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VANAGON archives – May 2000, week 2

Table of contents:

  1. "True" speed with BFG 27 x 8.5 tires

  2. "unsubscribe"

  3. '84 1.9l knocking rattle left sd of engine

  4. '84 1.9l knocking rattle lft sd eng

  5. '87 Colorado Westfalia has new home in SF...

  6. '87 Headlight lenses needed...

  7. '87 Syncro GL Adventurewagen For Sale!

  8. '91 Caravelle GL power door lock malfunction

  9. 'Boxer Rebellion' revisited (Tii content).

  10. (F) Martens a menace to German vans etc

  11. 1990 GL seater for sale

  12. 82 Vanagon diesel L FS NY

  13. 84 westy alternator light flickers(longish)

  14. 90 Vanagon Power Window Problem

  15. <F> How to change a light-bulb, Usenet style

  16. A Complaint w-South African Engine Conversion

  17. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Repair Place

  18. A Newbie question on Changing Air Filters

  19. A Proposal re Paypal free money.

  20. A successful swap ...

  21. A/C comprs, evap, NON-VAN $5.00 !

  22. A/C pressure

  23. A/c Parts

  24. ABS -- non Vanagon question

  25. ABS / Subaru

  26. AC Effectiveness

  27. AC hoses

  28. ANOMOLY ALERT-Michelin Tires

  29. Additives, was: Additive

  30. Air-cooled heat question

  31. Alt. Amps

  32. Amsoil transaxle use experience Was:Update on my failed ring&pinion

  33. Another fuel tank option.

  34. Answer, was: Just back from the mechanic, HELP!!

  35. Any Vanagon events in the SF Bay Area...

  36. Any interested in an August 5th weekend campout in BC?

  37. Are the new tanks metal or poly??: BusDepot Fuel Tank,

  38. Are the new tanks metal or poly??: BusDepot Fuel Tank, have you installed one?

  39. Atlanta to Austin Update!!!

  40. Audi V8 inside a Crew Cab?

  41. Aug 5th weekend campout:

  42. Auto Auction (no Vanagon content)

  43. Auxillary heater

  44. Bentley Manual $55, Clymer '82 diesel $10

  45. Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs

  46. Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs <VF>

  47. Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs EAT BABY

  48. Bosch Plugs

  49. Bosch Spark Plugs Web Site

  50. BusDepot Fuel Tank, have you installed one?

  51. CV reversibility?

  52. Camping near NYC

  53. Camping near NYC, Now stealth camping IN NYC....

  54. Canadian Tire Fyer for those interested (No Vanagon Content)

  55. Caravan to Westies-In-The-Woods

  56. Carb emissions no.s

  57. Carefree Awning

  58. Carefree Awnings

  59. Carver Technology to Close (Carver P4 Heaters)

  60. Catalina 2500 Awning Installation

  61. Chris Jordan, Looking for you..

  62. Chris Markov

  63. Civility on Gerry, was Re: Ramble on Dork

  64. Cliffs, road markers, handling and sheep

  65. Clutch advise on 87 westy

  66. Coolant expansion tank refill?

  67. Crankcase breather

  68. Crash.....Bang.......Boom

  69. Cruise Control

  70. Cup Holders for sale.

  71. Damaged fiberglass rear bumper... can it be repaired?

  72. Damaged fiberglass rear bumper... can it be repaired? (2)

  73. Diagram of bed

  74. Doktor Tim rules, so lay off him! (F) (or next F)

  75. Door Handle

  76. Driver side mud flap????

  77. Driving to Kansas

  78. Dual Syncro Fuel Tanks & Skid Plate

  79. ECU problem - urgent

  80. ECU weirdness with Cabriolet that may apply to a Vanagon or 2 (No Vanagon Content)

  81. Eccentric Washers/squeeks

  82. Engine (2.1L) kills once at first stop ??

  83. Eudora Pro 4.2 (no VW)

  84. Eudora Pro 4.2 (no VW) OT

  85. Eurovan parts needed

  86. Events

  87. FS CDN 86 Syncro East Coast

  88. FS complete set of westy curtains, tan, and grey captains chairs

  89. FS new clutch slave cyl

  90. FS: 87 Vanagon GL Syncro

  91. FS: Haynes 80-83 air-cooled Manual

  92. FS: Rusty Syncro w/bad trans

  93. FS:82 Westy

  94. FW: fan blowing fuse

  95. FW: tire codes

  96. FW: vans, parts, engines, trannys, camper parts&MORE

  97. Fan Belt Noise

  98. Fan Resistor

  99. Fan belt noise

  100. Final Solution to Running Hot Problem

  101. Folding seats... where to find?

  102. For Sale:1987 Vanagon GL Westfalia

  103. Friday for Birders.

  104. Fridge Blues

  105. Fridge flame box gasket?

  106. Fridge question

  107. Fridge question ---(Sorry)

  108. Fridge switch mod

  109. Fridge topic

  110. Fridge vent cover

  111. Fridge/propane woes

  112. Front Berings, Shocks and Rear Brakes

  113. Fuel mileage: normal?

  114. Fuel spillage

  115. Fw: '87 Headlight lenses needed...

  116. Fw: Fridge topic

  117. Fw: Gas cap


  119. Fw: Rear hatch screen.


  121. Fwd: List Recognition Forum? - From 321website! Web Message Board

  122. Fwd: New Tech. in Old Applications.

  123. Fwd: Re: Bosch Platinum Spark Plugs

  124. Fwd: Re: Instant Horse Power Update

  125. Fwd: Towing?

  126. Fwd: Westfalia molding, Easy Fix

  127. GPS

  128. GPS (long and very little vanagon content)

  129. Gas cap

  130. Goin' to London...

  131. Good Toronto area Fridge repair guy!

  132. H20 pump research

  133. H20 pump research clarification

  134. HELP! Lack of power at high speeds during cross country trip

  135. HELP!!!!! stuck idle!

  136. Having Problem with Overheating (1.9l to 2.1l conversion)

  137. Help on doing search

  138. Help!-hiccupping 81 Westy

  139. Help: Lights Wont Turn Off

  140. Here's one to rack your brains

  141. Here's one to rack your brains............

  142. Hesitation with acceleration

  143. Hiace Web

  144. How many miles on yours?

  145. How to remove armrests..

  146. I thought I had a RIGHT to cheap gas????!!

  147. I-Opener and GPS: How goes it?

  148. If it's a diesel: Less than 60 mph??? Really?

  149. In Search of stove/sink Latch?

  150. Instant Horse Power Update

  151. Instant horsepower (Pinwheel)

  152. Interesting Westy resource

  153. Interesting item on eBay web site item#323768428: STAHLWILLE Pin Wrench for VW or AUDI, Germany

  154. Jump Seat 'seatbelt'

  155. Just back from the mechanic, HELP!!

  156. Lancaster VW Show- Camping

  157. Leaky faucet

  158. Less than 60 mph??? Really?

  159. LiMBO at Carlisle and Branchville

  160. Liebe Yo Momma

  161. Litchfield Bug-In

  162. Looking For Large Screw (Holds Down middle seat cover)

  163. Looking for 84-88 Westfalia

  164. Looking for rear hatch

  165. Looking to purchase 84-87 Westy

  166. Luggage Rack Seal- Report! (longish)

  167. Mac needed (for doing messages!)

  168. Maifest German car show in saint louis, May 21

  169. Mile markers: Speedo Accuracy Discussion

  170. Mouldings / Overheating

  171. My Fridge works!!! was Fridge question (Sorry)




  175. NY, NH, ME, Camping? Listees any ideas?

  176. Need Part

  177. Need air filter housing part

  178. Need clear illustration showing diesel mounting system

  179. New Side Tents at Lower Prices

  180. New Tech. in Old Applications.

  181. No Vanagon - Decision To Discontinue SA Announced

  182. No Vanagon - Decision To Discontinue SA Announced, GPS Position A ccuracy Increased

  183. No oil pressure, was: Here's one to rack your brains............

  184. Non-cooling Fridge on Propane

  185. Nutshelling WIZBANG

  186. Oilpressure LEDs

  187. Oiplressure LEDs

  188. Old No. 7, was: Westfalia top color...

  189. One more thing: Windshield Wiper Question

  190. Ottawa area forsale

  191. Outer CV Joint

  192. Overheated, now what?


  194. PS rebuildable

  195. Painted the "Iron Igloo" today!

  196. Parts for sale

  197. Parts needed...

  198. Paulchen and Fiamma Bike Racks for vanagon and eurovan

  199. Pay Gerry, was: PayPal List Bonus

  200. Pay Pal

  201. PayPal List Bonus

  202. PayPal proposal- Resoloution

  203. PayPay proposal

  204. Personal Re: Eudora Pro 4.2 (no VW)

  205. Poll: How many miles on yours?

  206. Porsche trans adaptor info found

  207. Power loss problem solved.... I think.

  208. Power steering filter?

  209. Power window question...

  210. Power window/mirror door rubber boots needed

  211. Propane Tank Plugs

  212. Propane Tank Plugs <F -1>

  213. Q Good A? Shop

  214. Quad tip plug number

  215. RE; Instant horsepower update;

  216. RVmobile - Dometic repair

  217. Ramble on Dork, Nutshelling WIZBANG

  218. Rear hatch screen.

  219. Rubbing Compound

  220. SET vanagon DIGEST

  221. Salvage Yard VW Parts Web-Page

  222. Skyline Drive This Weekend

  223. Smooth idle

  224. Solved! Re: Having Problem with Overheating (1.9l to 2.1l conversion)

  225. Solved! Re: Having Problem with Overheating (1.9l to 2.1lconversion)

  226. Source for small auxiliary coolant pump? (oil cooler idea!)

  227. Sourcing release shaft

  228. Sourcing release shaft and felt seal for pilot for my 87 Wolfy clutch install

  229. South African Engine Conversion

  230. Speedo Accuracy Discussion

  231. Speedo calibration

  232. Speedo, tires and accuracy

  233. Speedometer

  234. Speedometer problems

  235. SportRack Bike Carrier Offer

  236. Stealth camping: Boston & beyond, was stealth camping IN NYC....

  237. Sticker Payment question

  238. Stove lid support

  239. Subaru Conversion: NEW MAILING LIST

  240. Subaru Swap, was: Re: T****a Vanagon?

  241. Synchro for sale

  242. Syncro Springs Last Call

  243. Syncro Springs Payments

  244. Syncro sticker (oh no!) [Was: RE: What is a tippet?]

  245. Syncro: What is the oil breather heater for?

  246. T****a Vanagon? Hiace vans

  247. T****a Vanagon? Was: Re: BusDepot Fuel Tank, have you installed one?

  248. T****a Vanagon? Was: Re: BusDepot Fuel Tank,have you installed one?

  249. Thanks!! *Re: How to remove armrests..*

  250. Thanks. Got a sink drainboard finally..

  251. The List

  252. The List Stickers are Ready!!! Post 1

  253. The List Stickers are Ready!!! Post 2

  254. The Military Wife (Mothers Day - No Vanagon Content)

  255. The good, bad & ugly: Trip report (Very Long)

  256. Tire Passion was: ANOMOLY ALERT-Michelin Tires

  257. Tires

  258. Tires and why higher cost is effective

  259. Towing?

  260. Trailer Hitch?

  261. Trying to find small-odd part

  262. Unplugged Idle Speed Ctrl Valve

  263. Update on my failed Ring&Pinion...

  264. Used Fuel tank for sale

  265. Used Passenger Side High beam light needed for 87 Wolfy BAD-HELP!!!!!

  266. VW Jamboree in Irvine CA

  267. VW Jamboree in Irvine, California

  268. VW oil filter a must?

  269. Van Sighting

  270. Vanagon List Sticker

  271. Vanagon keys--the answers

  272. Vanagon promo video on E-bay

  273. Vent Block-off Part Number

  274. Vent Block-off Part Number, was: venting question

  275. Vents in windows

  276. WTB 86 or 87 Syncro non-GL Camper

  277. WTB: Idle Stabilizer Control Unit-2.1L

  278. Wanted Syncro 16" Camper in Europe

  279. Warning: Oxy Sensor wires exposed

  280. Westfalia cabinet molding...

  281. Westfalia molding, Easy Fix

  282. Westfalia top color...

  283. Westie bought in England

  284. Westy Rear Shoulder Belts

  285. What is a tippet?

  286. What is redline?

  287. What is the simplest way to get 12V in a 24V VW electrical system?

  288. Where we spend time dreaming ...

  289. Whining Fuel Pump

  290. Why is the tire choice so complicated?

  291. Window Cranks, getting them off

  292. Window chrome moulding

  293. Window tint

  294. Windsheild Moulding: Where can I get it?

  295. Windshield Wiper Question

  296. [Audi-VW-Diesels] Source for small auxiliary coolant pump? (oil cooler idea!)

  297. [Fwd: [Fwd: [Syncro] Westy/vanagon floorplans? + heater!!]]

  298. [Fwd: [Syncro] Dual Syncro Fuel Tanks & Skid Plate]

  299. [Fwd: [Syncro] Westy/vanagon floorplans? + heater!!]

  300. [Syncro] Push start

  301. [Syncro] Tires- Syncro Westy-14"

  302. [VB] GL4 vs GL5 from pennzoil's site (fwd)

  303. [VB] Pennzoil GL4 specs (fwd)

  304. aircooled part needed.

  305. alternator bracket

  306. another sl.door handle

  307. bosch platinum plugs

  308. bra or no bra?

  309. campsite web vanagon content

  310. changing the tranny fluid

  311. coughing at startup

  312. cranky, welcome back, & who's the new EMZ?

  313. deja vw (F)

  314. deja vw: is Toyota Lightace

  315. driving and fridge

  316. dwell

  317. enjoy Sunday, all you MOTHERS ;)

  318. exhaust pipes for `88 Vanagon GL Westfalia

  319. fan blowing fuse

  320. gas cap key, who needs it?: Vanagon keys--the answers

  321. heater problem

  322. is this the value?

  323. jap/german/us stuff Was: Re: BusDepot Fuel Tank, have you installed one?

  324. leaking pop-top?

  325. more grate $CRAP for sale

  326. more on gas cap keys

  327. more van stuff for sale

  328. need vacation hold statement.

  329. okay: Nutshelling WIZBANG

  330. organizing the digest

  331. overstressed tranny's was (Re: Instant horsepower (Pinwheel))

  332. painting pop-top

  333. propane tank needed for US 85 Westy

  334. rear heater leak

  335. retrofit A/C

  336. rust between rear panels, 91 gl camper

  337. sorry: Just back from the mechanic, HELP!!

  338. spark plugs

  339. still cutting out

  340. tire codes

  341. tire info

  342. tranny diagnosis please

  343. usDepot Fuel Tank, have you installed one?

  344. vanagon Digest - 12 May 2000 - Special issue

  345. vanagon Digest - 9 May 2000 - Special issue

  346. venting question

  347. was fuel tank, now cost, performance, and risk

  348. weird startup problem--a different one

  349. wierd startup problem

  350. wierd startup problem--a different one

  351. window cranks for an 85

  352. wiper arms
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