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VANAGON archives – May 2002, week 4

Table of contents:

  1. "plastic vents" was: Re: '81 Westy for sale...

  2. '80 starter fails until you knock it [known Vanagon problem]

  3. '80 starter fails until you knock it [known vanagon problem]

  4. '81 Westy for sale...

  5. '84 GL for sale in Connecticut (Not Mine!)

  6. '85 Westy For Sale (NC)


  8. 1981 Vanagon Automatic pop-top Westy for sale.

  9. 1981 Westfalia FS (seat belts)

  10. 1981 wood grain cabinet/doors wanted

  11. 1987 Westy for sale Sacramento, California Area $6800 OBO

  12. 2nd handle on sliding door

  13. 2nd vanagon handle

  14. 4 spd. trans

  15. 5th Seat Installation Instructions Help Needed

  16. 80 Vanagon L camper(loss of power uphill)

  17. 83 Air Cooled - Production dates.

  18. 84 head job update #2

  19. 85 westy and 86 Weekender $4000 for both

  20. 87 GL For Sale on EBAY

  21. 87 Rear Brake Drums

  22. 87 Synchro: extra battery and books

  23. <FMBC> '85 Westy For Sale

  24. A newbie

  25. A/C Evaporator Housing...

  26. AC Blowing Fuzes

  27. ACRONYMS: Mailing List Slang

  28. AVP out of Town?

  29. AWNING

  30. Acronyms

  31. Ah... the list

  32. Aircooled upgrade

  33. Aluminum in the threads

  34. Anti-freeze smell (no Vanagon content)

  35. Anyone have dates for VW shows in WA, OR, AB or BC???

  36. Aussie Campers

  37. Auto tranny rebuilders???

  38. Automatic trans- what's this part for?

  39. Availability of some crucial parts & engine reman info, yes, you better read that!

  40. Availability of the 1.9L and 2.1L engine in VW Canada

  41. Battering Ram vs. Ford Escort

  42. Bently For Sale

  43. Best 12V Cooler

  44. Best van ever designed (PICS 1)

  45. Best van ever designed (PICS 2)

  46. Best van ever designed (was: Why do we love that damn van so much...)

  47. Big problem with engine not running - please help now!

  48. Bosch generic 02 sensor #

  49. Bra

  50. Brake Cylinder Change Web Site

  51. Broken Head Stud

  52. Bug O Rama

  53. Bumper End Cap Bolts---

  54. Bumper Stickers

  55. Bumper Stickers (RANT)

  56. Bumper Stickers and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

  57. BusFusion Last Call

  58. CORRECTION in: Bug-O-Rama report

  59. Camping Season Begins

  60. Check out Heat, Rust, & Noise in VW's

  61. Clutch pressure plate - HELP!!

  62. Coolant way to do it?

  63. Crack in Fiberglass Luggage Rack

  64. Crankshaft end float.

  65. Custom Vanagon / Westy / Syncro Bike Rack for sale > Last Call

  66. Diesel belts

  67. Dometic Fridge experts: help!

  68. Drive without a driveshaft?

  69. Driving with the 02 sensor unconnected

  70. Dynamat install ?'s on front doors(long)

  71. E-bay double cab

  72. Electronic Invisibility - Phantom II

  73. Engine Score!

  74. Exaust Systems

  75. Expansion Tank Cap Problem?

  76. FAQ

  77. FAQ!!! was: IS THE LIST GETTING ...

  78. FOR SALE : 86 Vanagon A/C, AT in Florida

  79. FRONT SWAY BAR---Connecting link bushings....NAPA alternative?

  80. FS: '82 Diesel Westy

  81. FS: '86 Westy - Ottawa

  82. FS: 2.1 WBX for core or rebuild.

  83. FS: 85GL

  84. FS: Subaru motors - Ottawa

  85. FS: aircooled sunroof vanagon w/ underdash a/c and gas heater

  86. FS: middle seat shoulderbelt

  87. FS: spare headlight switches -DONT BE LEFT IN THE DARK!

  88. FS: vanagon dash pad, w/ tray

  89. FS: westy interior-Re: Wanted: Westy sink / refer cabinet only

  90. FULL MOON IN JOON campout???????

  91. FW: Mystery Accessory Get Rich$$$! <F>

  92. Faster delivery times

  93. Faucet Question

  94. Faucet Question----

  95. Finally got a westy!!!

  96. Finally got a westy!!!!!!

  97. Follow Up on: TOTALLY RESOLVED: Big problem with engine not running - please help now!

  98. For Sale: 2.1L wbx engine w/ 70k mi.

  99. For Sale: Rear shoulderbelt seatbelts for vanagon westy - easy ...

  100. For Sale: Rear shoulderbelt seatbelts for vanagon westy - easy install

  101. For Sale: Vanagon camper interior, and poptop section - add to any pass. van

  102. For Sale: screened side windows, also louvered windows, fit all vanagons

  103. Fun Camping Weekend--Lake McConaughy, NE

  104. Fwd: [T2] A few VW's for sale... (long)

  105. Gary Lee Custom Bike Rack for Sale

  106. Going to bigger sway bars? Found: Urethane Bushings that have grease fittings.

  107. Good used Subaru 1991 Legacy 2.2 engine avail in Toronto for US$130

  108. Guy's rules-more Friday



  111. Has anyone seen or driven...

  112. Head Gasket Job Costs?

  113. Head Gasket Repair

  114. Head gasket section, very basic for now!

  115. Head/Engine rebuild lots of questions

  116. Headlight wire harness

  117. Horn Replacement

  118. Hot Water Test

  119. How Many Max Amps Does Vanagon Alternator Put Out??

  120. How about Triple Edged Blades?

  121. How many Westies are on the road?

  122. How wipers work / rain-X

  123. Hung in the middle (where else?) - Bumper drawings

  124. Hung in the middle - Bumper drawings

  125. IARMM


  127. IS THE LIST GETTING SMALLER? with proposal!

  128. Idiot Light (maybe I'm the Idiot)

  129. Info on Westy water tank keys

  130. Interesting item on eBay web site item#1830669412: Volkswagen : Van

  131. Interior Color - is Gazelle the same as Tan?

  132. Is my aux battery draining my primary?

  133. It stalls and I need help!

  134. It still stalls!

  135. JB Weld exhaust studs?...

  136. Key for Water Inlet-New Idea!

  137. LP pipe reinstall help

  138. Leaking Gas Tank

  139. List limits

  140. Living in a van

  141. Living in a van - inventions

  142. Looking for website...

  143. Looks of a 1990 Vanagon GL

  144. Loss of Power, Backfire

  145. Loss of power

  146. MAX out your Propane Capacity / Do propane tanks HAVE to be Cylindrical?

  147. MIA

  148. Montana road trip advice

  149. Muffler Parts

  150. Mystery Accessory

  151. Mystery Accessory <F>

  152. Mystery Accessory Get Rich$$$! <F>

  153. Mystery ring is...

  154. NVC Premature Props

  155. NVC. Re: VIRUS ALERT Re: A humour game

  156. Nat'l. Forest Restrictions (NVC)

  157. Need 80-85 Vanagon Grill

  158. Need to buy Chevy or Ford Full Sized Van

  159. New Beetle tires/rims on 87 Westy

  160. New fuel tank

  161. Newbie 87 GL

  162. No vanagon content. Re: VIRUS ALERT Re: A humour game

  163. Northern VA mechanic

  164. Ohio Valley Tribe

  165. Oil Capacity, Tiico Conversion

  166. Oil Light Warning buzzer

  167. Oil Pressure

  168. Oil Warning Light & Alarm Mystery

  169. Oil pressure

  170. Ok--Here's who your talking to---

  171. Oops---

  172. Overheating (still) Help!

  173. P-mail?

  174. PST FRONT SWAY BAR--Picture of the installation

  175. Parting out van: FREE for shipping

  176. Parts for Sale

  177. Philadelphia repair shop

  178. Pics of mysterious "second handle"

  179. Price up front 85 westy and 86 weekender

  180. Question about rear differential seals

  181. RV: Re: living in a westy /my combo toilet

  182. RX7 oil cooler, anybody else install one?

  183. Radio says "SAFE" after battery change...

  184. Re wiper blades

  185. Re wiper blades, Tire preasure, and other...

  186. Re wiper pressure

  187. Re; How many Westies are on the road--

  188. Re; slapping the speedo

  189. Rear axle nut size?

  190. Removing & replace OEM cup holders

  191. Removing Cylinders from head idea!

  192. Repaired Floor?

  193. Repairing rubber Vanagon floor

  194. Road America Get-together

  195. Rocks in the Spark Plug Holes!

  196. S&S Header

  197. SA Upper Quad Headlight Grill install ... Help ????

  198. SA etc

  199. SILVER SOCKET Re: Mystery Accessory


  201. Serious Post - Coolant Disposition

  202. Shipping van to Europe.....

  203. Side mirrors blow in

  204. Site for Window-mounted Westy A/C

  205. Skylight Bug Screen Installation Help Needed

  206. Slapping the Speedo

  207. Smoking Dash

  208. Some more newbie questions

  209. Someone must know what tire pressure do use in Agilis 51 tire s!

  210. Someone must know what tire pressure do use in Agilis 51 tires!

  211. Someone must know what tire pressure do use in Agilis 51 tire     s!

  212. Spare Tire Carrier Bolt Size - 87 syncro??

  213. Spark plug torque

  214. Spring Swap

  215. Springs to swap

  216. Stainless Exhaust Parts

  217. Subaru/Vanagon: Chrome exhaust recommendations

  218. Suggestions for shipping a van from Germany to Halifax NS

  219. Super wiper solution

  220. TD Fuel Pump rebuild/Replace Question

  221. TOTALLY RESOLVED: Big problem with engine not running - please help now!

  222. Temp 2 Sensor replacement

  223. Terpsicorian Shifter

  224. Testing Front Door Power Lock Accuators??

  225. Thanks Again Volks Cafe

  226. Thanks to all who responded to Turn Key - nada

  227. That's enough of this brand of silliness.

  228. That's what happened-Friday

  229. The Daily Vanagon - News Update from the Frontlines

  230. Those bars over the spare tire carrier

  231. Those nasty oil drips

  232. Thread cycles, WAS Coolant way to do it?

  233. Tiico Oil Filters

  234. Time for revenge - write your Congressman - Fry-Their-Buns-Day

  235. Tired of replacing wiper Blades

  236. Tom Carrington - take note was: IS THE LIST GETTING SMALLER?

  237. Tom Carrington - take note was: IS THE LIST GETTING SMALLER?)

  238. Tom's VW Pages - Vanagon Alternator Alternatives

  239. True Grit---

  240. Turn key - nada

  241. Unsubscribe

  242. VIN Numbers

  243. VIRUS ALERT Re: A humour game

  244. VW Mechanic in Northern VA

  245. Vanagon Carma

  246. Volks Cafe Big Bumpers

  247. Volks Cafe and excellent service---

  248. WTB 4 sp Shifter/linkage

  249. WTB power door lock actuator

  250. WTB: Diff Lock Vacuum Parts Actuator Switch Etc.

  251. Wanted: Westy sink / refer cabinet only

  252. Waterfalls in my lap, on the windshield... Booo hooo

  253. Westy Mods ( Interior Sliding Door Handle)

  254. Westy Propane tank---

  255. What is a weekender "update"

  256. What needs to be replaced in a front suspension rebuild?

  257. Which Optima for starting battery?

  258. While on the subject of accessories...

  259. Who's going to the Bug Out in Manassas

  260. Why do we love that damn van so much...

  261. Wind Noise

  262. Windshield leak(?) fixed

  263. Windshield washers

  264. Windshield washers (4-jet washers)

  265. Winkler 22.5 fuel tank

  266. Wiper blades

  267. Wiper blades <S>

  268. Worn Alternator Brushes

  269. Yakima Bike Rack on Westy

  270. Yum, yum...(what a motor says when eating a rod

  271. Yum, yum...(what a motor says when eating a rod)

  272. [Syncro] Dometic Fridge experts: help!

  273. [T2] MAX out your Propane Capacity / Do propane tanks HAVE to be Cylindrical?

  274. [T2] MAX out your Propane Capacity / Do propane tanks HAVE tobe Cylindrical?

  275. [T2] MAX out your Propane Capacity / Do propane tanks HAVEtobe Cylindrical?

  276. [vanagon] Nat'l. Forest Restrictions (NVC)

  277. aircooled sunroof van wanted.

  278. any chance of finding a 5 speed transmission?

  279. archives

  280. auto tranny and diff oil

  281. aux battery help

  282. bad headlight switch..(was:Re: Smoking Dash

  283. bad rear drum

  284. best van ever designed

  285. coolant leak from passenger side rear head

  286. deal of a lifetime!! TWO (2) buses in st louis area

  287. electrical question about fridge and rad fan

  288. fiberglass paint oxidization

  289. for sale & wanted

  290. for sale: 4 sp Shifter/linkage

  291. fridge removal

  292. headlight reminder

  293. headlight reminder ding/electro nag

  294. idle hunting 1.9l 85'? must have meant 2002

  295. largest size for speakers in front?

  296. living in a westy /my combo toilet

  297. living in a westy or weekender for a few months while travelling

  298. looking for source for "crazy trailer"

  299. louvre windows

  300. milestone

  301. no vanagon content <jetta list?>

  302. oil light coming on

  303. oil light/buzzer solutions and trip report

  304. oil pressure

  305. oversize gas tank

  306. parts for the fridge?

  307. parts for the fridge? (Fan Control)

  308. pictures of Toyota Hiace Van (NVC)

  309. prices people

  310. putting air cooled transmission into 1.9L turbo diesel vanagon???

  311. radio wiring harness wanted

  312. re. MAX out your Propane Capacity / Do propane tanks HAVE to be

  313. repairing rubber floor

  314. scrapyards as resource

  315. seat removal

  316. side tent

  317. sliding window lock

  318. soldering AC

  319. terryshighonlifepage

  320. time for new springs?

  321. update on diesel-gas conversion

  322. van dead - new van?

  323. vanagon Digest - 24 May 2002 (#2002-645)

  324. vanagon Digest - 26 May 2002 - Special issue (#2002-654)

  325. vanagon Digest - 27 May 2002 (#2002-661)

  326. vanagon trivia.. Re: Looks of a 1990 Vanagon GL

  327. was: MIA now: Bug-O-Rama report
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