  325. inside front very hot-- a problem?

  326. is this known information about peter and tiico problems in CA

  327. living in an rv (no vanagon content)

  328. looking for Schwenckro (aka, Schwenky, Steve Schwenk)

  329. lug nuts

  330. mountaineer?

  331. need lots of help!

  332. needed!84 speedometer with working odometer

  333. o2 sensor wire

  334. off road grille guards...

  335. oil filter substitution

  336. oil pressure at startup in diesel swapped inline 4

  337. one step forward. one step back

  338. opening rear hatch from inside van

  339. positioning of headrests...

  340. positioning of headrests.../ frontal collisions

  341. problem with 79 westy

  342. radio cable

  343. rare '89 wolfsburg vanagon on ebay (w/ diagonal striped interior)

  344. rear foglite. Re: Extra bulb in rear lens: What is it for (Westy 85)

  345. rear hatch mounted dome light switch? what models had them?

  346. relay for double horn setup

  347. relay for double horn setup.

  348. rusty dog on ebay

  349. saw a maroon westy 87 fs at rest stop in Maryland Sat. 4/6w/Va. plates

  350. side marker lights

  351. squeak be gone

  352. squeak squeak

  353. strange

  354. temp sinding unit # 2

  355. thicker oil viscosity question

  356. throttle cable

  357. throttle cable -patch

  358. tiico engine ?

  359. tires front or back?

  360. unclas : Long-term Camping Food

  361. unclas : Newbie from the UK

  362. unclas Propane tank fill valve leak

  363. vanagon front door speaker upgrade - Bryn Mawr Stereo

  364. vanagon siting

  365. wanted : vanagon westy LP / propane tank

  366. wanted: vanagon westy LP propane tank

  367. water pump problems

  368. westy - gas/temp gauge

  369. westy gauges-help?

  370. whackin with hammer ....starter

  371. which vans had the reat hatch dome light switch? HERES THE ANSWER....

  372. who has upgraded their front vanagon door SPEAKERS??

  373. who sent me these pics?? (VW, but not vanagon, please read)

  374. who's van burned on Real TV?

  375. window tint

  376. worst cars - van?

  377. worst cars - van? (NVC)

  378. worst cars - van? (long-ish)
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